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February 27, 2006



Thanks for pointing out the double standards Assemblyman. College Republicans are often on the edge but they are right about this.

OC Fire Storm

If he feels so strongly about it, the assemblyman should pony up and post the cartoons in question on his website. However, I doubt that he has the intestinal fortitude to make that happen. Come to think about it, why doesn't OC Blog do the same? Probably for the same reason the OCB doesn't.

OC Fire Storm

>>>Probably for the same reason the Assemblyman doesn't.

(that how the last line should read.)


Sorry, but the Republicans have just shot themselves in the foot again. The Democrats must be thanking their lucky stars--I'm sure they will simply mail the press notices to the almost 180,000 Muslims in Orange County. Would the College Republicans have highlighted anti-Jewish or anti-Catholic art if people had rioted about it in tel Aviv or Belfast? I doubt it.

It's not censorship, just good taste, not to reprint this trash.

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