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May 18, 2006


Shawn Fago

Is this a joke? Harman stole this phrase directly from the Harkey mailers. The difference... Harkey was actually endorsed by a loooong, impressive list of respected Republicans. Also, didn’t the Tom Harman camp complain about the Harkey phrase "The Endorsed Republican"?
The Harmans never cease to irritate me.


OK Duane and Jen, I think I might just file a complaint with The California Republican League ethics committee. I understand they hand out admonishments for this sort of thing. Does the West Orange County Taxpayers have an ethics committee?

This is a definitively WEAK mail piece destined to LOST in the noise of political season.

Shawn - Listen Up! The 67th will be won my whoever has walkers that contact the voters...in short, McGill has the edge on this with his strong Volunteer base.

It appears you picked a winner again, Dude.


My neighbors have never heard the people on the front of this Harman mailer so I doubt these endorsements are worth much.

Shawn Fago

To whoever does not lend their name to there comments,
I think the winner of the 67th will go to whoever has the greatest name ID, and that is Silva. McGill is a great guy but I am supporting Silva and have been from day one.

Silva's outworn his welcome. He has gotten away with a left-wing voting record for too long. Your problem, Shawn, is that the voters are not as stupid as you think they are.

Shawn Rules

Thanks for the support!

Shawn Fago

When did I ever say the voters were stupid? I was simply stating that Silva had more name ID than McGill. The voters did elect Tom Harman's lame ass again, so maybe they are stupid (insert sarcastic undertone here).
Both Silva and McGill have slipped in the there voting history. But slipping once or twice throughout a long career does not make you a liberal or a RINO. Tom Harman’s voting record, now that is liberal.

I think both Silva and McGill would make fine legislators. I like Mike McGill a lot. But having to choose between the two, I side with Silva. He is more experienced and I believe will represent The OC better than McGill. It’s just that simple.

experienced voter in the 67th

The only thing Silva is experienced at is voting like a liberal. And it isn't 1 or 2 votes. Anyone who has paid close attention to Silva's voting record going all the way back to his time on the H.B. city Council knows this and that is why he doesn't have the support to win this election hands down. Don't forget Jim supported a day labor site for H.B. while on the city council which as we know makes it easy for homeowners to hire illegals which a report came out yesterday stating that homeowners were the largest employer of illegals.
Thanks Jim.

Thanks for the last comment "Team McGill."

That labor center issue never even came up for vote and the quote you provided on that last mailer could have been from anywhere.

Downtown HB is clean and inviting to families since Silva began his reign. I remember riots and couches being burned on a daily basis before Mr. Silva. Now they have Hilton's and Hyatt's, let alone museums with the title "Surf City."

Ask "real" voters in the 67th, especially those in HB...they know who's been there for them.

experienced voter in the 67th

Gee! How real am I? Well, lets see, I was born and raised in H.B. I still live in H.B. as a matter of fact I never left H.B. I have been voting in H.B. since 1982.

As far as downtown goes I partied down there back when the Golden Bear was still there. Huntington Beach has always been a major party town and always will be. Nothing Silva does will change that. Believe me the Police still have there hands full. I personally prefer downtown Main Street in Seal Beach. It is much more family oriented. So for my family Silva didn't do anything but save couches. There are still plenty of jerks hanging out downtown. Maybe you know some of them.

By the way Ditto for my other 1/2 as an avid surfer since the age of 10 we can tell you all about downtown for the past 35+ years.

As far as the McGill mailer I have not personally seen it except on this blog. However I agree with it 100%. I as well as others here in Huntington as locals prefer to call it are sick and tired of the illegals hanging out outside of Slater Slums and Home Depot on Warner. As far as a cleaner downtown Huntington now has an increasing problem with grafetti that I have seen all over H.B. including downtown.

Silva is hilarious. My friend who worked on Silvas last campaign when she was clueless about Silva while I was supporting Dave Sullivan has a Silva for Supervisor-Proven Tax Fighter magnet on her refrigerator and refers to it whenever she wants a good Silva laugh. And now Silva is trying to fool voters again with his Silva for Assembly- Proven Tax Fighter magnet. What a phony. I threw mine in the trash were it belongs. Jim has lost alot of support from voters who supported him in the past because they had no clue. Jim really fooled them and if he is successful in this election it will only because he won support by alot of fools who only have themselves to blame when he continues to do more harm to this state of ours.

By the way I guess we locals who take our children to the Harriet Wieder Regional park in H.B. now know why Silva was so wishy washy over changing the Parks name back to Linear Park. He is ever the politician. He now has Harriet Wieder on his endorsement list. Boy, that will draw votes. Not! Even Harriet old friend Haydee Tolletsen has a Harmen sign on the front lawn of her business in H.B. It shows where Jims loyalty is.

Hey Mr.or Ms. Know it all, have I qualified yet as a real voter? Silvas loss, McGill gain!

Still voting in H.B. Ha! Ha!


By any standard other that the one used by YAFers on the campaign payroll, Silva is more conservative tnan McGill.

McGill used eminent domain against a CHURCH for crying out loud. And he voted to REDUCE the 2/3 vote requirement for taxes.

Common Sense 1968

10 bucks says that McGill dosent even show up past 10% on the internal tracking polls that are being done right now....and we are at May 19th already.

But no need to worry...when CAL-YAF mails their mega AD 67 Membership list...it will put McGill right over the top.

George Berkeley

Hey Ace. If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make any sound?

That is what your opinings about McGill have become.

No one is listening because the issue was resolved to the betterment of all parties, and McGill was part of the solution. Not the problems in your fantasy.


McGill's been running since Feb. 2004. He's walked precincts with his DVD...some even say walked the district twice. Then there was this piece he distributed with bold type "JIM SILVA" and a nice photo of Silva. All McGill does is bash Jim Silva. If you can't get any name ID, go after someone who does. I don't see this working much. Good luck Mike.


"George Berkeley", if a tree falls in the forest it does indeed make a sound. Because it is heard by God. Now stop misrepresenting one of my favorite philosophers!

Slim Silva

Jim Silva can't claim to be the conservative in the race because Jim Silva doesn't have the conservative grassroots organizations behind him.

George Berkeley

RP, if you want to believe in some mythical phantom in the sky that is your prerogative.

The rest of us will deal in reality. And the reality is the negatives tried against McGill have no traction.


God is a phantom in the sky? Tell that the good folks at Cottonwood. Oops, maybe the city council was composed of atheists!

But really, I didn't say I was an adherent of Berkeley; I enjoy reading his dialogues, that's all. And by using his name and a vulgarization of his position on the objective existence of matter, you misrepresented him.

It is a matter of no consequence to me who wins this wretched election. if I lived in the district (I have my own dismal choice to make)I wouldn't vote for any of 'em.


Notice how the Myopic McGill folks just ignore McGill's support of making it easier to increase taxes despite the Republican party platform admonition not to do so. And one of McGill's supporter is even denigrating Measure A---no shock since McGill was part of the cabal that held the eminent domain gun to a church.

Capitol Weekly's got it right...this is a two person race, and McGill is not one of the two. He's become a stalking horse for Harmon.

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