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May 19, 2006



Tommy's Shadow...

Day late and several dollars short...hopping on the bandwagon a bit late Dianne.

Just like her husband was such an opponent of illegal immigration. Right.


Im still going with Mcgill. At least he shows up. I've been going to Central Committee meetings for 3 years..and you know who's always missing...Jim Silva. Silva was also 'missing" on the votes to protect taxpayer money with the $80+ million he dumped into the failed El Toro Airport..and as i deeply recall...his prints were all over the PLA agreements with unions that bloodied a lot of GOP. Toss in the remarkable accomplishments of not fixing the sewage spills in HB, not showing up at the base-closure hearings for Los Al and Seal Beach, and not lifting a finger to help Veterans with the National Museum Project in OC, much less not taking 40 minutes to honor fallen OC cops at the Peace Officer Memorial...he brings a whole new meaning to UTL..unable to locate. You can expect the same if Silva "sleepwalks" to Sacto. At least McGill has the backbone, energy and mission dedication to showup in his district..like he has walked the last 19 months. He'll do the same the next 6 years for the 67th...and serve OC with the same honor and integrity he did as a Marine Lt. Col for 20 years.


529 Plan-less

Silva has contributed more money and time to the OCGOP than McGill ever will. Orange County will never hear from McGill once he loses. He'll be too busy working 3 jobs to pay off the debt he's incurring by mortgaging the house and blowing his children's education. McGill claims to be the 67th AD Bush Chairman...too bad he was walking precincts for himself. Where was Mr. McGill during the Harkey race? Too busy passing out sealed DVD's that nobody even watches. If McGill had done 1/2 of what Silva did for Diane Harkey, perhaps she would be our next State Senator and not Tom Harman.

Why would McGill walk for Harkey, if she switch her endorsement from McGill to Sliva?

Harman's Ringer

He was floating around at the Election Night Party for Harkey like he was her best friend. For a guy who claims to be walking his district all the time, you see him more in coats, ties and dress shoes, than you do in polos, dockers and New Balance's. He should have been over at the Harman's household partying that night. On the evening of June 6th, it's my guess he'll be over watching returns with Dianne...

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