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April 29, 2006


Reality Check

I say look back to the Rule of Three---

Namely, divide the "rumors" by 3 and you will get closer to the real number of $$$ that will be spent on this race.

What kind of a threat does Duvall pose to the CCPOA that they would sink so many resources into a Repub only Primary???

And what kind of a mail Universe would require that kind of $$$ for an effective mail piece???

Disinformation and freaking out the GOP Heir Apparent is exactly the kind of reinforcement a Blog Post would make in furthering this type of Campaign tactic.

I, for one, do not believe this rumor. Knowing the reputation of a certain Consultant, I would almost allege someone is building a case to get the maximum $$$$ out of their client...

Duvall is not the choir boy you portray him to be. Those of us who live in Yorba Linda know better...

Y.L. Resident

Living in Y.L., I can only say thank goodness the CCPOA is willing to help us. Without them we could be stuck with a person like Mike Duvall in Sacramento and that is the last place he should go to.

mini me

Duvall is a mini-me George W....


Duvall is not the choir boy you portray him to be.

Where did I portray him as such, Anonymous 11:38a.m.? Or is this your way of setting up the slime comment to come?

I'm sure what 11:38 and mini-me are hinting at are Mike Duvall's DUIs. I'm not going to make excuses for them. He got them, and he's been very up front about them -- and I'll still take a conservative with a DUI over a guy who thinks it is OK to spend tax dollars to deny a private property owner his property rights.

Fullerton Conservative

Anybody who tries to use that old issue against Duvall will end up with egg on his face. Mike has spent the last 15 years telling high schoolers in our area about the importance of staying away from drugs and alcohol abuse and how he turned his life around. He is a true inspiration.


Well God Bless the CCPOA if this is true. Marty Simonoff (it is not Siminoff, but that only matters if truth and facts matter), has the ethics requirement that the voters in the 72nd deserve. So, tell the CCPOA and any other group that is willing, to "go baby go!".

I have been watching this race and when looking at the two candidates, I find that Mayor Duvall never knows what to say unless somebody tells him. Today he supports the Yorba Linda downtown project; tomorrow he opposes the project. As for the eminent domain issue, ask Mayor Duvall if the name “Almanzar” means anything to him before he decided not to support eminent domain. Or how he voted to implement eminent domain for Yorba Linda redevelopment, before it became a political issue. But when it became an issue, there he was on his white horse riding to the rescue – Give Me A Break!

Then look to see what business owner, homeowner or other person that Simonoff ever voted to take their property and deny them the use of the property. Funny how these things are never seem to be mentioned.

Gee, do you think that Mr. Duvall with his hoard of endorsements (outside the District) and the obvious lack of principles or ethics is concerned and needs to create a firestorm to try to gain support. With the character of both candidates, I would not put this past Mr. Duvall, his consultant and his ring of "let's not deal with facts or truth" supporters to create any situation they can to help their "ethically challenged" candidate. I guess to some ethics do not matter, but they do to many others and me.

So your position is based upon the cutesy paid ad to the left? Give me a break!

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