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March 28, 2006



Two takes on this news from Armando:

1) The larger number of individual contributions reflect his grass roots campaign,a larger individual donor base then his opponents and his inability to compete, to date, for business and labor PAC $$.

2) At the end of the day its not how many contributions you get but how much you raise. I don't see alot of independent expenditure money coming his way--business IE's for Claudia and labor for Jose, so his wider base has got to dig down deep to compensate.

Fortunately for Armando, its a small district(registered voter wise) so his type of campaign might have legs.


None of them, and I mean NONE of them have any name I.D. Pulido is the only elected in Santa Ana with any political profile. I think Claudia has the advantage in that she has run district wide in her last election. Solario has only run in S.A. and only as part of a slate of candidates trying to hang on to the Mayor's coat tails. Solario also won with HEAVY spending by Police and Fire unions and Chamber of Commerce spending on his behalf. He'll have none of that this time. If image means anything, and some people feel it does, Claudia or Armando win the beauty contest. That may mean something to those who get mail and don't know any of them. If it's a "quien is mas macho" question for voters...Solario goes down hard. Correa put $30,000 into Claudia's 1st council race when that was still legal in S.A. for I.E.'s. He will want her, not Solario to take his old seat and will pull strings to help get her $$$. I predict Alvarea 1, De La Libertad a close 2nd, and Solario left with two more years in his political career sitting on the city council.


Claudia's financial angel, Bruce Young, delivered HEAVILY for Claudia last election in bringing Sacramento business money for her campaign against Umberg. Now she is looking to reward him again. his contract as a lobbyist is up for renewal at the April 6 Santa Ana City Council meeting. Problem is that Young's committee in Sacramento sent out some hit pieces, against Tom Umberg to help Lou Correa out. Lou's another Young ally. Now Young's client, Santa Ana, will suffer because Young has ticked off Nunez , umberg and a host of other people. Alvarez is working the council to try and get 3 other votes to reward Young for his financial support for her campaign.

Armando should pounce on that one.


This is the worst spin I've ever seen. So, Armando de la Libertad aka Armando Ramirez is getting trounced in fundraising but he has now become viable because he's getting small contributions from more people than Claudia and Jose (even though most of those contributions are not from people living in the District)? This is called grabbing for straws or gasping for air.

Money wins races and the characterization by Armando that it's "people's campaign" is a clear sign that his fundraising numbers will not improve.

I'm calling it for Claudia now (and believe me, it pains me to say that).


Garzastrip said, "Claudia's financial angel, Bruce Young, delivered HEAVILY for Claudia last election in bringing Sacramento business money for her campaign against Umberg. Now she is looking to reward him again"

Sr. Solario has had lots of financial angels as well and the list starts with Chris Townsend of Townsend Public Affiars. It's no secret that Jose pushed hard to get him a lobbying contract at the city(even though the Mayor and city staff said the gig was up) AND at the O.C.Water District where he sits on the board. Meanwhile, Chris, who is tight with Dunn and Umberg, has been pimping hard for Jose raising $$$ wherever he can. Jose's other demons include the boys from Honda Santa Ana who have had all of their primos giving cash to Jose while the Grand Jury looks into the whole shady deal. Jose has also leaned on lots of OCTA venders where he works to give some dinero to his campaign while he pushed the Centerline trolly.

Armando should pounce on these and many other serious ethical lapses by Sr. Solorio!


Looks like Armando will be a busy boy. The Honda deal was a stinker for Jose..doesn't pass the smell test...but Claudia and Jose both have problems with the Crevier BMW deal which has the same basic issues.

Jose Moreno

I'm calling it easily, Claudia wins the Assembly and Correa wins the senate. Any bets?

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