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April 12, 2006



Very nice to see Laer Pearce in the mix. Have not heard from him in a while!



Johnny Slash

The MoHarks may want to consider a trip in the Winnebago to see Bow Wow Wow in concert at the Pechanga Tribal Resort & Casino.


Every vote counts

I guess on the bright side, Harkey has built up her name I.D. for her re-election run to the Dana Point City Council! She's young. She can try for higher office another time if this does not work out. Her husband and daughter should be glad she lost. Sacramento life is hard on marriages.

Not over yet

This race is still very close and who knows if there will be a recount. But Harkey did a remarkable job to come out of nowhere in just a few short months to dead even with an incumbent backed by the powerful unions. She and her team should be complemented, while those so-called Republican leaders in this county who sat on the sidelines (Ackerman, New Majority, etc.) should be ashamed.

Art Pedroza

Not Over Yet,

Ackerman should indeed be ashamed - but the man has no shame. He is backing a major RINO in Lynn Daucher, for the 34th SD. Clearly he does not give a damn what conservatives think.

I don't get it.

you all keep talking about the unions but they only spent 1/4 what she spent directly, PLUS all the IEs for her likely are in the same dollar range.

Sounds like half full glass thinking.

Do any of you even know how Harkey got elected to the Dana Point City Council? First, she went to the major local developer in town and asked for his support. He told her that he would not endorse her because she needed more experience in local politics before running for DP City Council. Harkey ignored him and spent over $180,000 and aligned herself with the ANTI development, liberal crowd in Dana Point. Harkey's aligned herself with the ANIT-development PRO regulation factions in Dana Point. Harkey also savagely attacked the then-acting-Mayor Joe Snyder. Mayor Snyder was the Republican endorsed, former Marine Lieutenant Colonel who stood in Harkey's way. She had people on street corners picketing with signs stating "No Joe". She was a vicious campaigner and anti-Republican.

After nine months of basically doing nothing on the Dana Point City Council, she decided she was ready for Sacramento. Why do you think that only one of her four fellow Council members endorsed her? They have served with her and seen her in action behind closed doors. Harkey is not a team player. She will do whatever it takes to advance her own career. Her goal is not to be pro-Republican; her goal is to be pro-Harkey, and she will do whatever is necessary to advance her personal ego. As much as Dana Point would like to be rid of her, they did not want the rest of the 35th District to suffer as Dana Point has suffered.

At the last City Council meeting, Harkey was booed off the diaz. Upon leaving Council Chambers, she turned to Dana Point constituents and yelled "F*** all of you!" Is this statesmanlike behavior? No, this is the behavior of a shallow, insecure person. Shame on the Republican party for endorsing a wealthy loose cannon.

It did not matter how much baggage Harkey had in Dana Point. The fact is, Scott Baugh and Jim Righeimer had a score to settle with Tom Harman. And once again Harman comes out on top. In spite of doing NOTHING in terms of mailers to Independents, Democrats, and others.

Hey 11:31

So, why did Lacy support her for this race since he was the one behind all the developer attacks against her?


Of course he's been on both sides of the 5th as well as the sherrif race now.

Enie-meanie-miny-mo which candidate do I support this month.

Bye Bye Diane

This election was definitely not one I could get excited about. Harman is a liberal Republican, but Harkey is in the "it’s all about me" mold of politics. If Scott and Jim could of got behind someone who was a better candidate (here is a shocker: maybe someone who is a real Conservative!) then we might have had a different outcome.

So now we will have Harman as our next State Senator for 8 plus years. Good going "Republican Machine." You're days as an effective voice for the Conservative cause is gone. Let's hope there is a new generation ready to take the lead.

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