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May 22, 2006


I'm thinking if the polls are correct, you don't do Rueben Martinez piece. Most voters don't really know Rueben Martinez, to those apolitical types the mailers reads as an endorsement from a barber.

Instead, take a picture with Armando and Lorreta with the inscription, "We need Armando in the state Assembly" I need Armando de liberta in the state Assembly" Trust me and please vote Armando De lebertad"

The second piece looks like a invitation to a GQ event or a MTV spring break event with a bunch of people dressed up like they doing the JCpenny catalog.

Again, Armando needs exploit to the voters in the 69th that Lorreta is endorsing him...everthing else is hitting the mark.

Ahh, you've figured it out. The KEY to getting voters to look at your mail when they're getting 10 or 12 pieces a day from Umberg or Solorio or Alvarez or Correa or delaLibertad is to make your piece NOT look like a political mailer.
I'd guess that a Loretta endorsement mailer is not far behind. Maybe as a wrap up.

Opps , I meant missing the mark.

There's really nothing I figured out but if you read your response you'll find one name is missing on that list...Lorretta's. And that why you start, continual, and finish with Loretta material. Now, I'll try it again, every else is missing the mark.


You messed up again,
EVERYTHING, is what you meant.

As far as mail goes, people can get Claudia Claudia Claudia, but they still can hate her for what she hasn’t done on the city council, and the corruption she's been involved with.

As far as voters not knowing Rueben ... I think your right in a general, but primary voters are people who will come out to vote who have lived in the community for a long time now, they know these people.

Also, what GQ magazine are you reading?

Thanks to Ed for providing these.

If I know Ed hes got more going behind the scenes than we can imagine.

Do we know Loretta mail for Armando hasn't gone out yet? I've heard from a friend in the district that he recieved something from Loretta about Armando, but he wasn't too sure, damn him, should've kept it!


This is another example of Armando's lack of political acumen. He couldn't answer an LA Times reporter's questions about supporting a hike in the minimum wage or drivers licenses for undocumented immigrant because the facts of the question weren't specific enough. Geez Armando, you are so clever that all people know is that you don't stand for anything.

For me it's between to evils: Jose and Claudia. Armando doesn't register.

Armando is using the Loretta endorsement - it's featured on every mail piece I've gotten. And I also got one of those recorded phone messages on my machine the other day with Loretta Sanchez telling me why she supports Armando and encouraging me to vote for him. Pretty good, I thought.
But then I was really impressed when my Vietnamese roommate got a similar message from Loretta with bits of her speaking in Vietnamese. That's pretty amazing!


What GQ magazine do i subscribe to?

I subsribe and receive invitation to L.A., Las Vegas and New york events. So sorry Knifewalker your persona doesn't get you invited to these events...besides other things that's something you and your Brea boy Armando can work on.

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