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May 17, 2006


Don't you mean 4th District?

in exchange for a Daucher endorsement...

Shawn Fago

The link is broken for the 2nd part of the mailer.

Fullerton Conservative

Never thought I would see the day.
I guess Ackerman's new motto is "if you can't recruit your own candidate to run against him and his re-election is certain, then join him."


Norby is a clean politician.

Not that he couldn't be better. He sure could- I think he listens to Democrats too much, like the ones on his staff. But he's still the best we got.

Ackerman is an example of why lawyers in public office should be avoided as much as possible, not that we have such great voter choices anymore.

This from someone who has known them both more or less personally for 20 years.

He helped to kill a sorely needed new airport at El Toro. I will vote for whoever is running against him.


Fullertonguy when you say you have "known them both more or less personally for twenty years" just reading about them in the paper doesnt count as personally knowing them you jackass!!!

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