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April 26, 2006


What's up with Moxley?

Aren't a couple of paisanos allowed to have a couple of chiantis and talk about their parents got here from the old country?

Gangsters are people too, right?

you don't have no reason to know my name

You don't have no reason to know what I'm thinking. He is a friend of ours.

Gee, I wonder who donated those photos to the Weekly?

I'll bet the Huntistas are jumping around like little flees on a big dog after this article.


"Gee, I wonder who donated those photos to the Weekly?"

I wonder why they were taken in the first place.

Alex Brant-Zawadzki

My heart actually goes out to all you fawning Caronistas out there. That birthday cake -
"Congratulations to Sheriff Glusman and Sheriff Primm"
Those two deserve congratulations for getting badges with their respective backgrounds. What does Carona deserve for allowing that photo to be taken, let alone continue to exist, let alone be published?

martini time

OK a warning for all of you popular politicians. Sure you pose in thousands of pictures and most of the time you have no idea who these people are. Well stop it! Never pose again. There are Jaramillos everywhere who keep the film. There is one accomodating throwaway paper that will gladly print the picture and conjure cospiracy theories. We all know that if you pose for a picture you must be awfully chummy,yeah right. Show us the proof that Carona has ever done anything to benefit this clown. Until then this is more birdcage liner.

Vodka Time

Show us the proof that Carona has ever done anything to benefit this clown.

I would like to see you call Rizzolo a clown to his face. That might be fun to watch.

And we do know that Glusman and Primm were deputized.

Was there no benefit in that?

Wow, great story Carona. I am glad I went to read it because I noticed the story on Eddie Rose. That was a great read as well. You have to give a lot of credit to a candidate that speaks his mind and holds nothing back.

friend of our

Hey martini time. You're a funny guy. A know a street this side of Vegas that has a special section for funny guys.

The Spin Cycle

Big deal Carona has his picture taken with a legitimate entertainment executive and everyone gets all upset. Grow up people

I'm just reading on the Tin Star and Carona Chronicles how many people have a PSR badge. Confirming Mike Schroeder and Lou Correa have one each?

Posted by: | April 25, 2006 at 09:25 PM

Word is that the list reads like a who's who of Orange and LA county, from politics to Entertainment.

Supervisor Correa, is a badge carrying PSR Reserve. The same Reserve who voted as an Orange County Supervisor for his law enforcement boss to receive the $100,000 for the attorneys...but no expectations or conflict of interest !!!

I know you men and women do not like the OC Weekly, but I think you need to check out this article and look at these pictures.....when I look at the pictures and then think about how hard I had to work for my badge and having lost so many good friends who died in the line of duty over the years, it just sickens me to see how cheaply Carona throws these badges around...this mobster Rizzulo is almost touching the OCSD badge with his slimy hands.....

I'm sure Schroeder's spin will be that the pictures are doctored....BS!!!!

Billy can you spare a dime

I guess when the campaign has no money to work with, it is necessary to have free throw away smut-filled papers do the dirty work for the candidate.

Then, the candidate or his supporters must spam the blogs and repeat the comment over-over-over and over again.

All must subscribe to the theory that if something is repeated alot then someone will eventually think it is factual.

Good luck.

If Carona insists on wearing his uniform everywhere he could have the professional courtesy of not being in bars partying. Just change into civilian clothes instead of mixing booze, uniform and gun. No wonder these guys have no respect for the badge. Although by there backgrounds, (if they had any), they already have little respect for the badge. Department Rules & Regs warn against being in uniform while or with those engaging in activity like in these photos.

Bottom-line, our badge and everything it stands for is a toy to this man to serve his personal goal. I lost a friend who gave his life while on duty wearing the same badge Sheriff Carona so flippantly gives to undeserving people.

I'll try not to gag when Carona bows his head in prayer at our upcoming prayer breakfast and lifts it to preach to all what our badge represents...or maybe I'll just stand up and leave.

In memory of my friend, Deputy Brad Riches. He wore our badge with honor.

After reading the article and seeing the pictures in OC Weekly and then reading the LA Times story about another friend of Carona's receiving a reserve badge I have to think enough is enough. If there is one deputy of the Sheriff's department who still supports this guy, please turn in your badge. You do not deserve to be a proud member of this family. Carona has been and will continue to be a disgrace to the department, the badge and to every law enforcement member in the past, present and future. He makes me ILL.

Perhaps you saw OC Weekly Editor/Publisher Will Swaim on the KOCE program tonight hosted by Rick Reiff (Inside OC)?

Swaim is pure anti-establishment and anti-cop all the way - not just against Sheriff Carona, but against all law enforcement.

Even Reiff tried to bring Swaim back to a moderate position, but Swaim had nothing to do with it.

Swaim stated that the cops in Santa Ana overreacted to the students that ditched school to protest the immigration bill by claiming that the cops did not need riot gear and crowd control tactics. (Never mind the trespassing inside county offices and threats to county workers in the process).

Swaim stated that other rallys similar to those in Santa Ana had no arrests, but in Santa Ana they had arrests because the cops provoked the students.

Even Reiff tried to moderate the comments by saying that assault on cops justify arrest - but Swaim continued his position that the cops were at fault.

Anyway, the OC Weekly and Swaim are no friend of law enforcement. The OC Weekly will publish whatever it can to bash cops and deputies.

Hunt and his cadre sing the praises of the Weekly and even had advance knowledge of this story. Seems that there is some coordination taking place between OC Weekly and Hunt.

As long as the OC Weekly publishes anti-Carona stories, Hunt will be right there alongside Swaim and Moxley.

Politics makes strange bed fellows, for sure. Hunt is in bed with the OC Weekly on this issue.

Nice job, Hunt.

The OC Weekly and the LA Times. Two highly reputable and unbiased publications. There's no chance that they would have an agenda.

right? Hello? Is anyone home? Are you buying it?

Me either!

Roll them bones

Ooops. Wrong thread.

I meant to put it here.

Could one of the Carona supporters tell me how deputized casino and restaurant owners in Nevada enhance my safety here in OC?

0959- poster,

You write that the OC Weekly is no friend of law enforcement. If you consider all the facts you'll realize Mike Carona is no friend of law enforcement.

That is why his own Deputy Sheriff Union voted to not endorse him and did endorse Bill Hunt.

Between the LA Times and OC Weekly article there are unanswered question about how people like this ever passed a background check. The answer may be that up until about two and a half years ago the backgrounds for Reserves were not done in the background unit of Sheriff's headquarters. They were done at the Reserve office by staff who, in violation, took the files home with them. Haidl and Jaramillo gave those staff members free reign.

All that changed when a new lieutenant came out to Reserves but apparently certain people were already sworn in.

Gustavo Arellano

Please. Bias is one thing--stating the facts, ma'am is quite another. So ustedes anonymous blasters: wanna talk facts, or wanna continue with the whinin'?

So Gustavo,

Regarding the students.

1. Truancy. Would that be a fact or a whine?
2. Unlawful assembly. Would that be a fact of a whine?
3. Blocking of roads and sidewalks. Would that be a fact or a whine?
4. Disruption of governmental business. Same question?
5. Threats to public officials or governmental workers. Same question.
6. Tossing of projectiles at police - assaultive behavior. Fact or whine?
7. Misuse of taxpayer monies by students who skipped school and cost the district reimbursement? Same question.
8. Etc.

I don't know - there are probably alot more facts.

Bottom line, your publisher stated that the cops caused the problem and could have handled it differently.

Even the show's host was pushing back on him for his position.

Why would Swaim invoke and use the "Kent State" incident to compare the police response to the student demonstrations?

Sorry, must remain anonymous - so I understand if you will not respond.



So cops get to beat up kids for truancy now? I did not know that! Will Swaim isn't anti-law-enforcement; he lives in Irvine, for Christ's sake. What he IS is against police abuse. Surely you're not saying there's no difference?

Know It All

Please note that the OC Weekly gave Corona their heartiest endorsement over Dan Walters.


What students were "beat up"? Any proof - real proof not allegations from Chris Mears?

Any students arrested were for criminal acts they committed - trespass or assaults, for example.

Swaim said that assault on a cop is PROBABLY a reason for arrest. Nice touch, Will.

Truancy is a juvenile code violation. Being out of school can lead to juvenile court. But, no kids were dealt with by the cops for their absence from school - the school authorities can handle that.

Swaim compared the Santa Ana student demonstrations with Kent State, for crying out loud! That's a little (lot) over the top, is it not?

As for Swaim living in Irvine - then he would be classified as a "limousine liberal". Hypocrite.

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