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April 14, 2006


The multiple endorsements of this bonehead by Sheriff Carona is what kept Carona from getting the OCRP endorsement

Once again all roads from the Hunt campaign lead to Sheriff Carona.

You guys have got to get a life. You're like a one hit wonder. You sound great for a little while, but you're overplayed and nobody listens to anything else you've got to say.

Why isn't this great event planned for Cinco de Mayo (Friday rather than Monday)? Maybe they're looking for another Independence Day (they already have two).

Anonymous poster #3 - read some history, why don't you?

Mexico has one Independence Day - only in America does Cinco de Mayo get the kind of staus it does - it's a holiday made by Americans who like to get drunk and the coprorations who like to profit on it.

Your igrnoance is showing - you might want to zip up.

Yes, your "ignorance" is showing - and so are my poor typing skills. Back to keyboard 101 for me!

September 16, 1810: Mexico declares its independence from Spain completing the revolution in 1821.

May 5, 1862: Mexican soldiers defeat the French at Puebla that ultimately leads to Mexico regaining their sovereignty from France in 1867.


Oh, I see, that is why we in the US also celebrate the end of the War of 1812 as a sort of 4th of July, part 2, right?

You know, the Brits, like the French, just couldn't stay out of it. Can't blame, them, can you?

Why don't you got to Mexico sometime (beyond the bars in the border belt and the drunken Americas that fill them) and see how it done - it's their holiday after all - not ours. Who gets to say? Them or us?

Why don't you go to Mexico, take Nativo with you, and stay there.

ooh, it always comes to that, doesn't it?

Then, what would I do with my father and uncles who serevd the US so proudly in WWII? or my cousins who did the same in VietNam? They get to come too, right?

Feel the love.

don't worry, no one is taking away your Cinco de Mayo - you can still go out and get drunk.


Perhaps it's because the protest organizers, largely Socialists, are also sponsoring protests the world over on their own special day of May 1.


Is Larry "Nativo" Lopez one of the Hispanic racists who belives in a manner consistent with Professor Jose Gutierrez that he must kill us gingos if we do not die rapidly enough?

Happy Easter to all! Now go get 'em boys....

Hey Pat... think about how racist you just sounded? Latinos will be the majority of California by 2040, yet people like you can't deal with that and prefer to open your big racist mouths and say stupid things like you just did. And FYI:

- Latino Immigrants only consist of about 15% of Latinos. That's right the rest of them are US born and bread AMERICANS... just like you "gringos".

-The purpose of "Cinco de Mayo" was to Americanize and erase the history, roots, and culture or Mexicans. Ohh, thats right except for the things the "gringos" like. Kay-za-dilas anyone?

-"Hispanic" as you "gringos" call us (after all we call you gringos right?) Is an umbrella term invented by the Nixon Aministration to label people who migrated here from Latin America and the Mexicans who stayed after the Treaty of Guadalupe was signed in 1848, after the U.S. Invasion of Mexico. Apparently Hispanic sounds a lot better than Hondurian, Guatemalean, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican, Panamenian etc... not only that but it erased the indegenous and african roots we have and made us a little more European.

Pick up a book... and think before you speak

More power to you #3, I'M WITH YOU!

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