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April 25, 2006


The only problem with that of course is that Silva is almost as bad as Harman. His base and her base are the same. McGill is the one who will run away with is when Harman and Silva split the moderate-liberal vote.

Jim Silva .... "proven tax-fighter"

now thats funny.

Mike Hunt

Jim Silva WAS a proven tax fighter.


Missing are the millions spent on pushing for an airport at El Toro with his support.


Many conservatives know that Jim Silva left the reservation a few years ago.

The first comment is right in that an increased Dianne Harman campaingn only take votes away from Jim Silva. No one will get more than 45% in this race and McGill may pull off the upset.

Harman-McGill Conspiracy

McGill may cause an upset...for Dianne Harman that is...

Somethings fishy about the two of them.

A little birdie told me that the two of them are closer than we think...

Art Pedroza

Correction. Silva and Harman are the one's battling it out. McGill on the other hand, as the only conservative in the race, figures to win the base and move on to the general.

I do expect Harman to pick up a little steam now. In fact I won't be surprised if Silva comes in third, with McGill moving on to the general.

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