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February 28, 2006


Silence Dogood

Harman's newly found interest in the illegal immigration issue is laughable. It's way too little, way too late. Lucky for him, and kudos to Jen Jacobs, that they were able to get the Daily Pilot to run a story on it. That ought to be good for at least one mailer.

Tran For Supervisor!

I believe that Tran made a deal with Correa to drop out of the 34th so that when correa wins he will support Tran for Supervisor.


This is a major spanking of conservative Republicans. First, they get rolled in San Jose by Arnold, Duff and legislative leadership. They only win the battle of the hallway postings. Then their conservative champion against the dreaded RINO Dacuher gets cold feet and they're left with Art Pedroza trying to sell Lupe Moreno. For weeks OC Blog has been filled with chest beating posts of how Van Tran was going to squash the squishy Daucher. It turns out Van had no stomach for a tough fight. Can't blame him really, why not head for an easy re-election walk through?

This must be mortifying for Steve Greenhut, who has been obsessed with Lyn Daucher(when he's not obsessing about Larry Agran and unions) for much of the past year. I can see the new PAC now, Republicans for Correa, Steve Greenhut, Chair, Art Pedroza, Vice Chair, Jim Righeimer, Treasurer. They can sell Republicans on Lou's vote for the car tax and drivers licenses for illegal aliens, support for labor unions and government run health care. Maybe Umberg, with his gay marriage vote turning them off, will spare them the need for the PAC and will watch them go for George Reis. After all, I thought the Register was a libertarian newspaper.


I really dislike conspiracy theories, however, the above post is quite interesting:
I believe that Tran made a deal with Correa to drop out of the 34th so that when correa wins he will support Tran for Supervisor.


Why would Lou want Van to drop out? His polling shows he beats Van Tran and the Dems probably have what Ackerman has seen on Van.

Too bad Van blinked...Dems will kill themselves off in primary, just like Westly and Angelides. Can you say Senator Daucher?


I know this space is usually restricted to OCR/LAT/DP/OCW items, but the Wall Street Journal had an op-ed today on some of the causes of the exodus from California, a subject that's been touched on here from time to time.

Interesting commentary on the article here regarding the article's emphasis on the business/tax environment and not enough on the "culture wars" aspect.

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