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April 06, 2006


Dave Swanson

I really like this piece, I had no clue that the New Majority gave money to Harman.

I noticed late yesterday afternoon a post about a protest being held at Harman's Assembly Office, any word on how that went?

Dave, Jubal:

Looking at this in detal, I believe the IE's listed on this mailer are from the 2000 election...

Regarding the Protest:

In the email tonight:

For Immediate Release
April 6, 2006
Contact: Mike Richman (818) 917-0420

Taxpayers Rally to Protest Tom Harman’s Tax Votes

Harman’s Huntington Beach district office deluged with angry taxpayers

(Huntington Beach) – Today, angry Orange County taxpayers rallied outside of Assemblyman Tom Harman’s Huntington Beach district office to protest the Assemblyman’s votes for tax and fee increases.

The crowd included Orange County taxpayers chanting “More Taxation with Harman Representation.” They were dressed in “poor man” barrels, with signs that read, “Check the Report Card-No ‘A’ for Tom Harman,” “Harman Stop Raising our Taxes,” “Tom Harman and Gray Davis-the ‘more tax’ team,” “Harman How About a Refund,” and “Say No to Tom More Tax Harman.”

“We’re just tired of having candidates tell us that they are good on taxes, only to then turn around and vote to increase our taxes,” said Orange County taxpayer Shawn Fago.

“When he first ran for Assembly, Tom Harman said he would vote against tax increases,” said Orange County resident Jeff Corless. “But once elected, Tom Harman voted with Gray Davis to triple the car tax. Then he went on to raise billions in fees and even tried to tax diapers. We just can’t trust Tom Harman.”

Tom Harman’s bad votes include the 2003 Gray Davis budget (AB 1765 – July 29, 2003) which relied on tripling the car tax and billions in new fees. Harman abandoned his Republican colleagues and teamed up with the Democrats when he cast that vote. That bad budget deal also relied upon $10 billion in borrowing and ultimately led to the recall of Gray Davis.

Among the dozens of other Harman tax votes are SB 1882, Aug 19, 2005 which would have taxed diapers. Harman also authored a bill that would circumvent Proposition 13’s 2/3 protection on bond indebtedness (ACA 13, 2005).

High resolution photos of the protest can be viewed and downloaded at http://capitalistkindergarten.com/harman

(Looks like there was no more than a half dozen people or so from the photos) Maybe not the best idea to show the photos.

Looks like

to me there were more than a half dozen from that second picture...also, I see that a few influental Reeps were quoted in this press release as well...


Not only is the crowd small, but the signs are amature. Nothing like black ink on a red background.

At least all those illegal alien kids who ditched school had a good sized crowd and very clear legible signs!

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