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April 09, 2006


OCGOP Central Committee Member

Tim's consistent behavior to hold leaders accountable regardless of political persuasion, is in my eyes, admirable and we should try to duplicate his efforts. I've heard him say on more than one occasion, "Good policy is good politics." That makes a lot of sense at any level.

I find it rather amusing how much some of you fellow Republicans who are very much in step with the "inside crowd" within OC politics, are so "threatened" by one man and his call to clean things up and do things the right way - which benefits everyone in the long run.

I think therein lies the answer - a select, self-important few within the local Republican Party, don't give a damn about what's right and what's wrong, they only care about losing power or sucking up to who's in power and they won't give that up at any price - even at the expense of the integrity of the Party.

Tim is right, it IS time to restore integrity and trust to the Sheriff's Department and the Republican Party of Orange County.

Keep leading the fight, Tim. There are a lot of us within the Party who believe in what you are doing and are emboldened by your efforts. May God Bless you and keep you safe on behalf of all of us.

Reality Check

Without the Dirty Tricks of "the "inside crowd" within OC politics", what fun would it be for the rest of us???

Who amongst us wants to see Orange County mimic the likes of Adelanto, where apathy amongst residents re: real politik were soooo bad they elected an Illegal Alien to the City Council???

Let me clarify: this woman was a "Resident Alien" BUT NOT A CITIZEN!!! But because apathy of politics in the Desert Community is so high, she won election by less than 100 votes against an individual who mounted NO campaign whatsoever.

And for all of our issues with each other in The OC, I think that having experienced politicos interacting will protect us from the nightmares the City of San Diego is currently facing with their years & years of corruption at the hands of Democrats in power.

John Lewis, Jubal & Flieschman --- some of us count ourselves lucky to have you gentelmen around. And without you, what would the LA Times have to whine about???


Hey Reality Check: for all the Right's mewling about how they don't hate immigrants, they just want them to come here LEGALLY--um, a resident alien IS here legally. Resident alien status means she is NOT illegal.
You're tipping everybody off to your brown-scare tactics, as if they weren't tipped off before.

The only problem is that Tim is supporting the wrong candidate. He is behind a fellow who is inexperienced, unrealistic, and devisive. If elected, Hunt will continue to tear the department apart.

Tim & Bill's tactics have demoralized OCSD personnel and factionalized the department. Hunt has surrounded himself with helpers who will do anything to get their man elected including intimidating any personnel who do not swear 100% allegiance to the Hunt camp. It is clear that if elected there will be purges and retribution against anyone who did not support Hunt.

This is not the climate I want to work in, I am voting for Martin, but if by some chance Hunt makes it into the runoff, I will vote for Carona in November. I cannot in good conscience support a thug.

To 5:02

I continue to hear how Hunt is tearing OCSD apart when actually it is Carona who lied and decided to run for a third term. Had he kept his campaign promise to stay for only two terms we would not have this problem. Carona is tearing OCSD apart, not Hunt.

Art Pedroza

Martin is a good man - but he has no chance to win against Carona. Hunt does, therefore he has my support. Maybe he can offer Martin a job after he defeats Carona and tosses out all the Caronistas.

Semi-Old Conservative Activist who has been around a long time


I am with you on your concerns about the double standard of the OC Rep. establishment. You make great points about the double standard regarding the Harman race and the Daucher race. Of course, the difference is really about money. If you understand that, you can perceive how the system works and why it has a flaw or too.

That said, Jon Fleischman is a patriot. Mike Schroeder is a patriot. Hell, even John Lewis is a patriot. These gentleman started their involvement for our causes through selfless voluntarism, standing on street corners, working on hopeless campaigns to advance conservative principles and family values, sleeping in cars or in dorms or on the floor when they had to, trying to win elections for our cause through knocking on countless doors, making cold calls, facing plenty of rejection, but succeedingt through sheer force of will. All three have achieved very important victories for our conservative movement, and they have distinguished themselves in many different ways, suiting their personalities interests.

It just so happens they all support Carona, big time. Now Carona himself may have some character issues, maybe not, but he has been an effective Sheriff, judging by the statistics. Crime is lower, a fact. Yes, these three are dedicated to Carona. But did it ever occur to you that the things you may not like about Carona, such as Nativo Lopez, etc., hsome of those liberal things he is claimed to have done, may have happened because of the former influence of George Jaramillo? Could it be that Carona, who did so well on Samantha Runnion and in managing the department, just had some bad advisors, including Jaramillo and Haidl, and that now he has gotten rid of them? I think that is the case. As a conservative, shouldn't we be HAPPY that stong minded conservatives like Schroeder, Fleischman and Lewis are now the braintrust helpers to Carona, are working to be sure he doesn't stumble on the political stuff, so he can keep doing a good job on the really important stuff, like reducing crime and gang violence?

Nobody is perfect, that is for sure, including Mike Carona. But he got rid of Jaramillo, has a good sunstantive record as Sheriff, and the new people advising him are good people who have earned their stripes and are on "our" side.

Art Pedroza

Fleishman, Schroeder and Lewis are paid political consultants. And Carona is their boss. And Carona was warned not to hire Jaramillo, but he did anyway. I warned his office not to endorse Nativo again, but they did anyway.

Remember too that Carona gave badges to unqualified campaign contributors. In so doing he put the public safety at risk. There are several documented cases of armed Caronistas attacking innocent bystanders. When will you people hold Carona responsible for all of this?

Carona has had too many chances. He must go.

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