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May 22, 2006



This whole business about Shawver faking being asleep at council meetings is quite disturbing. I mean, how can you prove somebody's faking it? Maybe he actually was asleep. In any case, a lot of people expect OC Supervisors to be asleep at meetings. Maybe it's a tactical mistake for Moorlach to adverstise Shawver's qualifications.

Sleeply Jim

Being asleep on the dais isn't a negative. I saw Silva do it several times during the El Toro issue.

And look at how much the party promotes him for higher office.

I would think Shawver would fit right in to the seat warmed up by Silva.

concerned citizen 92605

As an Orange County taxpayer, I will be sure to check my tax bill over twice before I pay it next time. The reason being, John Moorlach CPA, CFP, and Tax Collector was in charge of it. Mr. Tax Collector recently turned in his 460 State of California Campaign Disclosure Statement Late, (stamped by the registrar of voters 5/26/06) which is a violation of the State Fair Political Practices Committee Rules and Regulations. It was bad enough he turned it in late but it also had calculation and donor mistakes listed on the form. John had an ending cash balance of $149,483.61 as of 3/17/2006 and when he recently filed for 3/18/2006 to 5/20/06 he had a beginning balance of only $140,855.36. What happened to the $8,628.25? If John made an eight thousand dollar mistake on my tax, I would be in big trouble. The OC Register did not help me solve the problem at all. They list John having $82,700.00 left in his campaign fund. Yet his return shows only $46,195.58 left after you subtract outstanding debts. My question is what is the real total? Finally, I do not think the Fair Political Practice Enforcement Department of the Secretary of State’s Office would allow the $3,000 (Tel Phil Enterprises, Inc. $1,500 and $1,500) contribution on page 69 of John’s current campaign disclosure because it violates campaign donation limits set by the County of Orange where John works. I am so glad John Moorlack is not my CPA or CFP. Where’s Shirley Grindle when we really need her?

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