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March 22, 2006


It would be nie to see Dana get a leadership position. he has been in the house long enough to be a successful chairman. It would be a shame if a senior house member like Dana is passed over again.

Whitacre's Moral Compass

Let me get this straight. Sheriff Carona lost the endorsement of the Central Committee by ONE vote. And this was right after Tim Whitacre went in front of the group and told them as FACT that the Paul Walters endorsement was a LIE? This has been disproved below.

Assuming that some of the delegates there didn't vote for Carona because they beleived Tim, there should be another vote.

It is wrong to lie about things -- and when it is a one-vote difference, there is no doubt that Tim's lie made all of the difference.

The Sheriff deserved a fair shake, and instead was a victim of Tim's all-too-fallable moral compass.

Jon Schroeder/Mike Fleischman

Your comment is nothing more than a precursor at an attempt to make an excuse to come back to the central committee next month crying foul.

The truth of the matter is, Schroeder and Fleischman, along with the entire executive committee already made up the rules for the evening and knew who was going speak on behalf of Carona. Whitacre was not even informed of the plan until minutes before the meeting started.

Schroeder and Fleischman were working the individual members over and asked them not speak with Whitacre on behalf of Hunt. In spite of that, both Rosie Avila and Lupe Moreno stood up and did the right thing, as did Allan Mansoor.

The speakers for Hunt are all candidates running for office and stood to lose a lot support and $$$ from those who support the incumbent - they got up and spoke anyway!

The speakers for Carona were executive committee members (Mark Bucher, Kermit Marsh and Jon Fleishman). Fleishman also is an employee of Carona and Schroeder, who is Carona's puppetmaster, is the chair of the endorsements committee.

Gee, which side had more credibility?

Lastly, Whitacre told no lies. He said it was a fact that Mike Carona had not called Cheif Walters and asked for his endorsement. Then he said there was a suprise coming for the Carona camp. Whitacre, who has lived in Santa Ana for over twenty years, should know his chief of police pretty well. Especially since they regularly work together on city issues.

Between Whitacre's track record and the track record of Carona's people, I am inclined to not question his integrity on this issue.

The deck was stacked, the players were in place, Carona shamelessly rolled out the mother of a murdered five year old to plead for his endorsement, and Fleischman batted clean-up - and you guys still got beat by one Marine with the courage to take you all on. Get over it.

Dana is a loser...needs to get a real job for once in his life to feed his triplets.


I would love seeing Rohrabacher as the chairman of the House Science Committee. He definitely shown some commitment to the committee unlike many congressman than just view such an assignment as a stepping stone to a committee assignment with a higer profile like appropriations or Homeland Security. He definitely has the enthusiasm about the committee's jurisdiction to be a great chairman.


Fabulous. Remind me again about how global warming is junk science?


Hey all you Sports Fans - Why is it so important Dana get this Committee Chair???

HELLO - Remember when he floated that Legislation in 2004 re: billing Mexico $1 BILLION for Healthcare for Illegals??? He had such staure on the Hill that he was allowed to present his Bill from Committee for a vote in front of Congress (the Bill was soooooo forward thinking along lines of Minutemen's talking points that it never had a Prayer of becoming Law)BUT the significance then was that it even moved forward out of Committee.

Rohrbacher doe snot get as much Press as Royce in Immigration back home, but he is even farther to the Right of Royce on thise type issues.

As Chair of a Committee, he will be in great position to Horse Trade in the House on Immigration Reform. And we all know where he stands on that issue.

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