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April 17, 2006



But he got the winner wrong! WTF!


The commenters who predicted a Harman win were much farther from the actual percentages.

Johnny Slash

What if the recount is closer to another ocblogger?

Will they get a mug, too?

April Madness

I picked the score of the NCAA Championship Game almost right, but I had UCLA winning... Think Vegas will pay me anyway?

Mark Brainard

I demand a recount. I don't mind losing, just not to that guy.

Phil Paule

Due to the controversy sounding my pick, I plan to donate the mug to charity.


Now wait a minute. I'm with rebecca and April Madness on this one. I called it for Harman - and of those of us who did I believe I predicted the closest gap with Harkey. That ought to count for something.


you should just ask for the oc blog thong instead of the mug. The last gal that i picked up from the club was sporting it...

Based on my informal polling...40% of gals at sutra sport the blog thong.


Phil was within 1.1% of Harman's percentage, and redperegrine was within .5%

On Harkey, Phil was off by .5, while redperegrine was off by 4.4%.

Overall, Phil came closer. However, since redperegrine correctly predicted a Harman win and Phil didn't, I'll name them co-winners.

Both winners need to e-mail me their addresses so I can send them their mugs.

Now, no more whining!


this is excatlly what i want to see when im going for the prize....cartoon pictures of the blogpen

Phil Paule


In reviewing the facts, I do believe the winner should be Redperegrine. I shall concede the mug to Him/Her. Congrats Redperegrine !!!!


Phil, I'm impressed with your ethics and sense of fair play.
Now, where is the real Phil Paule?

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