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April 11, 2006


Johnny Slash

44.9% Harkey and The MoHarks
32.4% Harman's Hermits
22.7% Guy Cabellero, President and Owner of SCTV

Sad to say...

Harmon 41.7%
Harkey 33.4%
Caballero 24.9%

I would like to see Diane get the brass ring, but I fear it may not be the case today. (I hope I am wrong)

Hello, I'm Johnny Rash

Caballero 20%
Harkey 41%
Harmen 39%

Allan Bartlett

Harkey 37.9%
Harman 32.1%
Caballero 30.0%

Go Diane!

Powder Blue Report


Harman: 39.2 %
Harkey: 34.1 %
Caballero: 26.7%

Harman is the One!

Harman 43.3%
Harkey 31.7%
Caballero 25.0%


I fear Harkey did not have name ID to win big in absentees. Hope I am wrong big time.

Harmon 38

Harkey 34

Caballero 28

Not Today

Harman: 44.5%
Harkey: 22.5%
Caballero: 33.0%

Harkey rules, but cannot pull this off.

Bill Braski

Harkey: 40.2%
Harman: 37.8%
Caballero: 22.0%

Phil Paule

Caballero 23.0
Harkey 39.3
Harmen 37.7

john lewis

my wild guess
Harkey 40%
Harmon 32%
Caballero 28%


Loved the SCTV flashback

Harkey 40.6
Harmon 36.8
Caballo 22.7

SOC Watcher

Harkey- 42.7%
Harmon- 39.4%
Caballero- 17.9%

Cross-over Dems dilute Caballero's count but Harmon still loses.

i predict that at the end of the night after all the votes are counted....

harkey- totally hot
harmon- old and bald


The prior poster nails it and definitely deserves a prize. But I think Jubal wanted something like:

Harman 45.8
Harkey 30.5
That SCTV guy 24.7

Truthfully, I haven't a clue. I'm using the old statistical trick of "picking what no one else has". But, if by random miracle, I get this one right, you'll be hearing me crow about it for years.....8)

Mark Brainard

Caballero 22.5%
Harman 35.6%
Harkey 38.7%

Jon Dumitru




Roll the bus out...lets go to vegas

Shawn Fago

42.8 Harkey
39.1 Harmon
18.1 Caballero

Its time for Harmon to retire.

Build it Now!

Even though Harman is in favor of increased traffic congestion for his potential constituents to the South, (his anti-Foothill-South stance), I think he'll win on name ID.

Go Dianne!!

Harman 41.3%
Harkey 39.2%
Caballero 19.5%

Jimmy's a tad bit touchy today.

Wonder why. LOL

Dwight Robinson

Outright win!!!

Harkey 50.3

Harman - 29.5

Sacrificial Dem - 20.2

wishful thinking

The lovely Harkey: 78.9%
Liberal Harman: 12.3%
Caball...who?: 8.8%


Alvarez: 39%
Solorio: 49
de la Libertad: 12%


Who the mug from the last contest to name that dog?


One would think that if people are making predictions, that they will at least know who the candidates are.

It is Harman. Not Harmon and not Harmen and not even Harem (thought perhaps then he would win by a landslie).

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