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April 28, 2006



Nothing on my story on Wiley Drake? You guys are mean.

Comandante Agi

Castigate. I dig that word.

The California Democratic Party convention sounds like a celebration of castigation. I would attend, but I ain't no masochist.


Speaking of Allan Bartlett: at every opportunity he says, on these pages, that he went to Mater Dei school.

Any comment about Gustavo's story about the Mater Dei coach who loves students?


Or is this a different Mater Dei?



Open mouth, insert foot.




Hanna were you born with the trouble-making gene?

On these very blog pages Allan has castigated (see comment above) Mater Dei's, um, er, problems.

The abuse of children within the seemingly comfortable confines of the Catholic Church is an issue on which lefties and the right can happily meet. Almost nobody supports the corporate "circle the wagons" mentality of the Church - except, of course, the Curia itself. And shame on them. There will be a deep circle of Hell waiting for them...and hopefully deeper and colder than the Ninth of Dante.


Oh boy. I have a confession to make. I have a life. I do not read every single blog in the universe; I do not read every single post on the OC Blog; and I do not read every single comment even when I do read the post. Just noticed that the OC Weekly Carona story has more than 40 posts but did not bother to open that thread.

I do remember, however, that Allan, for some reason, used to insert this part of his biography in many posts here - don't know why so when I saw it on the cover of the Weekly, it triggered a memory.

Which makes one wonder why this is not in the "Round up." Oh yes, I remember, Jubal/Matt no longer likes the OC Weekly.

No, am not trying to "police" the blog. Yes, this is your toy to post and delete what you choose. But to position this blog as looking at the machinations behind the Orange Curtain.. perhaps an asterik should be added to clarify


You amaze me, Hanna. You make a faux pas, and somehow it is still my fault.

Are you so blinded by dislike for me that you didn't see one OC Weekly story in the Roundup today, and the Commie Girl story that got it's own post? Then again, I don't want to confuse you with facts.

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