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May 23, 2006


Luis Rodriguez

All the more reason to elect a candidate like Armando or Ryan for the assembly seat. Since Ryan is clear to go through the primary, I hope most people will say no to special interest groups and vote for Armando.
We need serious campaign finance reform so the best candidate has a chance to win the election, instead of the candidate with the most amount of money.


These little puppets don't really raise much money on thier own, they just dance when you put a coin in the slot. Sad thing is that one of these dopes will be elected. These are the last days....

Hookers and Johns

If this was happening on Harbor Blvd. the police would set up a sting and arrest someone. In politics it's just another day at the office.

i think Ryan Geene should do a 11 pm precinct walk down Harbor Blvd. It may be his only chance of scoring in AD 69


Luis--while campaign reform might be a nice idea, it smacks of sour grapes when you attack others for getting special interest group money. Jose has received money from trial lawyers, but so has Armando(and Claudia from Doctors and Insurance companies). Claudia received money from Emily's List, but armando received money from ECCO. Jose received money from League of Conservation Voters, but armando received money from Hispanic Unity. SO since Armando is taking special interest money, are there certain special interests that are better then others?

The fact is that Armando would receive a significant amount of PAC money if those groups thought he had a chance to win. people and groups will tend to support those who they believe will support their issues. You can make the argument that you shouldn't support Claudia or Jose because of the particular groups that are supporting them means they would vote the wrong way. But since the groups are in large part antagonistic to one another, which way would Armando vote? Contributions tell us something about where a candidate is going to go if elected.

With Loretta's support, Armando has a better chance then many of these special interest groups realize. Maybe if he had taken some positions on issues he might have more money for mail to get Loreta's endorsement out.



Well put. Armando is attempting to get SEIUs support because he needs money to win. The unfortunate fact for Armando is that IEs are not going his way because he does not have a shot a winning.

And, it will be a cold day in hell when Loretta does anything for someone (besides herself of course).

Luis Rodriguez

In my opninion, special interest groups are bad for politics period. I wish Armando would not take special interest money either. Unfortunately, I do not run his campaign nor his campaign staff. I do however, understand the reasons to why he would accept since he has to compete against it anyway.
Either way we need a reform in which public money is used only and eveyone gets the same amount. A few years back there was an initiative being worked on in California known as the Clean Money Act, but unfortunately it did not go anywhere.


Luis--There will be a Clean Money Initiative on the ballot this November. I think the proponents got enough signatures.


Luis Rodriguez

That is great news. I hope we all take the time to look at the initiative and vote for a better campaign reform.
Thanks Bladerunner!

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