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March 15, 2006



Does it matter that the radio personality got his facts wrong on two items that he attacked Sheriff Carona about?

One: Sheriff Carona did not point "dozens of assistant sheriffs" that I know of. But this is mentioned many times in the radio piece. Including the four Assistant Sheriffs currently in the office, Carona probably has appointed maybe seven or eight - something like that?

Two: Sheriff Carona did not ask the Attorney General to change the job description as mentioned in the interview.
The standards were changed by the OC Board of Supervisors in 1999 in an open meeting.

Both items are pretty easy to check with a phone call or through a search engine. I know it's live radio - but if they are going to attack a sitting elected office holder, they should do a better job with the information being used to do so.

That is especially the case when the other candidates will use the radio story - as fact -to promote their own special interests.

Tim Whitacre


Thanks for posting that in its entirety.

I think it's pretty obvious to most folks that the timing of these "new charges" is designed to push back any trial with Jaramillo past the June election, in the hopes that Carona can survive until then.

I am thoroughly disgusted with the actions of some of my fellow Republicans who support this kind of election engineering.

Shame on Tony Rackaukas for going along with this scheme. For the DA, no election should be about any one candidate; it should be about making sure EVERYONE is playing by the rules and fairly applying the law across the board on behalf of the PUBLIC for whom they were elected to serve.

It's time to Restore Integrity and Trust to the Sheriff's Department.

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre

Tim Whitacre


I concur. Mr. Handle was factually inacurrate on those two statements and should correct them.

I cannot speak for the other candidates, but as for Lt. Bill Hunt, I know that if the same story was presented to him by Mr. Handle, Lt. Bill Hunt would correct him and set the record straight.

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre

Bill Hunts Taxi Service


I think Bill Handel was paid off by Schroeder. I heard that Jon Fleischman was outside KFI this morning with a envelope full of cash. Handel is Jewish, Fleischman is Jewish...think about it. Tim I really think you are on to something here.

PS Tim- I heard that Albertsons on Brea is having a sale on tin foil, you may want to stock up.

$12,536.60 Reasons Why

Little Timmy Whitacre,

Could you please tell us how much money candidate Hunt has as of today, Wednesday, March 15, 2006? Show some integrity and tell us!

Allan Bartlett

Could you please tell us how much character & integrity Mr. Carona has in the bank right now? Oh wait, he's negative right now isn't he. I can't wait to hear about George & Mikey's excellent adventure later this year in court. That should be a riot.

Powder Blue Report

Bill Hunts Taxi Service

Two drunks were delivered home last night at $250 each. Thus Hunt has $505.34 in his account.


Great response to the kool aid drinkers!

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre


Allan, You seem like a very well read intelligent gentleman. Do you honestly believe Hunt can win with Whitacre as his blow hole? Allan, Hunt can't win and you know it. Show me some polling or money that states different.

Allan Bartlett

I think the county can do better than Mike Carona. Whether Bill Hunt is the answer or Ralph Martin, I don't know, but we need a change at the top. Luckily the Irvine Republican Council has all three major candidates coming before us to tell us why they should be Sheriff next month.

Powder Blue Report

Bill Hunt is not the man for Sheriff. All he talks about is the men and women in the coveted green uniform. He makes no mention of the professional staff that makes his sworn staff look good and pull there butts out of the fire. Hunt talks about Carona's scandals Hunt has alot of skeletons in his closet. Romps in patrol cars, romps on the beach. Unathorized taking of employee pictures so that there image can appear on cartoons making fun of them. He wants to lead us over 80% of the professional staff doesn't want Hunt. Electin Bill Hunt would bring back the stone ages for professional staff. All you have to do is ask some of the professional staff that were there when Bill Hunt was assigned to the jail.The almight AOCDS endorsement but what people forget is most of there membership lives out of county, where most professional staff lives in county there preaching to the wrong people

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