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April 25, 2006


Too bad all the $$$ went into making it as opposed to showing it on say, Fox News, so an ACTUAL OC voter might see it. Once. May be then again not...

Tim's not a nut

Maybe Hunt is raising more money!

Dave Swanson

Will Hunt continue to tout Wiley Drake's endorsement on his website as "OCGOP Central Committee Memeber" after he recently resigned publically?

Hunts Taxi Service

I don't think running your home made ad on your VCR is really considered a cable buy.

The Hunt for Sheriff

Actually, I've seen this ad on a couple of cable channels already. Gotta admit it's pretty good.

The Hunt for Sheriff

I can't wait to see what "Mexico's Sheriff", Mike Carona, will do for a response.

Hunt's ad states he has a zero tolerance crime plan. Has he been tolerating crime in San Clemente where he's currently assigned?

Hunt's ad says he has Homeland Security Solutions. Maybe he should have given it to President Bush during his visit! If he had a plan that secures our county, why is he holding it to himself? Couldn't we have used it a year ago? 2 years ago?

Hunt's ad says he has a plan to address the Illegal Immigrant problem. He won't admit it, but its called the "Sheriff Carona" plan. He's been planning it for 2 years! Hunt will just say he'd do more.

Hunt's ad says he will invest in his officers. They're deputies, if he wants to invest in officers, apply for the soon to be vacant Costa Mesa job!

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