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May 22, 2006



Thanks Richie Ross's son for getting this mail piece no one will ever read. Cool. Looks neat. Except for the "Lecciones de mis padres", "TEACH ENGLISH" JOSE!

Did anyone see those horrible pot holders with "TEACH ENGLISH" on it?

"Teach English"?

Jose is now the racist candidate in the race.


Since when did it become racist to teach English?

That has to be one of the most absurd comments I have ever seen on this blog -- and that is saying something.

The piece that had the picture with two little boys on a tractor with their apparent father was good. Hopefully, that Jose??? I just don't care for that Old Taco bell lettering that their using on their fliers and signs.

I think KNIFEWALKER (any relation to BladeRunner?) was pointing out the juxtaposition of "Lecciones de mis padres" - TWICE with "Teach English." Strange.
Does anyone else get a photo of two basketball players before the Jose photos appear? I thought that was really weird.


Thanks Jubal for your honoring comments, but I meant that comment satirically. I do not think teaching English is racist, its necessary for those coming to this county to be able to be as successful as they can be. It's in their best interest.

And I do not think Jose Solorio is a racist.

(Although I find it funny that his google hits might show up as "...Jose Solorio is a racist." )

Joking aside, my point was, that with the forcefulness of the comments "TEACH ENGLISH" he is attempting to appeal to that racist sentiment in Santa Ana and catching the older generation of Latinos who want the new wave of immigrants to learn English.

Tamales y Porn

I've rec'd tons of Alvarez cochinada propaganda ... and what stands out is here para-endorsement from the OC DA - Tony R ... according to Tony R ... Claudia Alvarez and the other Deputy DA's are fighting crime ETC ... but there is nothing of substance about Alvarez by Tony R except that she's a swell gal ...

In her latest piece ... according to Alvarez, "My job is to put sexual predators behind bars." Hey ... she should run in San Bernadoo ...

Lots of bathroom reading

Can ANYONE please explain the manifesto that arrived in central OC mailboxes today from Mr. Solorio? Does he think anyone will read his book? Does anyone care?
Who thought up this craziness? And what kind of candidate would approve such a thing?
I'm perplexed. Please explain!

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