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March 22, 2006


Build it Now!

Slick move Bill.

So would you prefer to bulldoze hundreds of homes and put the route through the middle of San Clemente? Or should we kick our Marines out of Camp Pendleton and put it through the middle of their training missions? Or are you proposing jet packs for all?

Support the 241

He's in Sacto...why should he care? This is an egregious abuse of AB power to override a local agency decision!

Ann A.

I live in the south end of San Clemente. I have wanted this alternate route for over twenty years now. These neighbors of mine (who all just moved here during the last two - ten years) are a bunch of wannabe surfers and pretend tree-huggers. They say "extending the 241 is terrible! Oh my! stop the growth and the building!" When actually, they are part of the "growth"
they are complaining about.
I say stop the whining! Build the Toll Road.

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