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April 12, 2006


70% counted and he is still up by 484.

Looks bad.

So, at $29 per vote all she had to do was spend an extra $15,000 (that would give her a small margin)

It is too bad, I would have liked to see Harkey win.

nice trend breakdown. hat tip to you jubal. it speaks volumes. i dont like harkey but i have to agree that if it was on the 18th she would win.

You can 'what if' all you want.

But Harman is ahead. And that is what counts.

SOC Watcher


Given your poll analysis above, and the fact that the remaining approximate 5,000 absentees and provisionals are certainly late ballots, is it not within the relm of possibility that Harkey could in fact overtake Harman? If the poll trend really is correct, then the 500 vote differential is certainly not insurmaountable.


Possible? Yes.

Probable? I'm not a statistician, but I'd say no.

But I hope I'm wrong.


I know the Lord personally, and he doesn't want thanks. He just wants your money.

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