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April 06, 2006



Slam. Bam. Thank you, Diane!

U R Unbelievable

So much garbage has been put out by Harkey camp that people are completely desensitized. You are deluding yourself if you think more of your trash will have any impact.

Allan Bartlett

That is one fine mailer if I do say so myself. Congrats to Dave Gilliard or whoever came up with this idea and had the fast turnaround time for all those pictures. After all, it was only last week that all this stuff happened with all the illegal alien marchers. The voters who are pissed about this issue are still digesting all the pictures themselves, but it is nice to know Tom Harman wants to give all the illegal citizens a free lunch for higher education and all the out of state citizens attending school here in California are charged the full out of state tuition rate.

Powder Blue Report

this is on par with the Willie Horton ads in terms of trying to get a knee jerk reaction out of the Orange County electorate......but it uses brown people instead of a black man

good job in finding the wedge issue Harkey camp. Something tells me that when Diane wins, she will have a HARD time making friends in the Latino Caucus....


Gosh. wasn't that the same bill that John Campbell voted for?

And the kids who left class were citizens--often with illegal parents.
I love me some Jimmy Camp, but what a nasty mailer.

It's great...so over the top it reminds me of the Terry Schiavo overreach and the resulting public reaction.

Mad as Hell

Those "kids" skipping class to protest against America protecting its border are subsidized by the taxpayers thanks to Tom Harman and the others who voted for that bill.

Irvine GOPer

If this race was close, it is not anymore. Tom Harman is finished!

Kiril, The Mad Macedonian

I agree with MAD AS HELL ( Why wouldn't I since I, too, am "Mad"! ).

These kids don't seem to understand that if our laws had actually been enforced over the years, and illegals consistently returned to whatever country they came from, they would never have been born US Citizens in the 1st place, and maybe, just maybe, they would be growing up in a country where their elders rose up to make changes for the better in those countires ( I know, I know... wishful thinking, but just go with me here ).

Those who are against Illegal Immigration seem to have come to their senses and are no longer afraid to do, or say, something in public about the issue.

I may not agree with all they say, or do but such outspokenness is long overdue.

I got tired of reading, this week, of all these people, young, and old, afraid the coming changes in law "would make coming to the US illegally" a crime".

Don't the Adults know what Illegal means?

As for the kids... what are they teaching them in school these days that they don't know the meaning of the word either?


Bartlett and Harkey once again misrepresent what John Campbell, Lyn Daucher and others joined Tom Harmon in voting for. It does NOT,as Bartlett foams, give all illegal aliens a free lunch and all out of state people have to pay the full load. It does NOT, as Harkey states, give special privileges for cheap college tuition not available to US citizens. In fact, the law made it MORE difficult more people here without legal documents then out of state people.

ANY student(other then a non-immigrant alien), including an out of state US citizen, qualifies for in-state tuition if
1) The student attends a public or private high school in California for 3 or more years;
2) The student either graduates from high school or passes the GED or High School Proficiency exam;
3)If the student is without lawful immigration status they must file an affidavit with the college or university that they have filed an application ro legalize their immigration status or will file an application when eligible to do so.
4) Undocumented aliens are NOT eligible for state or federal financial aid.

Of course, US citizens don't HAVE to go thru those hoops---they only need to establish residency for 1 year before they can get in state tuition AND be eligible for financial aid, courtesy of California taxpayers.

So let's acknowledge the Harkey scud for what it was--a shameless, divisive and misleading hit piece(but a well done one I admit).

Jubal, as an aside, if you thought Nick's slingshot at Curt was misleading, how about this one?

Mike Milliman

As a Dem watching from the sidelines on this one. I am amazed how nasty you guys can be to each other. It will be interesting to see if Senator Harman will toe the party line (as he has done in the past!) After being given "the treatment" and personal attacks from the radical right. Not that I mind watching when the Reeps bloody each other but Tom Harman is a decent man that deserves better than this from his own party.
But then again these are the same folks that idolize Delay, and cry for Cunningham and still call Ollie North a patriot

Common Sense 1968

Dear Mike Milliman,

you better watch out what you post on this blog. The last democrat who supported Tom Harman on this site ended up on a mail piece to 50,000 voters.

Also I read your “who shot JFK” analysis on your website. That some ‘interesting’ stuff there.

Direct quote from Milliman’s website – “The government also wants us to believe
That he devised a plan to assassinate the President”

I’m glad to see the kooks out in force for Tom Harman, the next dead man walking in Sacramento on April 12.

Grassy Knoll

This, coming from the guy who is supporting Dianne Harman in the 67th...

Hopefully Dianne added that to her website. Hey, that might even be his voice welcoming visitors to the site...

jimmy camp

Wow!...Mr. Milliman has quite an impressive list of those he has endorsed on his website...and i guess we can ad Mr. Harman to the list of liberals....

Governor: Steve Westly
Lieutenant Governor: John Garamendi
Secretary Of State: Debra Bowen
Controller: Joe Dunn
Treasurer: Bill Lockyer
Attorney General: Rocky Delgadillo
Insurance Commissioner: Cruz Bustamonte
Superintendent Of Public Instruction: Jack Oconnell
and drum roll please......Tom Harman for State Senate!

Mike Milliman

Yikes, It is clear from my website that I did not endorse Tom Harman. I only made a casual observation about the nasty tone of the election in the 35th. It seems to me that most reasonable Republicans would find satisfaction in the fact that a Dem would actually like a sitting Republican Assemblyman. I also got along with the late Micky Conroy and Bill Campbell and Chris Cox. Does that make them all liberals also.


you said cox.

Will the next piece of mail blame Harman for the rain last Tuesday or Mandisa losing on American Idol?

Jeff Corless

Millman, a little GOP education for you...when a "Republican" votes for tax increases like the one Tom voted for on diapers along with Gray Davis budgets, that may make liberal Democrat spenders happy, but some of us Republicans happen to like our principles of less taxation which increases consumer spending power (good for the economy---note yet another 211,000 jobs created last month in non-farm payrolls) and not spending like Gray Davis and friends (which causes more borrowing and increases the chances of inflation leading to devaluation of the dollar). And, before you ask, yes I am unhappy with some of the needless over-spending in Washington. Usually, when a Republican finds out that an elected Republican is supported by Democrats, we check into why before we go jumping for joy.

Tim Whitacre


Yes, this posting is about the Harkey/Harman race, but I want to hear you have to say about an apparent double standard you have.

As President of the OCYR's you rammed through an early endorsement of Sheriff Carona, last fall. Yet, Carona co-hosted a $10,000 a head fundraiser for Gray Davis and friends. This is on top of the well know fact that he also endorsed Nativo Lopez twice and supported other Democrats as well, prior to you pushing your group to early endorse him.

You state: "...when a Republican finds out that an elected Republican is supported by Democrats, we check into why before we go jumping for joy."

Do you mean like when Nativo Lopez and Lorreta Sanchez endorse Mike Carona?

What about when a Republican finds out that an elected Republican (Carona) is consistently supporting and raising money for Democrats over good Republicans from the Governor on down, what should the proper response be when that same Republican (Carona) seeks endorsement from Republican groups?

Sorry to bring this up here with the special election so close, but your posting although well-intentioned, really bothered me.

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre

Bill Hunt


you are making me look bad. We are already losing by double digits. Stop commenting on the blogs and start walking precints.

Your Boss,


hey tim, you can spend your days blogging away and adjusting your tin foil cap and whatever else you do with your time, but no matter what you do your boy is going to lose. no matter what mike carona does he is going to win.

you + bill hunt= loser
fleischman + carona= winner

face the facts dork.....

Jeff Corless


The Sheriff is supported by Democrats that believe in public safety. Carona is a law enforcement chief, not a legislator. Your politics are no more principled than the next guy. You can argue all you want about bumps in the road that Carona has faced, but don't talk to me about double standards. Why aren't you holding President Bush to the same standard and asking him to resign? He has had some people in his administration that have made mistakes. Guess what? They are gone just like the people who made mistakes in Carona's administration. The real facts are that while Carona has been Sheriff he has been appointed to the President's Senior Advisory Committee on Homeland Security Preparations and made sure prior to 9-11 that we were one of the most prepared counties in the nation, was the first sheriff to implement the amber alert program in California and one of the first in the nation, and further is a leader on ordering his deputies to enforce immigration law along with implementing the cross deputization process allowing our prison deputies to access federal databases to identify illegals and have INS waiting to deport them upon their release from prison.

Bill Hunt is running for selfish reasons, because Carona decided to run for reelection and Bill just couldn't wait 4 more years. Poor political move on Bill's part, or I should say on yours. It is likely Bill will never have a shot at being Sheriff now.

Proud to support Sheriff Carona,

Jeff Corless


you said bush

Gimme a break


Tim brought up some good points and you never answered the questions.

What a bunch of babble for an answer. You actually think Nativo Lopez and Loretta Sanchez are concerned about public safety?!!! What other Democrats are you specifically referring to?

What's with the Bush comparison? There is no way to compare the two. Carona, time and time again has made bad judgement calls against good advice; Bush never sought to lower standards to hire unqualified people, Carona's first move in office was to do so.
Instead of firing Jaramillo at the first sign of verifiable trouble, Carona kept him around as long as possible, then fired him and blamed him for everything under the sun (until Lt. Bill Hunt came around, now it's his fault). Also, how do you explain all of the assistant Sheriff's retiring (jumping ship) to avoid any affiliation with Carona?

Everybody knows Carona's illegal immigration stance is nothing more than an attempt to reinvent himself to the public. Carona watched the success of Jim Gilchrist and took a poll. Schroeder and Fleiscman adivised (you probably did too) that it was a good idea, so he offered to bring back what was long standing policy in the Gates administration, before Carona ended it when he got elected. Besides, the Sheriff's Dept. only patrols 30% of the county, mostly all affluent with little or no illegal immiagration communities to speak of. Lastly on this point, if Carona was so concerned with illegal immigration, why did he first get rid of the program that now - 7 years latter (6 months prior to the election), he want's to bring back?

"Bill Hunt is running for selfesh reasons...and couldn't wait four more years"
What the h*** is that supposed to mean - other than to verify that you are part of the establishment mentality of king making and "waiting your turn"?

I'll give you this much, Corless, at least you're the only one who has publicly said you are "Proud" to endorse Carona - now that takes balls!

jimmy camp

Gimmee a break-
Actually there are a few more people than Jeff who proudly support Carona. I proudly support Mike Carona and so does:
Greg Ficke, Aliso Viejo Councilmember
Cynthia Pickett-Adams, Aliso Viejo Mayor Pro-Tem
Karl Warkomski, Aliso Viejo Mayor
Carmen Vali-Cave, Aliso Viejo Mayor
Harry Sidhu, Anaheim Councilmember
Tom Tait, Anaheim Former Councilmember
Curt Pringle, Anaheim Mayor
Marty Simonoff, Brea Mayor Pro-Tem
Bill Lentini, Brea Councilmember
Jim Dow, Buena Park Councilmember
Donald McCay, Buena Park Councilmember
Gary Monahan, Costa Mesa Mayor Pro-Tem
Phil Luebben, Cypress Mayor Pro-Tem
Frank McCoy, Cypress Councilmember
Todd Seymour, Cypress Councilmember
Russ Chilton, Dana Point Mayor Pro-Tem
Diane Harkey, Dana Point Councilmember
Wayne Rayfield, Dana Point Councilmember
Guy Carrozzo, Fountain Valley Councilmember
John Collins, Fountain Valley Councilmember
Larry Crandall, Fountain Valley Councilmember
Don Bankhead, Fullerton Mayor Pro-Tem
Dick Jones, Fullerton Councilmember
Shawn Nelson, Fullerton Councilmember
Leland Wilson, Fullerton Mayor
Bill Dalton, Garden Grove Mayor
Keith Bohr, Huntington Beach Councilmember
Gil Coerper, Huntington Beach Mayor Pro-Tem
Don Hansen, Huntington Beach Councilmember
Steven Choi, Irvine Councilmember
Christina Shea, Irvine Councilmember
Todd Beamish, La Habra Councilmember
James Gomez, La Habra Mayor Pro-Tem
Steve Anderson, La Habra Councilmember
Steve Simonian, La Habra Mayor
Elizabeth Pearson-Schneider, Laguna Beach Mayor
Joel Lautenschleger, Laguna Hills Councilmember
Randal Bressette, Laguna Hills Councilmember
Craig Scott, Laguna Hills Mayor
Paul Glaab, Laguna Niguel Councilmember
Mike Whipple, Laguna Niguel Councilmember
Joe Brown, Laguna Niguel Councilmember
Brenda Ross, Laguna Woods Mayor
Kathryn McCullough, Lake Forest Councilmember
Marcia Rudolph, Lake Forest Councilmember
Peter Herzog, Lake Forest Councilmember
Richard Dixon, Lake Forest Mayor
John Paul Ledesma, Mission Viejo Councilmember
Frank Ury, Mission Viejo Mayor Pro-Tem
Trish Kelley, Mission Viejo Councilmember
Lance MacLean, Mission Viejo Mayor
Leslie Daigle, Newport Beach Councilmember
Tod Ridgeway, Newport Beach Councilmember
Steve Bromberg, Newport Beach Former Councilmember
Mark Murphy, Orange Mayor
Carolyn Cavecche, Orange Mayor Pro-Tem
Norm Eckenrode, Placentia Councilmember
Chris Lowe, Placentia Councilmember
Tony Beall, Rancho Santa Margarita Mayor Pro-Tem
Neil Blais, Rancho Santa Margarita Councilmember
Gary Thompson, Rancho Santa Margarita Councilmember
Jim Thor, Rancho Santa Margarita Mayor
Joe Anderson, San Clemente Councilmember
Sam Allevato, San Juan Capistrano Mayor Pro-Tem
Diane Bathgate, San Juan Capistrano Councilmember
Joe Soto, San Juan Capistrano Councilmember
David Swerdlin, San Juan Capistrano Mayor
Colleen Campbell, San Juan Capistrano Former Councilmember
Wyatt Hart, San Juan Capistrano Councilmember
Alberta Christy, Santa Ana Councilmember
Miguel Pulido, Santa Ana Mayor
John Larson, Seal Beach Mayor Pro-Tem
Al Ethans, Stanton Councilmember
Brian Donahue, Stanton Mayor
Jerry Amante, Tustin Councilmember
Tracy Worley Hagen, Tustin Mayor Pro-Tem
Lou Bone, Tustin Councilmember
Doug Davert, Tustin Mayor
Bob Bell, Villa Park Councilmember
Richard Freschi, Villa Park Councilmember
Frank Fry, Westminster Councilmember
Kermit Marsh, Westminster Councilmember
Margie Rice, Westminster Mayor
Allen Castellano, Yorba Linda Mayor Pro-Tem
Mike Duvall, Yorba Linda Mayor
Ken Ryan, Yorba Linda Councilmember
Keri Lynn Wilson, Yorba Linda Councilmember

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