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April 10, 2006


Go Harkey!

That is great. GOTV to the death!


Hmmm. Have I been banned, then?


The crew of the Akagi-bago.

Can't miss em

And that's George Andrews and Jeff Corless next to Jimmy.

You can't miss those double-chins!

Sorry. Here's one Harkey supporter that just thinks that's silly.


Those haircuts mean more ladies for me at the victory party!

Mike Randall

Jeff Corless sporting a mohawk. That's a picture for the campaign wall.

Chuck DeVore

Re: Can't miss em

Unfair comparison. Next to Jimmy Camp even a skeleton would appear to have a double chin.

As we say in the Army: Hoo-aah!

All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District

jimmy camp



jimmy, why aren't you at work?

Did you boys lose a bet on Harkey and have to get those silly haircuts? LOL!

Johnny Slash

Punk Rock Republicans!

Totally gnarly, dudes!

Did I see those guys at the latest Bow Wow Wow concert?

Samuel Adams

During the Boston Tea Party, patriots disguised as Mohawk Indians, heaved 342 chests of tea overboard from three British ships.


I was at the latest Bow Wow Wow concert. Annabella was hot, but Fishbone was hotter.

Soaring Blackjack Hawk

As a native American I am deeply offended by this thoughtless mockery of native american people. Should any of you chose to run for public office my people will use our casino money to place this photo on billboards all over our great state. This joke in heep bad taste!

Johnny Slash

Lighten up, Soaring Blackjack Hawk!

Nobody has ownership of a haircut. The Mohawk tribe is from nowhere near California, anyway.

Take a look at the student body of any local high school and you'll see more mohawk haircuts than in the early days of Adam & The Ants or Bow Wow Wow.

To me, these mohawks symbolize youth, energy, and a willingness to take on the establishment - like an established assemblyman who is so squishy he can't decide if he's a liberal or a conservative!!!

im almost 99% sure the guy in the middle is a pure blooded Indian....

Punk Rock Guy

As a punk rock guy I am deeply offended by these haircuts, when any of them run for public office I'll be sure to tell all my fans (who don't vote anyway) on election day when they stay home to not vote for those clowns...

I Want Candy!

When I was in college I saw Bow Wow Wow at the Arlington theater in Santa Barbara. Annabella was only 14 and quite attractive.(for a 14 year old-disclaimer,disclaimer) Had some hot dance moves too. Is she still really that hot? Way to go Annabella.

Soaring Blackjack Hawk

Dear Mr. Slash,

I have spent the morning in my Wig Wam speaking to the Peyote gods and they have told me that perhaps I am being to harsh regarding the White Man's use of my people's haircut. The Peyote gods tell me that it is more important that we keep the white man happy and voting for more Casinos than offending him with e-mail communication. (Peyote gods prefer smoke signals). While I was with the Peyote gods I also had a vision. A vision of a new beautiful lodge, no not a lodge, it was a Casino. And this Casino was built near a harbor, no it was on Harbor blvd in a beautiful city like a garden, no it was not beautiful but it was called Garden Grove. Can any of you pale faces help me understand this dream?

Go Wild In The Country

Dear I Want Candy,

Not only was Annabella hot, she was smokin'! I was there at the concert and she even looks better now than back in 83.

Still single too from what I hear.

Try to make the next show. You won't be disappointed.

Chuck D., you should try to make the next concert too!

Real class act - making fun of American Indians.

What a bunch of fools!

Information Desk

What a joke. All the more reason why Harkey will loose this race.

Who cares about American Indains? They are laughing all the way to the bank.

The Road Warrior

The news is out, Corless is planning a Mad Max - Beyond Thunderdome themed wedding!

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