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April 05, 2006


Tim Whitacre


Thank you.


Reagan would not have endorsed Nativo

Doesn't this mean that Hunt now can count on the AOCDS spending a lot of $$ on his behalf? Hmmm...there goes Carona's cash advantage.

Allan Bartlett

It looks like Hunt's guerilla warfare against Carona is starting to pay dividends. This unamimous endorsement from the AOCDS PAC is just the latest in a string of events that must have team Carona sweating. As the previous commenter noted, with this endorsement comes the spigot of independent expenditures on behalf of Lt. Hunt. That was one of the biggest issues that I had with Bill's campaign, money. If the AOCDS pumps as much money in for Bill as they did for Chief Walters(over 600k), then I gotta believe this has team Carona in panic mode. That is as much money that Carona has in the bank. Congrats again to Lt. Hunt for another huge endorsement.

Powder Blue Report

Der Kommissar

Hunt is the unions' choice. No thanks.


I can just see it now......Alan Bartlett, Art Pedroza, Tim Whitacre, Lt.Hunt and Wayne Quint, marching arm and arm down Main Street in Santa Ana singing Solidarity Forever, the Union will be strong.

Le Internationale

Would Der Kommissar feel the same way if AOCDS endorsed Carona?

Der Kommissar

Union endorsements diminish my view of any candidate. Is it a disqualfication? No. Unions often endorse incumbents to influence them. Sometimes unions are in comptetition with each other and settle into different camps. Winning without the money of public employee unions allows a candidate to be more independent once elected.

Art Pedroza

Unbelievable. The Caronistas are now opposed to the AOCDS? Just a few weeks ago they were promising their first born children for their endorsement. Now that Hunt has their backing they are showing their true colors. I hope the AOCDS members are reading all of this! They may spend even more now on behalf of Hunt...

Wake up Allan


You and the Dim Whitacre amaze me. I love how you float the notion that AOCDS alone spent $600k for the Walters campaign. I doubt that amount was spent by both candidates and IE’s combined. But lies and half truths are what both of you are known for.

If memory serves me right, AOCDS spent probably 1/7 that amount on Walters. 1/7 of a penny spent on Hunt is a waste of copper.

My favorite line from Dim:

financial contributions are now pouring in daily through the mail and via on line.

Well, we know when Dim made that claim. The financial reports will prove if he is telling the truth.

Semper Pi in your eye, Dim.


As an active POA member, I know HUNT will not get other POA endorsements, due to his anit-union bias.

The most he will get, out of respect to the "home-town" rule is a no-show....AOCDS will be the only large POA who gave the endorsement, and that was just squeaked by.

Give Hunt a chance! He only supported Prop 75 to peddle influence with the republican base. He's really a pro union guy.

Hunt, The same guy who supported prop 75, the same guy who was chastised by the Attorney General for his direct involvement in the Haidl marijuana cover-up scandal, the same fellow who influenced his deputies to not arrest a drunk driving campaign supporter, the same fellow who was soliciting campaign donations while on duty, in a county car and in uniform, the same fellow who has demonstrated a clear gender bias, (ask his campaign about prior disciplinary action for cartoons), the same fellow who pioneered "bean-dipping", yes ask his campaign what that means as well......

A vote for Hunt is a vote for mediocrity and a continuation of the corruption in the OCSD.....vote for Hunt??? No I don't think so

When Schroeder announced the results of the Governator fundraiser for Mike Carona, Tim Whitacre decried his claim of money raised.

Now that Whitacre has opened the spigot of cash, will he provide us with the numbers that are pouring in or will he sit quietly and allow the mirage of financial support continue in the conspiratorial minds of Art and Allen?

Look! The Carona Kool Aid Drinkers just got off work!

How's this for a comment from Bill Hunt's campaign statement:

Over the last EIGHT YEARSthe current sheriff has given us one scandal after another and his record is a failure.

However only a year and a half ago Bill Hunt aka the hypocrite said this in the OC Register (September, 2004):

"...Hunt says he'll only run if Carona doesn't...."I support the sheriff -- I'm loyal to him," said Hunt, who endorsed Santa Ana Police Chief Paul Walters in 1998 but says he's since come to ADMIRE CARONA."

Oh my god! I never knew that! I don't believe it. Bill is a cop's cop. a man's man. he would never play politics and lie or mislead the public would he?

bill hunt supports Mike Carona

San Clemente chief walks fine blue line
September 20, 2004

Byline:Martin Wisckol and Norberto Santana

Lt. Bill Hunt, chief of police services in San Clemente, is doing a delicate dance these days. Even more delicate, perhaps, than when he got a late-night call last October about Assistant Sheriff Don Haidl's son being detained with some other boys and a bag of pot. (A watch commander said in the tape transcript that Hunt ordered Gregory Haidl not be arrested. A buddy claimed responsibility for the marijuana. Hunt is not one of the principals in an investigation into cover- up allegations, and Hunt cited that internal probe as the reason for not discussing the incident.)

The current dance is Hunt's bid for sheriff -- one he's doing while trying to preserve the possibility that Sheriff Mike Carona will endorse him.
As the Buzz reported last week, Carona said in 1998 that he would not serve more than two terms -- but has since left the door open for running again in 2006. Which makes it a little awkward for Hunt, who has formally established a campaign committee and so far raised about $15,000.
But Hunt says he'll only run if Carona doesn't.
"I support the sheriff -- I'm loyal to him," said Hunt, who endorsed Santa Ana Police Chief Paul Walters in 1998 but says he's since come to admire Carona. "But you can't sit around and then make a last-minute decision. You have to network and make connections."
How would he govern differently from Carona? The sheriff's fund raising and his recruitment of outsiders, including Haidl and fired Assistant Sheriff George Jaramillo, have attracted criticisms and investigations.
"He was an outsider coming in," Hunt said. "He brought in people he thought could help him. I know the people here. We don't need to bring outsiders in. We need to identify the talent already within the department."

OC REGISTER September 20, 2004

But Hunt says he'll only run if Carona doesn't.
"I support the sheriff -- I'm loyal to him," said Hunt, who endorsed Santa Ana Police Chief Paul Walters in 1998 but says he's since come to admire Carona.

I am America's Sheriff


I am your Sheriff and I am humbled to be here...

If you see fit to re-elect me as your Sheriff I will...(psst, hey Schroeder and Fleischman, what will I do?...oh yeah...) I will continue to bring you massive pay raises beyond your wildest expectations. As you know, ever since Al Gore asked me about how to invent the internet and used mostly my ideas for bringing you that wonderful technology, I have been responsible for virtually all the good that has ever happened in your lives both on and off the job.

I will continue to take credit...I mean, er, I will continue to ensure that bountiful blessings come to you and your family members and I will help focus the attention of all of the bad things that happen, onto Lt. Bill Hunt, where it righfully belongs.

Lastly, I want to remind you - in case you forgot - that I camped out in front of little Samantha Runion's house for 3 days many years ago, while you guys were bringing in the perp. In fact, here's Erin Runion to plead with you to endorse me...what's that?...oh yeah, I didn't camp out, rather I effectively led the ongoing investigation that, only becasue of my excellent leadership skills, resulted in the quick capture of the elusive murderer in that case. Don't ever forget that I was there...in the camper...at the Runion house...for 3 days...

Lastly, if I am re-elected, I promise to end the shortage of new recruits by doing away with the entire training and review process. Just like logging on to the internet, new deputies will be able to pay there sign up fees; be issued a badge and gun; and sent out into the public immediately to help make Orange County as safe as it can be.

In the name of the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, God Bless you...I'm a devout Christian you know...

Its suspicious because I have talked to a few AOCDS PAC members and they were unaware of any separate vote to endorse Hunt other than the vote by the members. In speaking to PAC members at AOCDS at least 3 of the ones I spoke too knew of no such vote by the PAC members themselves. Can this be clarified? Is the AOCDS letter signed by Dominguez a fraud?

OC REGISTER September 20, 2004

But Hunt says he'll only run if Carona doesn't.
"I support the sheriff -- I'm loyal to him," said Hunt, who endorsed Santa Ana Police Chief Paul Walters in 1998 but says he's since come to admire Carona.

Interesting...Bill Hunt has been critical of Carona for seeking a third term, "a breaking of a promise" I believe is how he characterizes it.

But as little as 19 months ago, Bill made the above statement.

Hunt has once again demonstrated that he too is a politician, a rookie, but still a politician with situtational values...real cops have core values.

Carona has blamed Jaramillo, 9/11 and the Board of Supervisors.

Try looking in the mirror Mike.




(submitted by concerned Deputies)

yes, but Bill Hunt said he admired him

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