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March 28, 2006



Don't blame me, I voted for Gilchrist

Art Pedroza


Thanks for the confirmation of my theory. I got ripped on my own blog for mentioning Lopez, but he was at the L.A. City Hall, and even got up on the stage with Mayor Villaraigosa at one point. I knew then that he was there to admire his handiwork. Lopez is a threat to our security and I hope he is made to pay for all of the costs involved in containing the "protestors," or rioters in my own estimate.


You know what stinks is that the media in conjunction with those of us throwing F-- Bombs at Nativo are what is giving him the most power...

We should encorage the Register to hold the Cabaron (spelled Bas----) to his pledge delivered a few years back at an OC Register COmmunity Meeting that he was Boycotting the Register.

That scumbag cannot operate in a vacuum.

But knowing the Lib Media, he will be on 60 minutes next week...

OC Proud

Nativo Lopez is one of the few honest activist/politicians in Orange County. While other politicos change thier message depending on the audience or who has out thier wallet, Lopez is always Lopez and his message does not change. Like him or not, he speaks his mind and is not afraid of going against the grain. If you took out the names and other labels and just described the work he does, most Christians would praise me. He's doing the Lord's work.


Sounds good OC Proud...but ask him where that $7 million dollars of Gov't Grant money went first...

He shows up for the photogs loking like a Peon, but I saw him at the repub Convention in Anaheim trying to get into the Arnie Lunch (his ticket was NO good) wearing an Armani Sports Jacket and looking like an Extra from Al Pacino's Scarface...

He is in it for the $$$ he gets from those unsuspecting Mojados...

Osama Loves Open Borders


Kiss Los Angeles Goodbye
L.A. is a Mexican City - Only Military Action Will Get It Back
Rabid Mexican Reconquista, Nativo Lopez, stands next to Reconquista Villaraigosa

Dobbs: We're going to go to Mayor Villaraigosa in Los Angeles. He's apparently started talking to the folks.
Villaraigosa: The city of Los Angeles has passed a resolution two weeks ago in opposition to the Sensenbrenner legislation. I signed that resolution.
I signed that resolution. I want you to know that there are people right now all across the country that agree with you that we need immigration reform that rewards work, that gives people a pathway to citizenship. That allows families to stay together.

Sheriff Mike

I endorsed the recalled, Nativo Lopez twice in the past and I stand by him now!

OC Proud

Maybe you are right Kibbuttzer...Maybe Nativo is not perfect but why is it that when a Mexican has on a decent suit he did something illegal to get it? Haven't you ever heard of the annual Men's sale at Macy's? Marshalls? Ross Dress for Less? Maybe Nativo is a bargain hunter. Antonio Villarigosa weres fancy suits too. Is he also a crook?


The only Dem Mayor in CA more crooked than Antonio is Willie F---ing Brown.

OC Proud, you sound like the type of Jesuit Genius who always cheered for the Indians at John Wayne movies...

Larry is his old Brown Hat nickname to try and fool the FBI back in the day.

He hates it when you call him that.

'Today we march, tomorrow we vote'

'Today we march, tomorrow we vote'





We have done ourselves proud, especially the organizers of marches, for example Los Angeles that drew more than 500,000—congratulations!

So much to be proud of, yet, so much more must be accomplished before we can say we have arrived at justice’s door.
This week is crucial to the fight for fair pay, documented status, non-criminalization of the poor who are undocumented, etc.

We must now, more than ever, be vigilant of what those in Washington will want to pass as a righteous immigration policy, when in fact, it could very well be a Trojan Horse filled with misery for the overwhelming majority of the undocumented.

We must not give our endorsement to any policy that will continue to punish members of our community for their undocumented status.

We must study every line and every word in their scheme. Our people are depending on us not to sell-them-out for a few pieces of silver.

We have everything to gain and this nation has everything to loose for the mistreatment of our people.

Wednesday agenda will focus on:

1) Report on NAHR delegation to Mexico;
2) Where do we go from here?
3) Proposed May 1 March/Boycott A Day without a Mexicana/Mexicano;
4) Other




For more information please call Maria Anna at 951-743-7173 or Armando Navarro at 951-333-6819.

Solamente Unidos, no seremos vencidos.
Maria Anna

National Alliance for Human Rights Inland Empire
P.O. Box 5616, Riverside, CA 92517-5616;
Phone: (951) 509-5895: Fax: (951) 509-5895
Email: nafhr@earthlink.net

The National Alliance for Human Rights is a network of leaders, activists, scholars and organizations committed to the promotion of human rights, social justice and political empowerment of the Latino community in the United States. Since its formation in the year 2000, the National Alliance for Human Rights has been at the forefront of issues affecting Latinos.


Nativo Lopez will be protesting in Costa Mesa Saturday

Gustavo Arellano

Nativo is BAD.

You ain't in Kansas anymore

Yes, Nativo is bad...Macho Pancho Villa bad. Do you think your silly little recall had any effect on his power base? Nativo will still be a shot caller long after the rest of you bloggers are long gone...As you saw Saturday...you can take down Nativo for a time but there are 500,000 more Nativo's ready to pick up the banner and run with it. They carry the Mexican flag because they know you fear the flag and the scary brown skinned people who carry it. By the way, there are more protest coming Friday..and the week after that..and the week after that....


Interesting you'd compare Nativo to Pancho Villa. he'll probably end up being ambushed like Villa was--he's already been killed politically. Did Pancho shake people down like Nativo?

You ain't in Kansas anymore,

Don't you guys have jobs? Don't you care about your kids' education? If you guys have so much time to protest, how in God's name do you have time to be productive??? Shouldn't your kids be learning about the country the love so much, Mexico? How their politicians were routinely murdered? How it would still be in the Dark Ages but for European influence? How long did it take Cortez to whip the mighty Aztecs? A half-day??? Shouldn't your kids know how disgusting the country whose flag they display murdered protestors just like you in 1968??? Let them know of the place they love...maybe they'll appreciate the hand that feeds them!!! Oh yeah, how many indian protestors did the Mexican government slaughter in the 1980's? And you want to turn California into a Norte Mexico???

If you guys channeled your energies into doing something productive you probably wouldn't have to worry about a sovereign nation enforcing its laws.

You guys remind me of the Great Asian protestors of the 1970's, when they left their jobs and took their kids out of school to protest the deplorable conditions in the USA. Was I dreaming??? Oh yeah, that's right, they didn't waste their time protesting...they stayed on their jobs and their kids stayed in school thereby becoming Americans. They needed no help. They became successful on their own. Doesn't that make you a little jealous? What does it say about that phony balony machismo??? Maybe you guys need the Asian version of Machismo, no??? I ain't never seen an Asian kid so stupid as to run onto a freeway for any reason.

You guys need to get lives...

Ain't in Kansas Anymore

This is not about race as much as it is about poverty. You pseudo Christians love to go to your Mega-Churches in South O.C. and send your mission people to Africa because that's easier than helping the poor brown kids just up the 5 Freeway. You hate the poor? O.K....but they are not all coveniently corraled in Santa Ana anymore. No, they are in your town or coming to your town soon. Learn to live with us. Nativo helps the poor. What are you doing?????

"I ain't never seen an Asian kid so stupid as to run onto a freeway for any reason.

You guys need to get lives..."

Ain't in Kansas Anymore

no....and unlike the stupid anglo kids, they also don't gang rape thier classmates or shoot them in the eyes with paint balls..

I ain't never seen an Asian kid so stupid as to run onto a freeway for any reason.

You guys need to get lives...


Nativo is like Bill Clinton with an almost machine-like determination to receive public recognition.

Why can't he just settle down to a peaceful, private life of raising fighting birds?

Actually, me thinks Nativo Lopez is a communist. Right up there with Ted Kennedy



Why is Nativo bad? I think it's great he played a part (albeit a small part) in organizing these protests. These protest were necessary and have brought immigration to the fore.

Please educate us, Gus.

Violation of Public Trust

Nativo is a former school board member that called on thousands of students to walk out of the classroom.

Nativo, now more than ever, deserved his recall as Trustee from the Santa Ana Unified School District.

You ain't in Kansas anymore

Can't we all just get along? Why don't you try to work with Nativo? He is a good man who wants the best for our children. When will you gringo Republicans begin to put our kids first? You Republicans think he is the cause of all evil in the O.C. while you fall over yourselves supporting real crooks like the man running to replace Moorlock(Mr.Street?) or that Carona guy. Que Viva Nativo!

Luis Rodriguez

Nativo had nothing to do with the protests in Santa Ana. According to a lot of the students I spoke with during the protests, the organizer of this was the students. They did this through the website myspace.com.
It is rumored students will not attend class on Friday and protest again. Nativo has nothing to do with that one either.
KFI radio has been going after Nativo for quite some time, and their hateful speech only excites the very same group who hated him before they spread those rumors.
Perhaps it is easy for everyone to target him since as someone posted earlier he is a man of integrity, a man who sticks to his principles regardless of what is "in", or what the popular opinion might be. He should be respected and admired for his consistency. Much more than what I can say about a lot of folks.

A lot of folks


Well then maybe Nativo should go out on Friday and DEMAND that the students protestiung RETURN TO SCHOOL and offer them a ride. Put your actions where your words are.

We are the majority now!

Luis, I could not agree with you more. It's not Nativo's job to try to keep peace in Santa Ana now that the current school board has screwed things up. You S.A. voters didn't want him around, remember that little recall thing? You fired the good principals who reflect the community remember? Drive by a Santa Ana school yard some day when the kids are out and the only blond hair you will see is on the heads of the white teachers. It looks like the British in India. It's time to hire teachers from the community. Nativo was in the process of fixing our schools and now it is only Mr. Palacio who is a voice of reason.

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