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April 09, 2006


Allan Bartlett

All this is, is fodder for a future Carona mailing saying the party admonishes Tim for his conduct blah blah blah. The title of your post Jubal speaks volumes..."Carona Consultant Files Complaint". Jon & Mike should recuse themselves from sitting in judgement of Tim if they want their ruling to viewed as fair. Otherwise it will be viewed as "Kangaroo court". I think it's safe to say that team Carona has pushed the panic button on this one.

Powder Blue Report

OCGOP Central Committee Member

Tim's consistent behavior to hold leaders accountable regardless of political persuasion, is in my eyes, admirable and we should try to duplicate his efforts. I've heard him say on more than one occasion, "Good policy is good politics." That makes a lot of sense at any level.

Lastly, I find it rather amusing how much some of you fellow Republicans who are very much in step with the "inside crowd" within OC politics, are so "threatened" by one man and his call to clean things up and do things the right way - which benefits everyone in the long run.

I think therein lies the answer - a select, self-important few within the local Republican Party, don't give a damn about what's right and what's wrong, they only care about losing power or sucking up to who's in power and they won't give that up at any price - even at the expense of the integrity of the Party.

Tim is right, it IS time to restore integrity and trust to the Sheriff's Department and the Republican Party of Orange County.

Keep leading the fight, Tim. There are a lot of us within the Party who believe in what you are doing and are emboldened by your efforts. May God Bless you and keep you safe on behalf of all of us.


So, when the Hunt camp confronts the Carona campaign, it is courageous, etc.

But when the Caronistas confront the Huntistas, it's "pushing the panic button"?

Allan, it speaks volumes that will dismiss this complaint simply because it comes from a Carona consultant. Shouldn't you judge it on its merits, instead?


OCGOP Central Committee Member:

So it it OK to lie to and mislead you and your fellow Central Committee members, as long as it furthers a cause you support?

Allan Bartlett

You should absolutely judge it on its merits. Who is going to be the one to judge impartially though...Fleischman and Schroeder? Gimme a break. I'd say they are the farthest thing from impartial in this matter. They need to recuse themselves from this matter.

Powder Blue Report

That's the way it works. Attack, attack, attack! Then cry victim when the inevitable counterattack comes in.

They can claim to do it in the name of integrity, yet their methods lack the very integrity that they claim to defend.

Shame is obviously not part of Tim's agenda. When he question's his fellow Republicans, he is simply showing backbone. However when they question his actions, they should recuse themeselves because they have an agenda.

For months Tim has been attacking Sheriff Carona within the Republican party. He did so even though he was representing Candidate Hunt. At no point did Sheriff Carona cry to the party about Tim's conflict of interest. yet now that Tim finds himself under attack by fellow republicans the whining is being heard loud and clear.

Forgive us if we don't boohoo on his behalf!

Fool Watch

Time for a reality check children. Your boy, Carona is on his way out -- and you know it based on your polling. No amount of hysteria, patronage, Boss Tweedism, or scurlous demagogery will change the tide of public opinion. OC is fed up with your corruption, your arrogance and your entitlement mentalities -- not to mention the Kool-Aide drinkers. Get over it. Move on. Find some new jobs, because kids, there's a new Sheriff in town, and his name isn't 'Mikey'. Cheerio.....



Why do you assume Jon Fleischman and Mike Schroeder will be the "judges" in this matter?

Laughing All the Way

So fun to watch the OC GOP self destruct. No wonder California is a 'Blue State' -- you'll never be able to reclaim it into the official Red column. CA is a joke nation wide, and this is but the latest example why. You have morons running your Party locally, and are too self absorbed and obsessed, you can't even see that. Don't be surprised when the Harkey/Harman race goes to the Dems. Laughing all the way to the bank....


Fool Watch:

Bluster is cheap pal. I look forward to reading your comments the day after the primary.

And it's spelled "scurrilous."


You have morons running your Party locally, and are too self absorbed and obsessed, you can't even see that. Don't be surprised when the Harkey/Harman race goes to the Dems.

You may want to lay off the mind-altering substances, amigo.

First, please explain how Larry Caballero can possibly win the 35th SD?

Secondly,those "morons" have nullified the Dems registration advantage in central OC -- which is why they are mewling about "fraud" when the reality is they were complacent and got caught with their pants down.

Considering the OC Democratic Party is completely dysfunctional and ineffective, be careful when tossing around perjoratives.

OC's Finest

Looks like the Carona Kool Aid drinkers are trying to once again manipultate the system.

A bogus "complaint letter" was sent by a Carona campaign employee to the OCGOP. One who is not easily intimiadated, Tim Whitacre, promptly sent it to the press and called it what it is - a kangaroo court.
Now, if Whitacre was so concerned about being accused of lying by Carona moonbeam conspiritors, why would he be the one to break this to the press???

Hmmmmmmm, sounds like they mis-calculated the Marine's response once again. Too bad cause Marines know how to jump and land real hard! Semper Fi, Tim.

To anyone in the ABC (Anybody But Carona)camp, this is nothing more than the same bullcrap we have come to expect from Carona and his people. I encourage everyone to show up to Republican Party Headquarters on Monday at 6PM.

Remember, Tim stood tall for ALL three of the other candidates at the central committee meeting against Carona and even spent his first two minutes talking about how unfair it was that neither Alcaraz or Martin were being considered for endorsement.

Schroeder and Fleischman are behind this and are both on the committee that will hear the "charges." These two have to be sent 10-7.

Send this out RED CHANNEL.

Allan Bartlett


As OC's Finest just posted, they are both on the committee that is going to hear this complaint. I hope that suffices for you.

Powder Blue Report

Reality Check

For all of our blustering, we should never underestimate the Ignorance and Apathy of the average OC voter...

Carona WILL BE re-elected. Just as you cannot stop the flow of a raging river, it will impossible to keep Carona from being one of the winners on that Tuesday coming soon. The challene facing the rest of us is, as mentioned above, Carona is going to go down by either his own hand or at the mercy of the swords cutting off the heads (& hands of) his many scandolous underlings and former "Brother".

Matt Holder is a nice guy. I just hope he is not tainted by the stench of rotten and decaying flesh once Carona is taken down by Scandal before the end of the year. A young career cut short by the vanity of those who should know better.

Hunt 4 Sheriff

This would be great entertaining stuff if I were not a life-long Republican and career law enforcement officer. To watch the power elite get upset because a young, ambitious no-nonsense and courageous Sheriff's lieutenant has established a strong political beachhead in "The Party" as a challenger to a man who has spent eight years floundering in a river of deceit, scandal and controversy is both fascinating and painful to watch. We all have given Carona eight long years to achieve his goals and manage our Department: on goals he is 0-10, on managing he has been dismal. Carona is not the Orange County Sheriff’s Department; he is simply a man. His job was to serve, not to control and entrench. We let Brad Gates stay too long and regretted it, now its time to let Mike go before we suffer much more. If we are serious about our values as Republicans then we should do what’s right for the party, not just a select few self-anointed, self-indulged egomaniacs.

Friend of Tim (FOT)

If Tim is found guilty Monday night will he go straight to the gallows or will he be given a last meal? Being Easter week and all, could you at least allow him a few minutes with a member of the clergy? May those of us who support him be allowed to dispose of his remains? Thank you. I'm serious.


A complaint against an activist working for a candidate with no money. Me thinks thou doth protest too much.

I love these "self righteous" "self annointed" "self indulgent""egomaniacs" that support Bill Hunt.

He is neither pure, nor is he lacking in skeletons. For his supporters to look down upon the members of law enforcement and the Republican party is the height of hypocrisy.

The Hunt campaign has been about personal attacks and mudslinging from the very start. Its a tried and true method when you're the underdog, but it hardly entitles one to claim the high ground.

Tim Whitacre proudly holds his chin out, daring anyone to take a shot at him. When someone knocks him on his posterior, his supporters cry foul. Go figure.

Art Pedroza

I guess Fleischman and crew are trying to avoid having to give Carona a refund for their less than perfunctory performance thus far. Too bad about Matt. Power is a hard thing to say "no" to, but it is corrupting, and corruption is the order of the day when it comes to Carona.

I'll be there for Tim on Monday night.

5:31 poster,
You state, "...The Hunt campaign has been about personal attacks and mudslinging from the very start..."

When Tim and some others had the courage to actually challenge the stats quo around here, you call that "personal attacks and mudslinging" when they were only commenting on the relentless string of scandals that still continues in the media on an almost weekly basis, about Carona.

In response, the Carona crowd aka two or three anonymous posters are pounding on Tim with real personal attacks and character smearing attempts, yet he still signs his name.

As for Jubal - you state "So it it OK to lie to and mislead you and your fellow Central Committee members, as long as it furthers a cause you support?"

Apparently, you take Matt Holder's letter as if it's gospel and there's no need to even give Tim the benefit of the doubt.

Who has more to lose here, the high-priced services of Holder, Fleischman, Schroeder and others, or the guy working for free on behalf of the challenger???


Welcome back, BlogWatcher.

I few observations. I do take Matt Holder's letter as the truth, because I have heard the same from other people who were present that evening and who are not connected to the Carona campaign. Futher, I know Matt to be honorable.

In addition, Whitacre has admitted he knew that Walters had endorsed Carona even as he was telling Central Committee members that was not the case. Tim's only defense is a Clintonesque semantics game.

And FYI, Tim doesn't always sign his name to his comments.

Art Pedroza


Clintonesque? I'd say that Carona and Jaramillo cornered the market on "Clintonesque" behavior...


Jubal-Just because the Dems were complacent and got caught with their pants down doesn't mean there wasn't fraud. You just attack tIM for changing the subject and you do the same. I'd say you have your hands full.

Before you start labeling the Democrats dysfunctional, cast the beam out of your own Party's eye.

Red Head

I am fed up with all you trying to prove you are the smartest person in the room at the expense of the Republican Party.
Alan is correct on many point.
HOWEVER- Where were the rest of the Carona voters THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AT ALL CENTRAL COMMITTEE MEETINGS? This is all Tim's fault? Not hardly. The arrogance of those that did not show up to vote is a huge problem. They think they are running things so neatly to their advantage that they don't even need to show up? So now it is all Tim's fault, and Tim lied, mislead, yada, yada, yada, yada. Puleezzzeee.
Does anyone have proof, or witnesses that the supposed conversations between Walters and Tim and others the way it is being twisted in order to charge Tim? What is next? I suppose you all will next be claiming it is all GWB's fault. When did it become okay to start behaving like a bunch of Democrats? Those that did not show up to vote are responsible for Sheriff Carona not getting the endorsement.

Tim Whitacre


Obviously you didn't bother to read my response to the private e-mail you sent me BEFORE your last post.

What Jubal is referring to when he states:
"And FYI, Tim doesn't always sign his name to his comments.", is the fact that in Gestapo like fashion, he is tracking all of our IPs.

Jubal asked me if I was in fact I was a previous poster because it matched my IP.

Since I haven't been on my computer all day, I did not see or respond to his e-mail until a while ago when I responed to him that "No, it was not me" and that "I have dozens of GOP volunteers in and out of my office this time of year - ask your wife." I also stated that I have seven computers in my office.

Obviously, I did not respond fast enough, but that worked out well becasue Jubal has showed us his hand. He does track IPs on this website and apparently takes copious notes. You all know what that means - if Jubal has our IPs, his buddies at Lewis Consulting and Team Carona have them too.

This means that Carona's people are matching our IPs to other forms of confidential communications as well, via our computers.

Yep, Jubal sure is honorable, just like Matt Holder who would NEVER lie...I CAN'T WAIT for the next Central Committee meeting.

It's time to Restore Integrity and Trust to the Sheriff's Department and to the Republican Party of Orange County.

(Thank you, Posters, who are speaking up on my behalf - keep the faith!)

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre

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