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April 27, 2006


he is gonna need their votes come election time.


Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor is an enemy of liberty and freedom. His attack on a critic at January council meeting should send shivers up the spine of any lover of free speech. This man is a disgrace to this community. I hope he's booted out of office in November.

Bruce Cohen

Most Libertarians like Mayor Mansoor as a person, and as a political force.

Allan is very libertarian in his outlook, being a champion of small Government, low taxes and privacy.

I am proud that he feels the Libertarian Party of Orange County is relevant and influential enough to take his time to speak to us.

Allen is liked and respected by Libertarians of many shades, from me, to Doug Scribner.

I support his re-election, as being the most pro-freedom, most pro-prosperity and yes, most Libertarian candidate on the ballot.

For those that disagree, and those that agree, I encourage you to attend his speech this Saturday. We will have questions from the audience then.

Andy Favor

Correction to Bruce’s post. The event is this Sunday. Not Saturday.


Mansoor improperly used his power to have the cops illegally and forcibly remove a critic of his policy to question and detain people about their immigration status -- this is a big government policy. Once again, our local Libertarians once again prove they are phony anti-statists.

Bruce Cohen

I'm curious to hear who 'Libertarian' is,
hiding behind an anonymous name.

I understand that the person in question
was not removed for what they were saying,
but removed for interrupting.

Allan and the CM City Council are very
generous and patient in their policy of
Public Comments. There is a time, a place
and a way to make these comments.
I don't find it 'pro-statist' at all
for the Mayor to preserve order.

PS I dare 'Libertarian' to stand up
and be counted.

CM Man

Mansoor has my vote. That's great to hear he has got a civil libertarian view. Coyotl got to say what he had to say. I saw the video. It was obvious he was against the ICE proposal and wanted to include a bunch of hateful unrespectful words along with his opinion (I guess he's not an agree to disagree person). He really was just using the council meeting to get publicity by turning it into a circus and trying to silence other peoples opinions. I know a camera man that was there and he said Coyotl was trying his hardest to become a victim and have everyone feel sorry for him. I agree, he should be able to say whatever he wants just like every other U.S. citizen should have that right. He shouldn't have the right to disrupt council meetings and make it so the other people there can't be heard. It's a lot like how the flood of immigrants from Mexico totally screw over all of the law abiding people from other countries. Why are the rights of brown people more important than black or yellow or white people? Coyotl cares nothing about any of those people. Coyotl got exactly what he wanted. He achieved victim status by standing up for the rights of people that have committed felonies and that have entered or are currently living in this country illegally and don't want to get sent back to their respective countries. Strange, that's how most other countries are. It seems like only brown supremacists like Coyotl think only brown people should be above the law. He's Aztlan centric. Brown people have a god given right to this land (anyone else is a foreigner or visitor). That's funny because most Mexicans are part or all Spanish (i.e. from Spain, a European country). Even Native Americans (Coyotl claims to be this although I'm not sure if I believe him) migrated from Siberia at one time. Coyotl has the viewpoint of a militant Jew or Arab in the Middle East. His tactics are a little different though. He is well trained to play up being a victim even though his intentions are well placed in brown supremacy. Apparently there are a lot of his brown supremacist supporters here in Costa Mesa according to the 4 fold increase in Mexican gang graffiti.

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