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May 15, 2006


Mike Milliman

Looks like Mcgill is sinking like the Titanic!! http://www.mikeslandgrab.com/
What a great insite into the thinking of this true conservative. Churchgoers beware is your place of worship next?? Looks like McGill has looted the collection plate to fund his city. I wonder how many churches the "liberals" like Harman and Silva have voted to tear down in the name progress.

Wow, it would seem McGill must be ahead in Silva's polling since they are going after him so much. I guess it's not Dianne Harman that he's really afraid of like he's claimed. Hello, Assemblyman McGill.

Strange how Silva would criticize someone for doing the same thing he has done. He has his own eminent domain problems. Not only is he a liberal, he's also a hypocrite.

At least Mike McGill won't fall asleep while conducting the state's business like Silva does at the Board of Supervisor's meetings.




In McGill's case "the state's business" is stealing private land.

Goodbye Jim

Desperation sinks in to the Silva campaign. He can't run on his record so he is attacking McGill.

Adios Jim

Bye, bye Mikey

McGill is finished. He would not allow the church to hold Easter Services on their own land! Mikey will be lucky if his own family votes for him!

Goodbye Jim

Bye bye Mikey. I have two words on your Easter comment. Bovine Scatology.

The only reason anyone could even dream of such a thing unless there was a seperation of church and state issue at work. In which case EVERYONE (liberal and conservative) should be in agreement. Unless you don't agree with the US Constitution.

Your comments only exmplify the desperation of the Silva campaign.

It looks like JohnsonClark bills by the press release and Dave Gilliard bills by the anonymous blog post.


McGill is nothing but a spoiler who will allow the Harman's to double-team taxpayers.


Desperation was operationally defined by the latest McGill hit piece.

As for snoozing, how about the lame excuse of McGill that "it was late" and he didn't realize he was voting to increase taxes? if McGill wins Bob Huff won't have to defend the chamber from Carol Migden trying to vote for Republicans, he'll have to babysit McGill to make sure he doesn't vote the Dem. line.


That quote from Ken Maddox about Stalin, the Soviet Union and McGill and the Cypress City Council is tremendous -- and true.

Is Maddox really the only quote they could get against Mcgill's church deal? Maddox has ZERO credibility and he even lost a lobbyist contract with his former city by a unanymous vote.


It looks like a quote from the paper at the time and not something made up by a campaign - and a great quote at that.


Who needs the ACLU when we have Comrade McGill?

Goodbye Jim

So the Silva campaign pulls out the Swift Boat tactic on McGill. Comparing McGill (who served his country fighting communism) to one of communism's worst despots and mass murderers is nothing more than a last gasp. I bet McGill's fellow former Marine pals will take kindly to that comparison. I'm sure there aren't any in that district.

Adios Jimbo. I hope he enjoys being retired.

Art Pedroza

Are you kidding? They recruited PLA-squish Maddox to defend Silva? Well, I guess it takes a union RINO to defend one...


Well Mr. PLAroza, since you're a union man who will refuse to support the Republican nominee in the 34th, Ms. Daucher, then I guess Comrade McGill is getting defended by a union RINO.

One small detail

Uhhhhh, Team Silva, You forgot one small detail in your attempt to outflank the Marine...

The Church leaders at Cottonwood thanked Mike McGill for his help in the transaction and have actually written a letter of support to him regarding that matter!

Next time, do your homework before you waste $$$$ on a hit piece. At least then you might actually hit your target...



I love that quote from McGill when the reporter asked him about private property and said "this is America, is it not? And
McGill said "there are too many "stakeholders" and went on to talk about all the tax revenue the city wanted.

He sounds like a conservative to me. GAG!


No need to flank McGill, he left his middle wide open on this. Of course the church ended up thanking him---after he pulled a far left move to take their property away he "found religion" on the issue and helped work it out. A real conservative would have NEVER gone there. Of course the church was going to thank him even after what he did, they are Christians. Conservatives don't turn the other cheek however.

Slim Silva

I remember the post about Jim Silva's eminent domain record. Looks to me like he's not so holy on that issue.

Do conservatives turn the other cheek when it comes to Project Labor Agreements?


They're not even in the same time zone--making the AGC folks run through crazy hoops is not even as remotely bad as having the fist of big government come crashing thru the door of the House of the Lord.

But you make a good point. Maybe conservatives should turn the other cheek on this issue as well. But I don't see much if any New Testament out of the Silva bashers.

Former Silva Supporter


What you refer to as "bashing," I refer to as holding an elected official accountable to his record.

Jim Silva is a super nice guy, personally, but his record on the Board of Sups is dismal. We must stop rewarding incumbents with re-election or higher office if they can't stick to Republican Principals on behalf of those who voted for them to do so.

It's time for Jim to look to the private sector for employment. Mike McGill is the best candidate for the 67th.

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