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May 01, 2006


Now that's genious.

That's why you pay good money to Gilliard.

Actually, it dropped Saturday...

Johnny Slash

What has Jim Silva done with three terms as a County Sup and years as an HB councilman on this issue?

More than McGill and Harman probably has.

Didn't Silva have Wilson at his HQ in 1994 to support Proposition 187. I remember something about riot and Capitol police securing the joint.

Been Around

Silva did indeed have Wilson there and the CHP had to turn out in force to protect them from the protesters.


"Seventy-three percent of Americans say that immigration is a serious problem.

The other 27 percent said, 'No habla Ingles'."


Whoopie! Jim Silva had Pete Wilson over for a rally 12 years ago?

I heard that Jim Silva had that same Pete Wilson over at his headquarters for a rally for union paycheck protection in 1998. Where is Jim Silva on unions today?

Jim Silva is not the same man today as he was only a few years ago.

It's a fair question Slash proposes - What has Jim Silva voted for, as an elected official, to combat illegal immigration in over 12 years as county supervisor?

Again, more than Dianne Harman or Mike McGill.


Jim Silva squandered three terms here in Orange County. Jim Silva would squander three terms in Sacramento.

Shawn Fago

Hey Commie Girl, no race card this time?


Shut up, Shawn, you preening weenie.

With a LAST NAME of Silva, he cannot be trusted.

Besides, Jim Gilchrist endorsed Mike McGill.

Shawn Fago

Honey, if we are going to fight, could we at least not do it in front of the kids.
Preening Weenie

Idiot...Silva is Spanish. And Barbara Coe is on Silva's side.

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