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April 13, 2006


 Green Machine

I think Hunt's support for prop 75 is only part of the reason he failed to get the CCLEA endorsement. Prop 75 was supported by the Republican party and Hunt's support for it showed his willingness to support his party (no problem with that).

However, Measure D was also a law enforcement issue and its defeat WAS supported by Republicans all across the state. HUnt did not give the No On Measure D issue the same attention that he did for Prop 75. And Why? It was obvious that Hunt was attempting to curry favor with the firefighters who WERE in favor of Measure D.

Hunt's actions were therefore characterized by several law enforcement professionals (incluidng me) as self serving and not in the best interests CCLEA. Had Hunt acted on principle and not selfish manipulation, he might not be perceived as a candidate who abandoned law enforcement labor during it's hour of need. Unfortunatley that isn't the case and he has now paid the price.

Who's advising this guy?

Tim Whitacre


Very objective posting. Good job.

Green Machine:

Lt. Bill Hunt DID NOT "...abandoned law enforcement labor during it's hour of need", as you try to spin.
Prop 75 "Paycheck Protection" DID NOT affect Police Officer Associations (POA's) at all.

Regardless, Lt. Bill Hunt stood up on behalf of not only law enforcement professionals’ hard-earned incomes, but on behalf of all Union members throughout the state as well.

Everyone Else:

Lt. Bill Hunt endorsed Prop 75 because it gave more leverage to individual Union members to hold leadership accountable as to how their hard-earned, mandatory dues were spent – plain and simple.

Lt. Bill Hunt is not anti-union and in fact served many years on AOCDS' Executive Board and their PAC until being promoted to Lt.

If you go to Tin Star (I can't believe I said that) you will see a posting totally ripping Lt. Bill Hunt. Sgt. Rich White, who runs Tin Star is, ironically, a PAC member for AOCDS, who recently gave a unanimous endorsement to Lt. Bill Hunt for Sheriff.

We are hearing rumors that a select few are calling POA's on the side and reminding them of Bill Hunt's support for Prop 75 to encourage them to not endorse Bill. It might have even happened with the CCLEA. We are working on confirming some information that has been sent to us by a couple of sources.

Hopefully, this proves not to be the case and Mr. Quint carries out his duties as President, as directed by the AOCDS membership and the PAC, by advocating strongly on behalf of Lt. Hunt. I'll keep you posted on this.

Prop 75 "Paycheck Protection" passed in Orange County by almost 64% of the vote. We delivered more votes for Prop 75 than any other County in the State.

Lt. Bill Hunt is the ONLY candidate for Sheriff who strongly endorsed and supported Prop 75. He thought it was good policy to make sure PAC dues for the public employees were an annual required "opt in"(requires Union leadership to get permission from the members) procedure vs. a "opt out" (requires members to complete paperwork that tells leadership to stop). He still does.

His stance on Prop 75 shows he's not afraid to lead and make the right decisions regarding the best interests of the public, for whom all of law enforcement serves. That is how he will lead as our next Sheriff.

Lt. Bill Hunt stands strongly together with fellow Law Enforcement Professionals. He always has and he always will. Law Enforcement has been his career and he has served in virtually every capacity with the Department, jails; patrol; SWAT; academy instructor; gangs; narcotics, the list goes on. He's the only candidate for Sheriff with over 20 years experience in the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

There is absolutely no professional reason for any law enforcement organization, not to endorse Lt. Bill Hunt for Sheriff.

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre

Green Machine


When I refer to Bill Hunt abandoning law enforcement, I was refering to measure D. His brothers needed his help and he sat on the fence. THATS NOT LEADERSHIP

You state "His stance on Prop 75 shows he's not afraid to lead ...

Where the heck was he during measure D. I specifically asked you to post a No on Measure D banner on Hunt's website. You replied that was not going to happen.

Maybe you can tell us why Bill refused to support his fellow cops on Measure D. And Tim....try not to spin.

Even department members who supported Hunt were displeased with his failure to take a stance.

Everyone knows Hunt sat idly by because he wants the firefighter endorsement to go along with the AOCDS endorsement. It may work for you, but its a clear example of situational values and not the "integrity" that you always attach to Hunt.

Man of your word?

Hey Timmy - word is all around Orange County that you told a bunch of people last Monday night, after your lies were exposed at the central committee meeting, that you were going to resign from Central Committee.

Are you going to?


Tim Whitacre

Green Machine:

In the words of Ronald Reagan, "There you go again..."

You state, "Everyone knows Hunt sat idly by because he wants the firefighter endorsement to go along with the AOCDS endorsement. It may work for you, but its a clear example of situational values and not the "integrity" that you always attach to Hunt."

Your spin on the Measure D race is designed to make both Lt. Bill Hunt and the men in blue (Firefighters) look bad.

You and Sgt. Rich White at Tin Star, huffed and puffed and claimed that Lt. Bill Hunt was in bed with the Firefighers - had cut a deal with them for their endorsement...

Well, NEWSFLASH, Green Machine - you and Sergeant are wrong again - as usual.

The Firefighers PAC met a week or two ago and they voted to stay out of the race for Sheriff. Lt. Bill Hunt was not endorsed.

Time for you guys to come up with some more conspiricy theories. Measure D is done, you won. How about showing some grace in victory.

It's time to Restore Integrity and Trust to the Sheriff's Department.

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre

Green Machine


I didn't come to that conclusion on my own. I was told that by someone on team Hunt. It was also expressed to me that your camp was divided on this issue. Obviously you won out.

As for the firefighter endorsement....It's apparent that Bill didn't go far enough for them in the measure D fight...I guess even he will only bend so far.

That still doesn't excuse his failure to lead on the issue. Quite frankly it was a poor decision.

I'll ask once again:

"Maybe you can tell us why Bill refused to support his fellow cops on Measure D. And Tim....try not to spin."

Goodness gracious Tim! You never used to be so angry. Before this Sheriff race you were passionate about your causes but not angry. Bill Hunt appears to an angry man and you are becoming that, too. Please return to your old self before you lose a good number of your friends and supporters.

Green Machine,

"I was told that by someone on team Hunt." Drink some more Kool Aid, and keep your fairy tales among your team Carona cronies. As Tim said, "Measure D is done." Put a fork in it!

Green Machine

Thats a great way to ignore past mistakes. Just put a fork in it? That makes the issue go away? okay everybody...Bill said put a fork in it...Kings X. Bill's no longer accountable for his actions!

From the Orange Juice Blog:

Anonymous said...
Because there will be continued skullduggery within the Republican party endorsement process, there is the distinct rumblings of more serious consideration for Ralph Martin. The "Vegas" connection is the tip of the iceberg and more serious questions abound about the infamous "Carona Charity". America's Sheriff has been put on ice by Schroeder unless there is an event like the Runion awards. If we choose to "endorse" Carona, we will be the laughing stock of the OC and will suffer a possible backlash in June and November. Personally, I hope Martin can pull this primary out and save us the embarrassment.

Go back to Los Angeles where you belong.

There's a Sheriff's race there you can run in!

Bill Hunt Deserves Support

Hey Green Machine, Blah, Blah, Blah...Tim's right, you need to find some other conspiricy theories.

It's just plain wrong for the CCLEA not to endorse Lt. Hunt if it really is customary to endorse whoever AOCDS endorses. I smell something rotten behind the scenes.

The local GOP and others should be doing all they can to get behind Lt. Hunt since the AOCDS endorsed him over Carona. They obviously know better than the rest of us which one would make the better Sheriff. After all, they put on the uniform everday.

Green Machine

You forget that a majority of AOCDS members did not support Hunt. He just managed a larger number of votes than his opponents. Nonetheless, he did win the endorsement and I respect that.

Having said that, it does not mean the rest of the world is obligated to fall in place as well....unfortunately for Bill, the CCLEA and the GOP are independant of AOCDS and don't owe Bill a thing. If he can win their endorsement then so be it, but your ridiculous assertion that they must put their name behind someone not of their own choosing is laughable.

Green Machine,

I agree with "Bill Hunt Deserves support"

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah...

Green Machine

I see the Hunt thinktank has honed its debating skills to a razor's edge.

Tim, please stop dividing the OC GOP. Your hate turns you evil. Just like Annikan Skywalker turns into Darth Vader, you have turned into George Jaramillo.

Green Machine

Ouch...I'm no fan of Tim's but that one was really low.

Hunt 4 Sheriff

Did those other agencies endorse Carona? Answer: NO! The only reason they did not endorse Hunt was that while Quint (back door politics) is still trying to "look good" to the Hunt supporters he is doing all that he can to undermine Hunt and survicve as a union boss. Hunt is a true conservative and believes that union members should have a choice as to how their money is spent by union hacks. Carona did not support Prop 75 so that he could get the AOCDS endoresement -Carona didn't get the union endorsement because more deputies want him gone because of his failure as a leader, than support him. After eight years Carona has failed. Carona has gotten rid of Jaramillo and Haidle now he needs to get rid of himself. Mike Must Go!

P.S. Nice job OC blog staying on top of things. Did OCSD/AOCDS PAC member Rich White (Carona supporter) call and remind you???


Interesting how people say, (as with 0910 post), Tim is dividing the GOP. People have said the same of Hunt in regards to the department.

If by creating a division those people mean that Tim and Bill tell the truth - Guilty as charged. If the accuser is speaking of keeping people accountable - Guilty. If they are speaking of making some people uncomfortable because they face issues deserving of attention - Guilty again.

As Colin Powell said, "Being responsible means pissing people off."

Good leadership involves responsibility to the welfare of the group, which means that some people will get angry at your actions and decisions. It's inevitable - if you're honorable.

1 voice in 80,000

80, 000 cops (CCLEA) supported me and my fellow AOCDS members in Measure D...Hunt DID NOT.

These same 80,000 cops Hunt and DIM WIT claimed WERE linning up just waiting for AOCDS' endorsement of Bill then they will FALL IN LINE and endorse Bill also.

What happended? Was it QUINT THE PUPPET MASTER, the EVIL DOER casting a evil MIND control spell? Did they serve that EVIL CARONA KOOL-AID?

Perhaps, they are not trying to curry favor with Hunt, at a massive Brown Nose party, in hopes of making promotions, better assignments, days off, etc.

Hunt has nothing to offer, and he was not there for Law Enforcement.

We are labor unions, are concerns are PAY-BENEFITS-RIGHTS and SAFETY.

Carona has not interfered with any of the above. Measure D if passed would have caused an adverse effect on PAY-BENEFITS AND SAFETY.

CCLEA saw this and I suspect they choose not to endorse Hunt because of his failed support of Law Enforcement, and his demonstrated one person agenda.

You are right to say Carona does not have this endorsement, and I suspect nobody made the motion to endorse him. They did this out of respect to AOCDS, not to oppose our candidate.

Yes Hunt is our CANDIDATE, the Candidate of AOCDS. He has the support of 683 members.

683 AOCDS members for Hunt
One crazy ex Marine, (suffering PTSD from his days on BC street). for Hunt.

80,000 Law Enforcement professionals say NO TO HUNT!

Fed Up Deputy

I'll side with Lt. Bill Hunt and the crazy
ex Marine!

Measure D had absolutely nothing to do with pay and benefits - that was a lie spun by Quint on hehalf of Carona in order to convince the AOCDS to spend all its money.

POA's are not labor Unions - in fact, they're not Unions at all. They are individual Associations that look out for very local interests.

It's obvious that Wayne Quint worked the CCLEA on the side and spread some bad stuff about our endorsed candidate, Lt. Hunt.
He should be ashamed of himself and we should begin a recall of him as well as kick Rich White off of the PAC board.

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