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May 17, 2006


And that he is!

While John was a help in the Bankruptcy, it was the Supervisors who called for it, and it was the Supervisors who pulled the County out it, and It has been Silva who has championed paying off the debt early. Not to diminish Moorlach's role, but he, was just one person who helped, not the sole person solving the problem. let's give credit due, where it is.


The above posting is 100% true. There is no "I" in "Team"

If John had been around, the Titanic would be just another cruise ship. Too bad.


True enough about Jim Silva's role, but to give the November 1994 Board of Supervisors any credit is absurd. Their response -- when they weren't hiding underneah their desks doing their best Sgt. Schultz impressions -- was to roll over while Brad Gates tried to play county shogun, try to stick county taxpayers with the bill for their mess, and then give away their power to an unelected CEO.


Jubal is right about the other four Supervisors. They wanted the tax increase and Silva didn't.

Silva represented the County in NYC because he was the only Supervisor not involved with the Bankruptcy.

Crying Wolf

Moorlach is on the retirement board. Other than bellyache in the press about pensions, what has he done to show leadership in that governing body?

The reporting requirements are absurd and misleading. The unfunded liability is akin to a house mortgage. How many of us would be showing a disastrous personal portfolio if we had to show the mrtgage due as part of our personal wealth? The unfunded liability is over 30 years. Something the Moorlach's of the world don't mention.

Just where does Moorlach stand on some of the hot issues of the day? Maintaining the Treasures' office is not running a District. To have a single claim to fame, that is over 10 years old, that had so little impact on the county as a whole, is a bit lacking in real experience. Being a CPA is not being a CEO, which is what a Supervisor should be. Is he going to be so worried with county employees that he does not worry about those who he is representing? How can he focus on the needs of the district if he going to focus on retirement benefits? I rather he fix the dang roads, or get the library open longer.


Anonymous at 6:42 p.m.:

I'd be interested to see you apply your exacting standards to Dave Shawver. He's been on the Stanton City Council for 16 years -- and Stanton doesn't look mcuh better than it did in 1990.



Why would you assume I would not? I would apply those standards to them all. I would examine Dave eneve more, than John. Just as I would examine anyone apply for one of my jobs, so I would apply the same examination to someone wishing to 'work' for me as an elected official. But just as GW 'hooked' America with 'WMD', I don't like being 'hooked' by a 'NEW' bankruptcy that is not coming. And before you try to defend him by brining up 2-3 isolated problem areas, remember there are 50 states, with thousands of county's that are not having problems with their pensions. I don't like micro-focused issues, I want broad coverage on all the issues. County empolyees are not the problem, but using them to hide all the others issues and problems is, to me.


It's a simple choice: John Moorlach or Dave Shawver. Whom do you think is better qualified to be a county supervisor?

Let's see, should we support a puppet candidate put forth by OCEA, an employee union run by hired guns, or a CPA who has committed his life to public service even when he could easily be a CEO of a major corporation or a partner in a CPA firm pulling down two to three times his current government salary. By the way, that government salary decreases with a succesful bid for supervisor. The Unions are afraid of fiscal responsibility or anything that limits their control. Their letter to members telling them they are going to spend their dues on a campaign against Moorlach is built on lies ond innuendo. Gosh, I wonder if that is how the Unions conduct all their business affairs, with lies and innuendo.

Supervisor Silva was not on the County Board for the bankruptcy vote but he enthusiastically shoved millions of Huntington Beach tax dollars into the Citron pool while on the HB City Council. Silva has as much credibility on the bankruptcy as a bank robber who turns in his partner to the cops.

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