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April 27, 2006



Assemblyman Tran joined several other legislators ...[proposing] a sales tax holiday on disaster-related supplies. ...nine days in October to buy first aid kits, flashlights, radios and other emergency items, free of sales tax.

I applaud the concern, but this is a bad, bad idea. The tax code is already complicated enough, now I am supposed to remember which days in October I should by my flashlight? Ridiculous. The tax code needs to be made simpler, not have more strange loopholes opened for tax grifters to exploit while the rest of us are busy trying to be good citizens.

Just in case you haven't seen this.

Brea's Beauman: Raise taxes, restrict property rights
From Steven Greenhut:

Last Sunday, I wrote about the anti-property-rights officials who run the city of Brea, and how they are stealing the property of one owner as a way to create open space on the cheap. The council is fairly left wing, supportive of eminent domain, higher taxes and opposed to property rights. But don't take my word for it. Here is an email that Councilman John Beauman sent out to supporters in 2002 detailing his view of the world. The email, cc'ed to a anti-growth activists (who happens to live in one of the most scenic areas of the hills she is trying to "protect"), states: "We need to convince Orange County that restricting development is the right thing to do, since most of the surrounding hills are outside the city limits. Fortunately, the City Council is not in favor of unrestricted development, and will do its best to restrict it to the degree possible. Clare Schlotterbeck has given me a tour of Chino Hills State Park and I would love to see two things happen, a bond issue on the November election, to buy strategic portions of the hills in our SOI [Sphere Of Influence], and secondly, convince county and state agencies of the wisdom of preserving large tracts of open spaces in Brea SOI." [I added the bold.]

Note also that liberal councilman Marty Simonoff, who voted to restrict development on the hills, to pay for a public relations campaign to stop the property rights of land owners and to apply eminent domain to the downtown area, is running for Assembly as a Republican. Perhaps he ought to re-register as a Democrat, where his Big Government views would be more at home.

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