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April 26, 2006


I smell Queso too

Thanks for pointing this out Jubal. I agree...very cheesy. Solorio is grasping at straws to try to get some traction and free publicity for his campaign. Can you post mail on this race as it hits the mail boxes? Thanks.

huele a pescado

This seemed fishy to me when it first came out. It makes Jose seem desperate. As for the mail, I'm certain we'll see the original OCR article reprinted over and over before June 6, but no mention of the CW investigation unless it comes from one of the other two (or their friends).
Does the Register reporter understand she has egg on her face for falling for this ploy?

Thomas Gordon

If Jose REALLY cared about the kids, he would ask the Feds to fund the states for illegal immigrant cost such as education, incarceration, medical,public assistance,
border related cost etc.

Cheap Publicity Attempt Jose.


I worked for a time as a tutor, and the tutoring agencies called me repeatedly saying they had tons of federal money for tutoring kids who were falling behind. I think perhaps the plaintiffs want the funding to go them or to unions or schools they controlled.


Smells like a Richie Ross production but has anyone determined if the suit is going anywhere?

I know the State of Utah(99.44% pure Republican) has sued the US because of No Child Left Behind. So now Jose and RR clients have too. Where do Claudia Alvarez, Armando de la Libertad and Ryan Williams stand on No Child Left Behind and what is their answer as to how California and local school districts should deal with this example of trampling of state and local rights?

huevos en la cara

Let's see - a dozen or so clients of the same political consultant sign on to this amicus brief in the 6th District Circuit Court in support of the NEA's appeal.
Then all of these candidates claimed to be suing GW Bush - a stretch.
Finally, the candidates start using the "I'm suing the President over NCLB" in fundraising appeals, voter contact, and press releases.
Genius. So we doubt that Bermudez and Mendoza are really the ones behind it, as claimed.
But as masterful as it might be, it's still a publicity stunt.
Looks like an attempt to trick donors and voters, smells like an attempt to trick donors and voters, tastes like an attempt to trick donors and voters. YOU DECIDE.


Ross is the kind of person that would steal a pacifier from a baby and rob an old woman’s purse if this were legal. Seems he is just two steps ahead of the law, but remember as we age our steps get shorter and they are at a much slower pace--and with age comes the loss of hearing and our eye capacity diminishes twice as fast...the law may catch up with him yet.

"Every dog has its day!" Yep.

Pottery Shack

What's the big deal about this? I didn't hear any conservatives complaining about frivolous law suits being filed against the President during the 90's by Larry Klayman. In fact, the conservatives I know cheered him on.

Now it seems he is just another (insert pejorative here) trial attorney who was looking for a way to make a name for himself while wasting taxpayer resources.

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