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April 27, 2006



So much anxiety about Swaim outing Jubal, that even a good story by R. Scott Moxley is attributed to him?

Unbelievable! This moron blames the cops for the arrests made during the Santa Ana student walkouts! According to Swaim, cops provoked the arrests with their presence in riot gear.

Maybe he should interview the clerk in the 7-11 store at 1st and Flower St. The supposedly peaceful protesters marched into his store, emptied the shelves and walked out with his goods BEFORE any cops showed up.

Maybe he should interview the people conducting business in the County Recorders office who were yelled at and threatened BEFORE the cops showed up.

Maybe he should interview the motorists at Main and Walnut whose vehicles were blocked and peppered with debris BEFORE the cops showed up.

It must be nice to form an opinion from a position of complete ignorance. That way you don't have to worry about facts or reality.

el s

anon must have listened to another mp3 file. amazing.

Carona the Clown

Carona is a joke and a disgrace to law enforcement everywhere. Didn't he say that if anyone found one example where someone did not earn the badges & guns that he sold to donors, he would personally walk out the door?

The republican party is looking even more stupid now than they did with the do over vote for Al Gore Carona. Keep up the "good work" , republicans, you guys are making November so much easier for us to kick your rotten, unethical, coniving, self-serving butts!!!

What a bunch of morons...

After reading the article and seeing the pictures in OC Weekly and then reading the LA Times story about another friend of Carona's receiving a reserve badge I have to think enough is enough. If there is one deputy of the Sheriff's department who still supports this guy, please turn in your badge. You do not deserve to be a proud member of this family. Carona has been and will continue to be a disgrace to the department, the badge and to every law enforcement member in the past, present and future. He makes me ILL.

Commander Ralph Martin finally stands up for all of law enforcement and asks Mike Carona to resign. This might be the first time Martin has attacked anyone! Even he is sickened by the photos of Carona swearing in the mob!! This is such a pathetic county, that we can't even admit when our sheriff is a bozo. No wonder we are the laughing stock of politics.

There will probably be a runoff in November if these photo's hit the newspapers, but knowing the Ragister, it won't happen.

Can you please provide details of Martin's request for Carona to resign.

Alex Brant-Zawadzki

No tengo television, so thanks for the post. Ah, this modern era! But still no jetpacks.

I read the article and saw the photos. If Carona insists on wearing his uniform everywhere he could have the professional courtesy of not being in bars partying. Just change into civilian clothes instead of mixing booze, uniform and gun. No wonder these guys have no respect for the badge. Although by there backgrounds, (if they had any), they already have little respect for the badge. Department Rules & Regs warn against being in uniform while or with those engaging in activity like in these photos.

Bottom-line, our badge and everything it stands for is a toy to this man to serve his personal goal. I lost a friend who gave his life while on duty wearing the same badge Sheriff Carona so flippantly gives to undeserving people.

I'll try not to gag when Carona bows his head in prayer at our upcoming prayer breakfast and lifts it to preach to all what our badge represents...or maybe I'll just stand up and leave.

In memory of my friend, Deputy Brad Riches. He wore our badge with honor.

Another PSR Screw Up - thanks Carona!

According to LA Times articles on 4/26 and 4/27, Roger A. Davis, a member of Carona's exclusive "Advisory Committee" and badge-carrying PSR apparently gave the Ferrari driver who crashed doing 162mph, a .357 magnum Smith & Wesson, registered in Davis' name.

This wreckless Ferrari driver, Eriksson, spent five years in Swedish prison for assault, counterfeiting and narcotics offenses before becoming an executive with Gizmondo, a failed gaming company that filed for bankruptcy with more than $300 million in debt. His Ferrari was exported illegally and is owned by British banks who are accusing Eriksson of theft.

Because Eriksson is not a US Citizen, he is not entitled to possess a handgun. He is also not entitled to possess a handgun because he is a convicted felon.

Imagine if Eriksson was an illegal immigrant from Mexicon and a convicted felon travelling 162 mph on our city streets in a stolen car, crashing the car and possessing a .357 magnum courtesy of Mike Carona......Oh, but it's okay, our suspect is from Sweden.

This is just another in the long list of examples of how Carona has been currying political favor with the wrong people and with the wrong prizes (guns and badges). I blame Carona for the .357 magnum winding up in the hands of a convicted felon (and probably $300 million fraudster) travelling 162mph on city streets in a Ferrari stolen from British banks.

For the sake of public safety, Carona needs to be taken out of public office ASAP. He is certainly not someone who should be at the helm of OC law enforcement. My vote is for Hunt.

One day after the Weekly published photos of Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona embracing a Mafia associate and handing out official badges to two other Las Vegas businessmen, Ralph Martin joined Bill Hunt by also demanding that Carona resign immediately.

As dark clouds loomed overhead, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Commander Ralph Martin stood on the steps of the old county courthouse in Santa Ana, and pointed to an easel displaying photos the Weekly published in print or online of Carona:

being embraced by mob associate and Vegas strip club owner Rick Rizzolo, who was holding a drink;

standing in front of a cake as he's flanked by Freddie Glusman, whose restaurant is a known mob hangout, and casino owner Gary Primm, contributors whom the sheriff had given official badges and bottles of wine to along with the cake;

swearing in Glusman and Primm as reserve Orange County sheriff's deputies.

"This is unacceptable behavior," said Martin, an Orange County resident, at his April 27 press conference. "We can't allow our law enforcement personnel to be associated with known criminals or criminal associates."

Martin continued, "He clearly knows who Rick Rizzolo is, and if he doesn't he shouldn't be Orange County's top cop."

Carona is in the fight of his political life to retain control of the $550 million Orange County Sheriff's Department, which has been racked by scandal after scandal. Vying for his third term, Carona is being challenged by Martin, LA County Sheriff's Sgt. Bob Alcarez and Orange County Sheriff's Lt. Bill Hunt, whose duties include serving as the City of San Clemente's police chief. Hunt recently received the endorsement of OC's rank-and-file sheriff's deputies. After first being denied the endorsement of the Orange County Republican Party's Central Committee, Carona won a second bid by one vote after his top lieutenants engineered a new committee vote.

For more on Carona's various controversies, visit the Weekly's Sheriff Scandal Archive.


Is it true that Carona met yesterday with the Mexican Consolate to personally arrange bringing the three deported maids back to the United States? Is he really going to undercut the work of his deputy's like that?

Next photo op - Carona at the border greeting the illegal alien mother and giving her an escort home to her daughter. For that day it will be spelled Corona.

Will he then be Mexico's sheriff too?

Welcome aboard Ralph.

Martin follows Hunt's lead, again, by demanding that Carona resign immediately.

Without fail the message of truth is carried like a badge of courage once the smoke clears and it is irrefutable evidence. The water is warm Mr. Martin, c'mon in, but when the water was not so warm and considered hazardous, Bill Hunt was immersed. Immersed in the truth that people are now embracing.

Hunt welcomes them but I will always remember he was on that road when it was not even a path. For that and for remaining true to his convictions he has my proud vote. I want to see more of the same from our department leadership.


Too bad the weekly doesn't have any photos of Carona poolside with his Mafia friends clowning around with his bathing trunks and pulling them into a thong? Run on sentence but who cares. Or is that next weeks O.C. weekly?

Unbelievable! The photo shows Mike Carona in uniform, accompanied by his friend and donor who also happens to be a known mob associate and convicted felon. The uniform Carona wears in the photo is the same one far too many men killed in when their lives were taken protecting citizens of Orange County from criminals like Rizzolo and also worn by far too many naked women Carona loaned it to in Russia

The LA Times reported on April 26, 2006 that a weapon belonging to Roger Davis, another of Carona’s PSR’s, turned up in the residence of Bo Stefan Eriksson, the man who crashed his rare Ferrari while driving drunk in Malibu. Ericsson is facing serious charges including grand theft and embezzlement in what has become something of an international incident as the investigation into the crash continues to unfold.

PSR’s, “friends and family” as Carona calls them, are sworn in as “Professional Services Reserves” and given badges and to some, guns. The ones that according to Carona pose “no danger to the public”, unless you happen to be golfing or encounter a drunken race car driver and convicted felon in possession of one of those “PSR’s” weapons. According to the Times article, “the group, which was created after Carona took office, includes many political donors and top business executives in Orange County.” “The group” also includes Freddie Glusman, owner of the Swanky Newport Beach restaurant called the Glitz, a known hangout for underworld types like Rizzolo.

Detectives are trying to determine how Carona’s “reserve deputy’s” gun got into Eriksson’s possession. Sandi Gibbons, “a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office, said the gun was a key piece of evidence. Prosecutors have charged Eriksson with a weapons violation because, as a convicted felon, he is not allowed to possess a firearm.

There is a dispute over how he got the gun. Eriksson is telling one story and the owner is telling another story, she said.”

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department "declined to comment, citing an ongoing policy of not talking to The Times outside of arrests and other breaking news.”

Am I dreaming? This is the Sheriff of Orange County!

No wonder some PSRs turned in their badges at a Reserve dinner with the Sheriff recently saying they no longer could serve with what is going on. One of them was given an award earlier that night for over 1000 hours.

Another one who owns a business in Newport Beach told the Reserve Division that being a PSR is hurting his business and he may have to distance himself from the department.

Up until about two years ago all PSR applications included a CCW application, whether you asked for it or not. A new guy in charge of the program, brought in to clean it up, changed that. By then hundreds of PSR applications had gone out with CCW applications included.

Someone said on the Sheriff Department post earlier this week that Mike Schroeder and Supervisor Lou Correa have PSR badges. Why?

And what about Lou Correa, also a Reserve, voting, as a Supervisor, for his boss the Sheriff to get that $100,000 for the attorneys?

I asked this on another thread. Could one of the Carona supporters explain how deputized casino and restaurant owners in Nevada enhance the public safety of OC?

It's not a hard question. And it only has one part.

They don't. But they do line Carona's pockets with campaign money and introduce him to others who will do the same. What ends up getting enhanced is Carona's ego, (which is his own worse enemy) and connections.

Is anyone in the OC not a PSR. How did these mobsters pass a background? Does anyone even do one on these folks before issuing a badge?

Pissed Off

At some point, one has to exclaim: "STOP THIS BULLSHIT!!!"

I would like to hear Carona's explanation of his choice of associates. Until them, he has to be considered unfit to be associated with law enforcement in any capacity...except as a snithch!!!

Jaramillo, Haidl, mafia associates, women wearing his uniform in Russian hotel rooms, campaign contributors with badges and guns and terrorizing people in parking lots and golf courses - I may have been asleep as this started but I am wide awake now. Maybe Carona likes to believe he is living an episode of the Sopranos. I actually did just find out he is Italian, NOT Hispanic, as he has allowed some to believe.

Pissed Off

I have tried to remain as neutral as possible in the race for sheriff. But I am getting extremely pissed off. Before I draw any conclusion, I would like to hear Carona's explanation of his choice of associates. Until then, he should have no association with law enforcement, in any capacity, except as snitch.

BTW, there were rumors of organizied crime association with a former very high ranking Station 18 member. I always dismissed it as vicious rumor. If there had been pictures of him chumming it up with dirtbags, it sure has hell would have piqued my interest.

It is one thing to compromise the integrity of one's self; it is another thing entirely to obliterate the image of law enforcement professionalism. For God's sake, deputies have made the ultimate sacrifice in pursuit of commonweal while wearing that uniform.

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