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May 22, 2006


El Comandante

DeYoung actually has a lot in common with Hillary Clinton--all politics, no principles.

I googled Cassie to learn more about her and her campaign but most of the results are for a pornstar named Cassie Young. I have a feeling Pat Bates will win.

Laguna Niguel Republican

This is so typical of Cassie. You are right when you say she has no core beliefs. She would be an absolute disaster on the Board of Supervisors.


Cathryn DeYoung running for County Supervisor. The issues are different, and she has made it clear where she stands on each individual one. Why does everyone criticize Cathryn DeYoung for not following the party like a sheep, yet the same people will turn around and praise Lou Correa for "standing up for what he believes in" by endorsing Measure A and other things?

Don't get me wrong, I am as conservative as anyone, but this attitude is the reason that we will never achieve majority in the state legislature.

jason blair

Another fat cat in South County running for office ala Diane Harkey...without a clue...blow your money and lose...


This was the best piece I've read on DeYoung. She isn't taking a stance on issues, she is just demonstrating that she has no center of gravity.

One Who Knows

This is so surreal I want to scream!

Does no-one understand that in a costal district, environmental records are paramount?

If one candidate has a "zero" on the issue, is that not important? Of course it is.
These contrary bloggers must be from inland areas. Not costal areas.

They are totally out of touch with the electorate.

Did anyone else think the the Black and white picture of Bates looked better than the colored DeYoung pictures?

Besides, self-propelling yourself is a turnoff to voters. "I'm a hero...look at me...vote for me" People already know if you are a hero or not.

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