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April 05, 2006


Ex-TIC Employee

It's a good company if you are working somewhere near the top. It's run a lot like Disney Co. It's Bren's way or the highway though. Paul Hernandez does a great job for them. I only wish I could have convinced them to give me some $$$ in my last campaign. They are the glue that holds together Irvine. The day Don gets bored with the whole thing and sells out is the beginning of the end for the planned community look that has become Irvine. Dan Young's a great guy too.

Problems with TIC

My biggest problem with the Irvine Company is that they are way too comfortable with government. They consistently support local tax increases whenever they can. I remember when Irvine faxed a parcel tax, where the voting was by property owners only, that TIC cast all of their property votes (a lot of them) FOR the tax.

Then there is the cozy relationship that has been ongoing between TIC and Larry Agran & Company. At some point, they all drank the kool-aid.

Alex B-Z

Irvine Company is good. Irvine Company loves you. There is nothing to fear from the Irvine Company. All hail the glory that is the Irvine Company. The mere sound of Don Bren's voice is enough to immolate mere mortals. Consider yourself lucky to bask within the sphere of influence of all that is Irvine Company.

Regarding the 2002 Prop. 51 donation ... The Irvine Company donated $25,000 on April 1, 2002 and another $20,000 on April 15, 2002, according to state records. Larry Agran was, and still is, on the Board of Directors of the lobbying organization that wrote Prop. 51.


The Irvine Company worked behind the scenes to sabotage El Toro Airport. By eliminating aviation zoning for the base this has allowed them to shoehorn the base with thousands of new homes. The irony is that many people feared the potential traffic from an airport. Ironically, they will get traffic anyways, much worse than the airport!


Say what you want but Dan Young has done a great job in keeping the Irvine Company effective without it becoming a big target.
Agran's 3 votes are reality in Irvine so they have to deal with him. They're not like the Lincoln Club which can lob in a few hit pieces, leave town and remain untouchable. Irvine Co. has to live with the Commissar.


The Irvine Company still owes me $260 dollars as they over charged my last month of rent. The Vice President Trea Montgomery was exceptionally obnoxious when she did not return my call for several months. When I reached out again... she basicly told me off.

I wish her and her company the worst of luck.

You know what they say about one unhappy customer right? Well here you go.

Lyann Collins

The Irvine Company development in my area of West Irvine, within the Tustin Unified School District has resulted in overcrowding of our local schools. For 7 years, their projections have been way off and our kids packed in trailers. At one point, Mayor Krom told me to contact the Irvine Company if I had any questions regarding the school capacity problems. I've only thought of one . . . how do these people sleep at night?

Read all about it at www.simby.org

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