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March 28, 2006


Luis Rodriguez

Nativo was at the Los Angeles protests by the students urging them to go home. Why does he have to do it in Santa Ana? It because of comments on this board which make him be larger than you would like him to be. I believe it is good to have him here, since Jim Gilchrist is your nutcase, it is only fair we have one ourselves. The true goal should be a place where we dont need either and we can all live in peace without having to hear about so much hate.
We are the majority now- I stood with Nativo against the recall!

The Majority

Both Nativo Lopez and John Palacio are two of the most corrupt indidviduals on the face of this planet.

"We are the majority now" ???

Yeah, the majority of criminals; the majority of unwed mothers; the majority of public assistence cases; the majority of gang bangers; the majority of urinating in public; the majority of uninsured drivers...

Oh yeah, Mike Carona endorsed both Lopez and Palacio, maybe you guys should talk to him!

I wanna be like u!

Previous poster:

I guess you are right...we the new majority (and I mean latinos, not that group of pro-choice Republicans) should try to be more like you Gringos...Like those lovable little gang raping teens in Corona Del Mar, or adultering wives in Coto De Caucasion, or those wiley old judges with too many DUI's, or those fun loving drug using kids in Cowen Heights, Villa Park, Foothill Ranch, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and San Clemente. Wish we could learn more about your mysterious culture and values. Wish we could stick our Grandmothers and Grandfathers in Rest homes when the burdon becomes too much to care for them or they cut into our vacation time. So much to admire in your culture. We have so much to learn. Please be give us time and speak slowly because we are still learning to master your language oh you noble white man.

Bernedette Medrano

While the debate continues on the immigration issue, I would like all of us to be mindful that what we are debating affects human beings and more importantly the children. I fully understand how emotional this issue is and as the debate continues can we be mindful that the children are scared.

I just left an intermediate school where the children were given an opportunity to voice their fears and concerns. I was overwhelmed and in awe on how many of the 7th/8th grade students were extremely articulate in discussing their fears and concerns regarding the events of the week and just how well-informed they were.

Not all Santa Ana students participated in the protests and I was very impressed with what I heard today.

We really can be proud of 95% of our students.


Bernedette Medrano
Executive Director
Santa Ana Education Foundation

We try harder!

Sorry Bernedette, Nobody is buying the , look how much we have improved because we have gone from horrible to slightly less horrible. Or the old look at the 9 kids (almost always Vietnamise unless they are are affirmative action cases) who are going to Ivy league schools but you fail to mention you have 55,000 students and most can't read or write in English or Spanish. At least Nativo and John Palacio are honest about how screwed up things are and tried to raise the bar. This current board is a joke. Whatever happened that ATM (above the mean) campaign? Nothing like setting your goal at just above average and then failing.


This would be an excellent opportunity to teach the children of Santa Ana the importance of obeying laws. Afterall, we are a nation of laws and not men, Bill Clinton notwithstanding! Oh, please be sure to let them know that any inconvenience and apprehension they might be experiencing stem from the actions of lawbreakers. Afterall, there are people awaiting legal entry to our country, and it is wholly selfish to cut in line! So maybe a course on etiquette might flow from this situation. Let's not forget compassion: the kids of parents awaiting legal entry in this country probably do not have it nearly as well as the kids of illegal aliens now in this country and who have of late taken to protesting in support of criminality!!!

Lot's of excellent curricula here, no???

Larry "Nativo" is emblematic of what is wrong with those in his community who are demanding something for nothing, that lawlessness be recognized. Tell me, does the Vietnamese community have a "Nativo"?


After all, we are a nation of laws, not men, George Bush notwithstanding.

And we know George Bush committed three felonies and had a cadre of accessories/enablers who helped him escape justice, right?

Tim, we need you once again

It seems only rational to me that if Nativo Lopez is the real problem here, than the real solution is to hire Tim Whitacre - the only guy who had the balls to stand up to Lopez before which led to the successful recall of Lopez.

Tim was always two steps ahead of Lopez on the street and trounced the guy pretty badly at the polls. I know Tim is extremely busy these days trouncing Sheriff Carona, a Nativo Lopez supporter, but maybe you people should consult with him about how to deal with Lopez. No one else has ever beaten Lopez. Again, if Lopez is the real problem, Tim is the real answer.

Luis Rodriguez

Tim did not beat Nativo, Ron Unz's money did. That and illegal activities such as illegal signature gathering, false reporting of issues, not following the law and providing bilingual ballot information, and finally the wording of the ballot.


You didn't answer my challenge. Is Nativo going to be out Friday DEMANDING that the kids who walk out of school RETURN TO SCHOOL?

Or is he going to do what he normally does and incite civil disobedience and encourage criminal behavior as he did by standing with Via-Reconquista the other day.

What a pathetic way to make a statement. But not to be expected from someone who considers being in this country ILLEGALLY as acceptable.

Luis Rodriguez

10:03 (whomeever you are)
Why is it Nativo's responsibility to do so? Furthermore, what makes you think students would even listen to him? I would bet you most students dont even know who Nativo is. Similarly to high school students knowing your grand leader Jim Gilchrist.
Reconquista huh? Ok so you are one of the "I am being invaded" freaks roaming around, what point is there then to explain anything to you as you are simply full of hate even prior to seeing an demonstrations or student walkouts? You choose to Martyr Nativo and then expect him to do what you ask? A little psycho dont you think?
To answer your question directly, I do not know what Nativo will and frankly do not care.

Well Luis, you were the one coming out with guns blazing defending him. Now you tell me you really don't care what he does? You are not very consistent. Or is it because you just realized that this country does have laws, and illegal immigrants, regardless of where they come from are breaking those laws.

This isn't about Hispanics, although they draw the most attention because they make up the majority of the illegal immigrants in this country, and they seem to think that they have a right to a free ride.

This is about OBEYING THE LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY. Why is that a problem?

Nativo is one of many who seem to think that he is above the law. And I have a problem with that. I don't care if you are Hispanic, German, Russian, Arabic or a little green man from Mars. If you enter this country illegally, you should be held accountable under the rule of law. Period.

Luis Rodriguez

A person who enters the country should be held accountable, however, when you have a country saying dont cross that border, but if you do I have a job waiting for you, it simply send the wrong message. The fact of the matter is the problem is not with the immigrants coming to the U.S., the problem is we need an immigration reform which will allow workers to work where there is a demand, plain and simple. This, I believe, will resolve the issue of undocumented immigration.
Why is that people like you always try to defend your statements with this cliche "I dont care where you are from..." , the fact is you dont like the new immigrants coming in because they may not be like you. I recommend you read Ruben Navarrette Jr's article today in the Opinion section of the OC Register.

Santa Ana Mother

Luis, you lie badly when you say "Tim did not beat Nativo, Run Unz' money did"

You further lie when you talk about "illegal signature gathering, false reporting of issues etc." If what you said was true, then the DA, or the AG, or the Senate, or the Assembly, or any where else Lopez and people like you, submitted trumped up accusations, would have acted on them and Tim and Families for Eductation First, would have been convicted.

However, that didn't happen. In fact, Luis, none of the agencies contacted found merit on the surface to even investigate the false allegations. All you guys did was run around and cry "Racist, these people are racist!".

I loved the response Tim gave the newspaper when asked if in fact the recall was a race issue. He said "Yes, this is a race issue. It's a race to make the children of Santa Ana proficient in English as soon as possible, so that they too can grow up and become doctors and lawyers or anything else they can dream of. Lopez and his cohorts don't want them learing English beacuse then he can't control them and charge them through his Hemandad Mexicana Nacional organization, to read their mail and fill out forms etc."

Regardless of who gave money to help recall Larry "Nativo" Lopez, it still requires someone to stratigize and effectively employ that money for the desired end result and that is exaclty what Tim did.

Tim was the only one who had the courage to physically stand up to Larry "Nativo" Lopez and the union thugs he brought into town. Tim empowered the residents of Santa Ana to take back our city from some evil men.

By the way, you failed to mention all the out of area union money that was given to Larry "Nativo" Lopez, before and during the recall. Ron Unz gave something like $120K towards Tim's effort; unions and special interest groups gave almost triple that amount to Lopez.

The bottom line as I said before: IF Larry "Nativo" Lopez is the problem behind any of the unruly, anti-American prostests, then Tim Whitacre is the answer to put him in check once again.


Free Porn Star

Larry Lopez was seen wearing a dark blue suit on the corner of Mcarthur and Harbor paying illegal aliens to attend his dog and pony wave the american flag in costa mesa rally.

think before you speak

Enlighten me... Did you see Nativo do this? How did you know that these men were illegal? In fact how much did he pay?

How about you reference where you got these biggot filled facts from?

You can't can you...?

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