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May 14, 2006


Art Pedroza

What a great mailer! I don't see how anyone who is a conservative can back Silva - or Harman for that matter. McGill is the only conservative in this race...

Mike Lawson

I don't understand how people have made "liberal" a bad word. Progressive thinkers have kept this country a float for 20 years.

I'd be proud to be a "liberal" candidate "backed by union leaders."


Hey Art, McGill a conservative? Give me a break. Conservatives don't use eminent domain to take private property away from a church and give to to a developer in order to raise tax revenues. And they don't vote to do away with the 2/3rds vote protection to raise taxes.

Hey Ace

Nice try. Like Moorlach and Bates, Silva is now in a fight.

And since McGill is willing to get out there and hit the road, he might just pull it off.

Silva is too lazy. Plus he believes he is entitled to this position.

Same with Moorlach. Otherwise the Lincoln Club wouldn't be sounding the alarm.

And Bates wouldn't be filing frivolous lawsuits.

These career faces in OC need to go home.


Pretty harsh? I'd say pretty deceptive. No wonder the CRA has lost its credibility. Not only do they back a candidate who used eminent domain to rip off a church, he voted to make it easier to raise our taxes.
Given his obsession its no wonder PLAroza liked the piece but real conservatives like Norby, Royce, Haynes and others know Silva is the best choice here.

Mike Hunt

"Real conservatives" like Norby, Royce, Haynes and others were fooled into thinking Dianne Harman was more of the threat than she turned out to be.

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