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May 31, 2006



John's flyer cleary states the Union manages of the Pension fund, I thought it was under another autority, one which John sits on now? Am I mistaken?


The 300 miilion was covered by the employees, and aq 7.5 % return is not attainable? Odd, I get 12% from my measly 401k.

Now I do agree the pensions are more than 'most' private sector employees will ever get, but not most priate CEO's will get.

There seems to be a time to get America to start thinking about that. Why do we allow a few CEO's to make Billions in retirement and bonus's but not even pennies to their workers?

Unions came about due to poor working conditions , now they may make a come back due to money issues.

Carona Must Go

For more on the story go to OC Weekly:

Evidence obtained by the Weekly places Carona inside a moving vehicle while, well, affectionately engaged with a then-low ranking sheriff’s department employee. The pair kissed, giggled, moaned, groaned, cleaned up and offered expressions of love. After the 45-minute romp, the female said to Carona, “Do I still smell like you?”

The sheriff said, “A lot! A lot! A lot! A lot! A lot! A lot!”

“How do we hide it?” she replied.

Through a private attorney, the sheriff declined interview requests, demanded a copy of the recording, and implied he might claim it’s been doctored. However, the woman confirmed details of the encounter. She asked that her name not be used in this article for fear of retaliation.

But it’s not just her word. Neither Carona nor the woman knew at the time that their physical activities in the vehicle had inadvertently activated the redial button on a cell phone. And this is where Carona’s already stunning gift for creating scandal becomes legendary. An audio recording of the affair was left on an unwitting person’s telephone answering machine.

"The quality and readability of Moorlach's mail is far superior to the generic stuff the union IEs are sending out for Dave Shawver". Really Jubal, do you think the average voter is sitting in his or her living room deciding who to vote for based on the quality and readability of a political mail piece? You are grasping at straws.

What you should be asking is that a picture of Moorlach sitting at his county desk? Is he using our government equipment to run his campaign? I understand he has done this in the past and it appears he is up to his old tricks.


Dear union hack:

My comment about the readability of Moorlach's mail v. union IEs has to do with their effectiveness as voter contact tools -- i.e. their ability to influence votes. I think you are probably the only OC Blog reader who didn't understand that.

Who cares if it's a picture of Moorlach sitting at his desk? What law does that violate -- unlike Shawver who continues to use the county seal on his campaign website in violation of county ordinance.

Thank you for commenting.

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