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May 10, 2006



Hey Jubal,

If you're going to attack McGill, at least get your facts straight.

Howard Dallies is the officer that was gunned down.

"So does the McGill campaign believe Howard Dallies should have gone free?"

Damn straight I think Dallies should have gone free, home to see his wife and kids that night.

And I don't think taxpayers should have had to pay to defend his murderer.


Chill dude -- I was typing fast and left out "murderer." But thanks for calling the typo to my attention.

And it's immaterial whether you or I think taxpayer's should have had to subsidize the defense of Dallies' murderer. The Supreme Court says accused are legally entitled to a court-appointed defense, if they cannot afford their own.


Thank you Mike McGill for just discrediting your entire campaign.


Maybe it was late at night and McGill didn't quite understand what the mailer really said.


If McGill really did not know about the mailer or approve it, he should say so now. If not, he has to take the blame.


Yeah, pretty bad.

McGill doesn't seem to be much of a gentleman. Oh wait! It's politics, and politics are driven by those esteemed "consultants" who push this sort of garbage on the garden variety, weak-minded candidate. I can hardly wait to see what the "Silva Bullet" churns out in response. Pathetic, and sad, but hey - it's a democracy: we get what we deserve.

just don't get it

Why would Mike McGill launch some crazy over-the-top issue charge like this when he had other, legitimate issues to work with? It seems strange, almost like someone is trying to sabotage his campaign. If that was the case, they have succeeded. It will be very hard for McGill to recover from a serious misstep like this.

Eldad Taylor

It is a good thing that Mike McGill has imploded so early. He should do the honoable thing and cease his campaign.
Just look at Jubal's post above about Tom Harman to see the stakes involved if conservatives split the anti-Harman vote.

One Harman is enough. And Dianne is even worse than Tom.

Jim Silva needs to lose - it doesn't matter if he loses to Diane Harman or Mike McGill - he just needs to lose.

It is time some of these guys are shown that they can't get away with selling us into bankruptucy through the unions and expect nothing to happen. There has to be consequences.

Allowing Jim Silva to walk away with an Assembly seat was like giving Haidl a ride home. Jim Silva isn't much different. He's just like a spoiled kid who has never paid for any of his wrongs.

If an example is made out of him now, maybe some of the other local guys will think before they vote becuase they will be held accountable.


What does that last comment have to do with anything?

McGill is the evil one - stealing private property through eminent domain (a church no less!)and now running a sleaze campaign.

This obviously really hurt the Silva campaign or they wouldn't be saying such silly things like McGill discredited himself. If that were true, why the panicked response from the DA?

Yes, this was quite a "misstep." Funny.

With over 140 elected officials endorsing Silva, wouldn't you want to use your allies to defend your record???

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