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February 16, 2006


Todd Spitzer

Thanks for the post/plug---need the boost in ratings. Fact is: this is not my own show. I am filling in this weekend. KFI is looking to fill this time slot and offered me a stab at it.

I did this before---once. I filled in for Bill Handel. It is a lot harder than it looks. If you have any guest/topic ideas, please send them my way. Just remember this is not just about OC.

Andy Favor


I think a discussion of Jessica's law and other topics related to California's, and the nation's, failure to get serious about sex offenders would be a great topic.

California has plenty of money to keep non-violent drug offenders locked up, but sex offenders get early release. Judge Gray has stated that federal law mandates drug offenders serve their complete sentences. Therefore when a warden is faced with an overcrowding issue and needs to give early release to some prisoners and the choices are a drug offender or a sex offender, the warden has no choice but to let the sex offender go free.

If I am wrong in my facts, please correct me since I am a CPA and not a lawyer.

Judge Gray would be a great guest. He took an unpaid leave from his Superior Court job to campaign for US Sentate on this topic, but the League of Women Voters would not let him into the debates and he did not get very much media coverage for this critical issue.

Andy Favor
Libertarian Candidate for 73rd Assembly

Dave Swanson

I admire the public officals and influential citizens like Assemblymen Spitzer and DeVore who dont hide behind annonymous alter-egos and make comments on the blogs.

Phil Paule

If KFI was smart they would dump the computer guy on Saturday afternoons and give Todd Spitzer a regular show. Knowing Todd, he is a brilliant guy who can talk more then just politics.


Noooo!! Leo Laporte, the computer guy is excellent (despite being a Mac head) and I believe he draws good ratings considering the nicheiness of the topic. Laporte's show is also pretty cutting edge in that it's accompanied by an online chat (a live web page where members are commenting in real time on what's being discussed) and his own website which is updated in almost real time with specific notes on the topic and, e.g., URLs to products recommended. His site (leoville.tv) also supports forums on tech subject and some of the best advice I've seen on PCs, networking and consumer electronics. Needless to say, I'm a big fan and while I've never met him, he does answer his email and seems like a genuinely nice guy. He's very well regarded in the business and does a lot of other radio, TV and has had a cable show. Like a number of KFI programs, his entire show is also available free as a podcast. It's all very state-of-the-art as far as radio goes -- AM was considered a dead medium ten years ago.

Now, they might dump Ken Gallacher on Sundays as he's just not that good as a solo host (he was better when working with Handel). They've got a few hours here and there on the weekends they could experiment with -- and if they were really serious about doing conservative talk radio, they'd replace Dr. Laura with someone like a Tony Snow -- but I suspect she's drawing really good numbers.

KFI's due some credit too for cutting back on their commercial minutes last year. I thought that was very considerate of them to do, and it should be no mystery why they're sometimes rated as the top news/talk station in the country.

Bruce Matthias


You might consider a show about fatherhood. You and Jamie are expecting again and I know from talking with you that you are excited about being very involved in this child's life. Given the challenges of balancing fatherhood with your public life, I am sure that many of our younger friends could benefit from observations on how to balance a life of challenges and opportunities. Get a few of your friends who have faced these decisions before to join you and you have at least a couple of programs. Just a thought.

Best of luck on this latest venture.

Jerry Amante


Congratulations on the air time. I also agree that they should give you a regular Saturday gig. ( Sorry, Lurk, I can't get too excited about gigabytes ( sp? ) ). I think you should do a spot on our failed legislative leaders when it comes to crime bills and the failure of the parole authorities on tracking sexual preditors.

Your leadership on these issues gives us all a sense of relief that someone is paying attention. I think the public would appreciate more information on what they can do to help protect children and how they can support tough crime bills...including Jessica's law among others.

Again, Congratulations. I know you'll do well.

Blog Watcher

Can't wait to hear Todd. I bet he never mentions himself or his accomplishments while he is on the air. He is way too humble.

How about a show with the cops and firefighters union presidents? Todd could explain why he has never voted against a union dressed in blue?


"What happens if you work out for five days and don’t like the aerobics instructors or the showers are dirty?"


Dirty showers? Aerobics instructors?

If Todd Spitzer isn't one of OC's most amusing politicians, it's not because he's not trying.


didn't Todd work for that discredited law firm in Irvine.....Alvardo something....

"Todd-You might consider a show about fatherhood. You and Jamie are expecting again and I know from talking with you that you are excited about being very involved in this child's life". Bruce Matthias

My suggestion for being "involved" in your children's lives:
When you're working a full-time job that requires you do be out of town 3 or 4 nights a week and also encompasses a lot of time on weekends and other evenings, DO NOT take a gig as a Saturday evening talk show host.

Thank you Todd

I, for one, am grateful that Todd and his family make the personal sacrifice of having Todd in the legislature. If we had more fathers, fighting for all of California’s children, we might not have to deal with characters like Leno, Goldberg, et al.


Todd: Thanks for making for making the previous post.

Backgammon online

Backgammon online Super :)

Art Pedroza


What about going over the ballot measures in the upcoming election? You can cover one or two each Saturday.





Dear Todd:

How about talking about what California has (or has NOT done) about passing decent legislation regarding eminent domain to prevent a Kelo enforcement in CA? We know the last legislation failed because of erroneous advertising inferring that it was a trick on the taxpayers. What is the CA legislature doing NOW about eminent domain and protecting California homeowners?

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