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March 13, 2006


Is it just me or does this nonsensical tripe lack proper punctuation???

I was reading it and it seems to be a string of not so coherent gibberish and incomplete sentences/thoughts put down in a rush and shot out...

Frankly, my 7th Grader could have done a better job if HE wrote a Reform Plan for OCSO...

Hunt's Taxi Service

Does the plan call for free rides home for Hunt's tipsy friends.

Carona Must Go

No free rides for tispy friends, no free badges for campaign contributors, no free rides in the sheriff's helicopter, no sexual assault charges, no investigations by the grand jury, the DA's office, the Attorney General's office, the FBI, the FPPC. Shall I continue?

Deputy G

Like every underdog on the eve before the election:

Promises,Promises. Where's the money to pay for all of Bill Hunt's plans. How is he going to staff all of the pet projects he wants to implement.

Several of his ideas are already implemented, so maybe that's his plan. He'll just come in and take credit for it.

Homeland security, Major Disaster, Immigration? What are the specifics? We already work full time on implementing these plans and employees are continually being trained. In fact, every law enforcement agency in the county comes to OCSD to get their training.

Weak Bill, very Weak.

Annonymous: Its kind of just you. If you take the time to read the actual release you would see that the punctuation errors etc are the result of who ever posted the digested points.

As for Deputy G: Nice try. There are so many failures in the OCDS's preparedness. It is so far all fluff. Not practical. But then all Carona and his political handlers care about are good sound bites -no substance. Deputies wrapped in plastic bags and ducked tape with a life expectancy of about one hour? No practical method for emergency deployment? Half of all safety personnel unavailable for at least 72 hours because they will be off-duty, at home protecting their own families. Carona’s 15% vacancy factor that has created a serious chink in our ability to be prepared and respond. A dysfunctional reserve program because of failed management by Carona. If there is a natural or man-made disaster there are no provisions –i.e. food or water, ammunition or other supplies dedicated to the deputies in the field so I guess they'll have to do like in New Orleans and fend for themselves. That's the PLAN?

Every agency does not come to us to be trained. Employees are not continually being trained –that is blatantly false. Whatever training they get will be limited to a few and mostly situational classroom stuff. Remember Orange Shield two years ago –that was successful in showing how inaffective our response would be. What have we done since? Nothing.

Hunt is submitting sound ideas and innovations. Hunt wants to refocus the OCSD commitment to real law enforcement mission. Not political pandering. The GOP elite back Carona but should know that they do so at their own political peril. The question they should ask themselves: Is Carona worth it? Carona has had eight years and he has brought a continual stream of controversy and disgrace. Carona must go.

$12,536.60 Reasons Why

To the Hunt butt kisser that posted at 8:40 hours. I sincerely hope you are not a member of Station 18 because you and Hunt are the true disgraces.

Hunt's diatribe and complete lies would have the general public believing that our great department is in disaray. Well it isn't! We, the Orange County Sheriff's Department are the standard bearer for law enforcement agencies across California. Hard for you to admit it but it is the truth. We are the very best.

All of Hunt's proposals costs lots of money. And since Hunt will be busy going 10-8 as Sheriff he won't have time to be doing what a Sheriff is suppose to be doing, bringing the resources home. America's Sheriff is well connected to Sacramento (Schwarzenegger) and Washington DC (Homeland Security Advisor, the only sheriff in America that is one).

Is Hunt going to be able to communicate his reforms without any money. NO. So please why don't you and Hunt to everyone a favor after Hunt gets his butt kicked by Carona in June...QUIT our DEPARTMENT!!!

9:35 PM poster, or Mr. Standown. No doubt you are a Carone man. Someone does not agree with you and you respond with, "QUIT our DEPARTMENT!!!"

Thank you for demonstrating the management by fear and intimidation method that we are getting rid of.

Huddle and Quiver

Look out OC-after Hunt is finished with the AV OC Republican women's group and AOCDS he will detroy the GOP elite!?

Is that what 8:40 pm said...

Okay let's all huddle and quiver...Hunt and his movement will destroy us all if he doesn't get his way, AGAIN!


This is an insane "wish list" obviously written for those of you at Station 18. If Lt. Hunt had any vision for the future of the Sheriff's Department, it wouldn't appear in such a laughable document.

Being the Sheriff of a county the size of Orange, requires much more then going "in service". It requires having the ability to garner support from the folks who control the purse strings, and the people you protect and serve, not simply being popular with the men and women pushing around black and whites. A full time swat team, you have got to be kidding. We want to see our law enforcement officers visible in the community, not presenting a war like mentality on our residents. OCSD should take a few lessons from police agencies like Anaheim, Santa Ana or Huntington Beach, where community support is garnered by the brass...and yet they have SWAT, Gang and specialty units second to none.

This "wish list" would require so many new taxes, that Lt. Hunt would have to live in that palace that he will be rotating his deputies out of to build their morale. How about some real solutions to the jail situation, like changing the staffing to non-sworn jailers at a far lesser rate of pay, saving the real police work in the field to those on the streets?

Lt. Hunt...if you want to be sheriff, come up with some sensible solutions that don't resemble a list being sent to the north pole, by a bunch of deputies drafted over coffee during a graveyard shift.

I don't know who is worst, Hunt, his supporters, or Carona and his.

One thing is for sure, they need new blood in that department.

Carona Must Go

Huddle and Quiver,

Are you still harping on the AV women's group? You need to get a life.

12,000 problems,

OCSD is in disaray and morale is at its lowest in years, thanks to Carona. And look, Carona's friend for life, Jaramillo, is about to heep more crap on our fine dept.

Carona did not have his connections in Sacramento when he was first elected. They were developed over time. Hunt will have the respect, because Carona has none, and he will develope the relationships needed to gain back the respect lost over the past seven years.

Truth Seeker

To anyone who feels this is an unrealistic wish list - Mike Carona has not come through with any of the 10 points from his 10 point plan he campaigned on.

Hunt actually has some very doable goals here and a lofty one or two that I'd gladly like to see us take on.

Hey Mr. $12,000 worth of Bull S%#@$:

I am a proud member of the OCSD and have been so for over 25 years. I love this Department and the men and women who I work with. I am proud of the work my fellow deputies have done. I am proud of the veterans and the young deputies who care deeply about serving their community –not a corrupt Sheriff. Carona is NOT part of the heralded accomplishments of the OCSD –even the solving of the ugly Samantha Runion murder is not something he has any right to acclaim.. Carona never was and never will be a real representative for law enforcement As for butt kissing -you, sir or mam, would appear to be the butt kisser. How can I, an earnest supporter of a true underdog, ever be considered a butt kisser? It is only the Carona elite that stick their Neanderthal heads up Carona's posterior -Quint, McLeod, the Sarg and a handful of other incompetent cops, suck up to Carona. Whatever happens, Carona will be the ultimate loser along with the union leadership? At any rate, Carona will always be known for scandal and corruption. I believe in Hunt. I will vote for Hunt. And I implore all Orange County deputy sheriffs to support Hunt and denounce the failed Carona.

P.S. Hey Stevie: Hunt supporters are looking forward to the forum. They will applaud that which is worth recognition and they will shun –or remain silent when those who speak empty words. The many scandals and questions of corruption that stalk Carona will not be pursued. Please, Stevie –don’t plan on walking out of the candidate forum. Your pea brain obviously can’t wrap itself around a higher cause. Forget Carona and Quint. Do your membership proud and dump both of them.

Dear $12,000: You are sounding very sick and consumed with worry -you of bad karma. Good luck avoiding a heart attack you chubby little never -did-anything excuse for a cop.

From Carona Chronicles

To Whom It may Concern
3/13/2006 3:03:06 PM

I would like to respond to the earlier post about people who read this post who are not police officers. I read this post quite often. I am not a police officer. I am a long time resident of O.C. I don't go to a lot of websites and don't post responses often.

First would like to thank all of you who put your lives in danger to protect me, my family, and all the people of our county.

I agree with the post, not many people take the time to find out about the person who gets their vote. That is the sad truth. It is my intention to pick a candidate who will respect the positition, and help install the morel fiber I believe the office needs.

I would also like to elect a sheriff you are behind.

I talk to many people in our county, and most are tired of the negative news articles about the behavier of the current sheriff.

I consider myself pretty well informed, but still haven't made up my mind as to who will get my vote. I will continue to visit here, and hope soon to decide.

I may volunteer to the candidate I choose because I feel so strongly we need a change, and it is hard to beat a bunch of money in the bank.....but not impossible.


3/13/2006 5:54:06 PM

I am not a member of law enforcement but also feel strongly that the dedication of officers who uphold the law with integrity to protect the public is a gift that is often taken for granted.

It is sad that there are appearances of impropriety here in the OC and we can only hope that the concerns are cleared up before the election. The public needs to know what the truth is -- not just allegations. Hopefully, the truth will be revealed soon.


I too have been reading your comments for insight. One thing stands out to me. Those of you who speak out for Sheriff Carona have an entitlement air in your message. In my experience those are the cops I fear the most. I fear they may not be fair.

12,000 dollars, if you are a member of the Sheriff's Department or another law enforcement organization, you scare me the most. Your obsession with money and demands on the other opponent to answer your questions fly in the face of reason.

I'm guessing you are a loner. If you are part of Sheriff Carona's team I will have to say my vote goes to Lt. Bill Hunt.

Dear Disgusted:

Carona disgusts me. Hunt offers me hope. Carona was fairly warned of Jaramillo and Haidle -but the money meant more to him (Carona). Hunt offers me hope. Carona has recognized lesbians and sycophants as his future. Hunt offers career law enforcement the possibility of being a good cop and making a significant difference-not based on sexual preference. Carona is a failure. Hunt offers the possibility of a better future.

Dear $12,536.60 Reasons Why,

"Hunt's diatribe and complete lies would have the general public believing that our great department is in disaray. Well it isn't! We, the Orange County Sheriff's Department are the standard bearer for law enforcement agencies across California. Hard for you to admit it but it is the truth. We are the very best."

This is the most ridiculous statement I have read on any blog about Station 18. It has always been bereft of training. To write your "statement" is nothing short of exaggeration is insufficient.

Station 18 is a lot of things but law enforcement "standard bearer" [sic] it is not!

Carona has recognized lesbians

Carona has recognized lesbians, therfore he must go!

Truth Seeker

Today's Register quotes Carona as saying, "I, Mike Carona, could not get George Jaramillo to understand how to lead...to collaborate...to do the right thing."

Such the victim. Today's climate allows people to play the victim card too easily. Leadership, Sheriff Carona, is about taking responsibility.

Wait a minute, didn't you say you that? Didn’t you already take responsibility for George? But didn't your close advisors also warn you about George before you brought him in?

How about the fact that all who come in contact with Jaramillo access him within minutes as a self serving, egotistical, dangerous individual. You know, the type who would do one's dirty work for something in return.

Too bad Sheriff that you couldn't get this outstanding public figure to lead, collaborate and "do the right thing." Who would have known? Maybe you’ll do better next time, only not in this county

Sell Out

I've heard a rumor that Heaney was selected as the new South GET Sergeant. The panel making this decision, Lieutenant Bill Hunt, Lieutenant Mark Billings and Lieutenant Mike Betzler. This should give everyone an idea of what the Hunt Admin. will be like.

Heaney, your $3000.00 was well spent sell out.

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