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March 25, 2006


I'm sure the Carona sycophants will accuse the MSM of picking on him because he's a law enforcement pro.

Nice hit piece

•Another O.C. Assistant Sheriff to Step Down: The resignation is the second in a week for Sheriff’s Department (8-13-05);

Blaming Sheriff Carona for the retirement of two assistant sheriffs after 30+ years each is a bit of a stretch don't ya think?

Especially since one assistant sheriff ran for sheriff against carona and was retained on the staff by carona. The second assistant sheriff was promoted to that position by carona.

But then the headline says "resignation" which has more use in a hit piece than "retirement".

Facts are weak in the OC Weekly.

Art Pedroza

Wow - how can you Caronistas ignore so many scandalous stories? Maybe you guys need the foil hats...

Anyone But Carona

The "Law Enforcement Code Of Ethics" state, in part, "I will keep my private life unsullied as an example to all." They teach that to recruits in the academy. You would like to believe the Sheriff of Orange County would be examlpe to all in Law Enforcement.

Now the citizens of OC can see what Carona is all about. Please, come June, vote for Alcarez, Hunt or Martin and remove this mental midget from office.





Carona was taught the "Law Enforcement Code Of Ethics" when he went through the Sheriff's Academy as a Deputy Marshall. He obviously learned nothing! Ask any fellow bailiff (other than the likes of John Williams who also didn't comprehend the Code Of Ethics) about Skippy's antics. They tried to warn us during Carona's first run for Sheriff, but is was too late. Maybe now the voters can see how corrupt Carona is.


The new HQ will be at BadaBing!

Sarge Waiting for 10-7

To Nice Hit Piece-

You don't know Jack- Retirement for those two PROFESSIONAL Peace Officers is VERY significant. Those Men were drawing six figures plus for a job they looked forward to coming into work to do every day to do. Crush Crime and chase the Bad guys. But with all of the Hell breaking loose becasue of first Jaramillo's BS and then Carona himself getting smacked right between the eyes at least once a week in the press, it was just tooo much.

Those guys could have rode out that cush job with the Fat paycheck and respect shown thier rank in style for at least another 5 years, but they chose to leave before they wound up getting subpoened for this or that.

For all of Tim W. crap he is slinging for LT Hunt, that line about "restoring Integrity" really hits home for me.


A bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label for Moxley on this one.

87 Stories..I bet that number will double by June.

Scott - How can we send it over to you?

Alex B-Z

Scott would never accept gifts. And he certainly wouldn't accept them at 1666 N. Main Street, Suite 500, Santa Ana, CA, 92701

OC Fire Storm

One question: Are those Dolphin shorts he’s wearing in those pictures? Isn’t that some kind of felony?

(I guess that was two questions.)


It was the shorts that got my vote!

Carona's Legacy - JARAMILLO

Schroeder was quoted in the Register the other day as saying, "Carona campaign is not a party in the (Jaramillo) accusation. The matter has nothing to do with us."

Really? Shroeder & Carona believe they avoid responsibility here. Originally upon firing Jaramillo, Carona said he takes "responsibility" for Jaramillo. He later said he was, "a victim of misplaced loyalties."

Again, really? How Sheriff can you be a victim of your own decisions?

Later you were quoted as saying you were done apologizing for George. Now your boss Shroeder says you are not a party and had "nothing" to do with George! Far cry from your original statement of accountability.

Mike Carona, you can't handle the truth. Accountability does not stop when it hurts. How dare you take credit for the results of our skilled investigations, bask in the lime light, punish those who have the moral courage to disagree with you and run from the responsibility of the damage that Jaramillo and Haidl have left us with.

You remain here, against a campaign promise, and the OCGOP, realizes what a fair weather friend you are.

Others are also not endorsing you for the same reasons. You seem to have reached your tipping point.


Cavallo met Carona in 1979. At the county’s West Court, Cavallo worked as an intern in the district attorney’s office, while Carona served as a bailiff. Both weightlifters and ambitious, they bonded quickly.

Over the years, Cavallo and Carona have consumed plenty of alcohol together. They’ve camped together, visited each other’s homes and celebrated birthdays. When Carona ran for sheriff in 1998 as a reform candidate, Cavallo contributed money and attended the victory celebration. In just the past year, Cavallo figures the sheriff has called him more than 100 times. Despite receiving formal complaints for seven years about bail scams, the sheriff investigated but claimed that he never found any problems.

But their friendship is over. Based in part on the June phone message, Cavallo filed a Sept. 19 legal claim against Carona. He says the sheriff repeatedly demanded a secret pact: they could remain friends if Cavallo wouldn’t call him to testify under oath during Jaramillo’s upcoming corruption trial. Cavallo and Jaramillo say the sheriff fears public exposure of more embarrassing secrets.

“Joe Cavallo informed Mike Carona that he intended to continue to vigorously represent Jaramillo,” the claim asserts. “Mike Carona indicated that he would bring the full weight of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the Orange County district attorney’s office down on Joseph Cavallo and Jaramillo.”Cavallo, the sheriff’s friend and drinking buddy for 26 years. He says Carona’s family-values reputation is a façade. Married with one teenage son, Carona prays the public won’t learn that he is, as Cavallo calls him, a serial adulterer.

Cavallo says the story begins in June. The sheriff was attending an off-site strategic-planning meeting in Temecula. It was after midnight when he called Cavallo’s cell phone and left a 90-second message, a copy of which the Weekly obtained.

The message is explicit. It’s clear the sheriff believed he was speaking to a friend and could do so candidly. It’s just as clear the walls were closing in. In the very public battle between the sheriff and Jaramillo, Cavallo had chosen to represent Jaramillo. At the same time, Internal Affairs (IA) investigators in the sheriff’s department were pressing Carona to explain evidence that, in 2001 and 2002, he may have made unsolicited phone calls to Susan Holloway. An Aliso Viejo resident and distant relative of Jaramillo’s, Holloway was seeking a job at the department in 2001. In that year and the next, the sheriff invited the married woman “out for drinks” and to take a trip, according to a document she provided IA officers in May 2005. Carona was likely also aware that at least two news outlets, including the Weekly, had obtained details of the allegations.

That was the context of the late-night June phone call, a message that is rambling, disjointed and threatening. “I suggest neither he [Jaramillo] nor you nor anybody else you know, uh, if you want to engage in the media, be more than happy to do it,” the sheriff told Cavallo. “But, um, uh, there’s all kinds of issues on this and there’s all kinds of issues on him [Jaramillo]. Um, anyway, I’m not a happy camper, Joe, as you can probably tell . . . Jaramillo is a fuck!”

On the tape, Carona tells Cavallo he doesn’t “want to take it out” on him—but that Cavallo should consider himself warned about the dangers of Jaramillo publicizing the sheriff’s alleged extramarital activities: “I’m going to shove it up his ass,” says Carona, a Homeland Security adviser to President George W. Bush and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The sheriff is so concerned about his image he waited more than two days to respond to the Weekly’s request for an interview. Instead of talking to reporters directly, he brought in Jennifer Keller, one of at least two of Carona’s high-powered private crisis-management attorneys. Keller said, “The sheriff absolutely and positively never made any such statements” to Cavallo.

In the audio recording, the sheriff blamed Jaramillo for the Holloway leak. But he was wrong. It was Holloway’s outraged husband.

Dean Holloway says he had the unpleasant experience of witnessing his wife answer an April 2002 phone call from the sheriff. The woman says Carona invited her to take a weekend trip to San Francisco. On another occasion, the sheriff reportedly left a voice-mail message for the woman at the couple’s Aliso Viejo home.

Susan Holloway, 31, told the sheriff’s IA officers, “I never invited the calls from Mike Carona and had no intention of calling him back.”

Keller told LA Times reporter Christine Hanley that the accusations were part of a “ridiculously transparent conspiracy” against a “great law-enforcement officer with a spotless record.”

However, Keller hasn’t explained how Holloway benefits from the conspiracy. Holloway has shunned media attention and asked for nothing from the sheriff. But Dean Holloway had a message for Carona. He told the Weekly, “The sheriff needs to leave other men’s wives alone.”

Carona’s efforts to keep a lid on the sex scandal failed in September when the grand jury released the testimony of another woman, Erica Hill—Jaramillo’s sister-in-law. Believing her story would remain secret, Hill testified in July that the sheriff demanded and received sexual favors from her on four occasions after her husband applied for a job as a deputy. Though Hill can name the location and time of each encounter, Carona flatly says she’s a liar. Hill has proposed that they take lie-detector tests.

“I’m not the only woman the sheriff has cheated with,” Hill told the Weekly. “He’s got to be scared that others will come forward and tell the truth.”

Law-enforcement files contain the names of still other alleged Carona mistresses.

Familiar with the inner workings of local law enforcement thanks to his long relationship with the sheriff and former assistant sheriffs Jaramillo and Don Haidl, Cavallo says the county’s justice system is governed by the whims of the men who run it. He believes Carona played a secret role in the DA’s charges after he refused to sabotage the Jaramillo defense.

In cop parlance, Cavallo says the sheriff had motive and opportunity. He points out that Mike Schroeder, Carona’s top political adviser, is also the powerful if unofficial adviser to Rackauckas and that Schroeder’s wife, Susan, is the DA’s media director. During the Haidl rape trials, Susan Schroeder and Cavallo often exchanged hostile words outside the courtroom.

“I know the Schroeders had a hand in my indictment,” Cavallo told the Weekly. “This is the work of ‘The Triangle’—Mike Carona, Mike Schroeder and Tony Rackauckas.”

The comment prompted Mike Schroeder to laugh. “Joe isn’t on my radar screen, and his problems are his own making,” he said. “I’ve had nothing to do with it.”

Cavallo predicts there’ll be future revelations about Schroeder’s influence over local law enforcement but reserved his toughest comments for his old pal, OC’s top cop.

“Mike Carona is a backstabber,” said Cavallo. “He’s the kind of guy who makes the sign of the cross before he eats and then starts talking about how he’s fucking some woman. It’s disgusting. He’s great at convincing people that he’s an innocent, religious guy, but he’s really a snake

(Written to a Carona supporter)

It's obvious that you don't support Bill Hunt. Tell me why you support Mike Carona. Is it because our benefits have improved during his tenure as sheriff? Is it because he has raised more money than the other candidates?

Are you willing to ignore all the accusations against the sheriff in order to put a few more dollars in your pocket? I've worked with you in the past and have always respected you. I'm just dumfounded that you choose not to address the sheriff's lack of character and integrity. I'm sure your response will be that he hasn't been charged with anything and is innocent until proven guilty. I agree, but doesn't all the negative press concern you? You seem to brush it aside like it isn't happening.

There is an old saying that says "where there is smoke there is fire". I think the sheriff is in serious trouble and you and other members of the association seem to be down playing it. I just don't know why.

Jumping Ship

There is no coincidence to two Assistant Sheriffs recently retiring at the same time. Both saw their law enforcment values compromised and as one said of Carona, "He doesn't get it."

Hunt Offers Hope After Carona

Hunt not only can win, he will and we at AOCDS and the county will prevail.

More than are apparent have a strategy to build from the momentum we have seen in the last month. Not all that has happened is luck.

In the end this department's image and the working conditions for the deps will become more than an election year friendship. Why? Because our leader will be a Law Enforcement professional, not a politician using us as a stepping stone to Sacramento.




(submitted by concerned Deputies)

There are some who accuse the LA Times of being Anti-Carona but what about the Register. What about them and their weak approach to that interview. Here's the top guy, blaming his #2 man for all the problems and they didn't even call him on it. I wonder if the Ragister is going to give the other candidates an opportunity to respond to that interview. I would find that to be too ethical for them. It might give them a migraine to actually be fair and balanced.


We are witnessing the beginning of the end. Carona has reached his tipping point and tipped he has. Marketers refer to this when events culminate in a surge that money cannot buy or prevent.

"But how did this happen?" will all the money people ask. The answer is a multitude of things, including Carona being his own worst enemy. One of the reasons is good old fashioned sleeve rolling up hard work by Bill Hunt, his team and his supporters. No rocket science here, just an example of what Sheriff Bill Hunt will continue to do as an ethical leader of this department.

How refreshing it will be to not have the likes of the Jaramillos, Haidls, Fleischmans and Schroeders no longer speaking on behalf of the Sheriff's Department. Integrity will return to everyone wearing an Orange County Sheriff’s Department uniform. With it comes pride, community support and better working relationships with outside agencies. As we gain their respect back we can return to the Law Enforcement leading agency we once were.

America's Sheriff has become Orange County's Scandal.

What did we do to allow this? Were we asleep at the swith? Were we duped?

Whatever the answer, the solution is new leadership. Thank you Bill Hunt for not only stepping up to the plate but for never waning from your promise to stay to the end.

To those of you here who are championing Bill Hunt, he needs more than words. Open your checkbooks and send him $1,500 each. Hopefully, this will ensure he can stay in the race until end. Without money, he's a nonentity.

It is more than obvious that Commander Martin has topflight managers running his campaign. He has money, and he has not entered the mudslinging fray. He is patiently awaiting to launch a vigorous media blitz. Moreover, I see his winning the all-important Lincoln Club endorsement. If he does, he may well upset Carona.

I think that Carona has the AOCDS endorsement in the bag. However, it endorsed Walters in '98, so it is not the force defining victory.


We all love the inmates who point out what a great guy our boss is. How demoralizing.

Carlos B

Hunt has a donor who was a deputy sheriff but got fired after he was convicted of beating a man under the color of authority.

Another Hunt donor is a retired deputy who was recentlty arrested for DUI in Hunt's city, but Hunt's deputies (also donors)bumbled it so badly that they probably won't get a conviction.

Another Hunt donor and former deputy killed his partner during an impromptu training scenario.

and lets not forget the Attorney General berated Hunt for his actions during a marijuana investigation of Greg Haidl which gave the appearance of special treatment when Hunt had the deputy alter his report.

Sounds to me like those guys in OCSD need an overhaul. LASO Commander Martin may be the man for the job!


Me thinks someone is finally Blogging for Martin...

Is OC BLOG some kind of super-secret hideout for those in the know only???

Does anyone have a clue as to Martin's campaign message theme???

Hopefully its not "You Guys are so screwed up by the current Guy & everyone underhim that only The Mighty LASO can bail your butts out of a sling..."

Is it, "I'm so old and retired I never had time to get caught in scandal after scandal after scandal, etc. that you Guys should elect me since someone has to do the job..."

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