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February 27, 2006



Mike McGill is now finished even before he got started. These voters are terrible - even worse than Tom Harman's anti-taxpayer votes in the Assembly.


There goes the so-called "conservative alternative" to Jim Silva. Some people might have been willing to forgive Mike McGill for his bad eminent domain actions, but no Republican (except maybe the 67th district incumbent) will forgive McGill for trying to do an end run on Prop. 13.

What now?

Say it isn't so....

Been Around

Based on this information, Mike McGill no longer has any place in this race. He can't win and he will only draw votes away from Silva, handing the election to Diane Harman.

"Certain taxes"? You mean to build freeways? If Silva had done his job and not wasted time and money on busses and trains, we would have more freeways.

Oh please Been Around. Even if this is true, it pales in comparison to Silva's tax increases. Give me a break. These bills were dead before they were introduced.

Eldad Taylor

These candidates who come from local city councils like Mike McGill are often terrible on tax issues. They get led around by their noses by city staff. The GOP needs more business owners to run for office and fewer city councilmen with bad judgment and even worse records.

Common Cents

You've hit the nail on the head. Cities for years have been at odds with state leg. over Prop. 13, funding grabs and other nefarious moves. It's no wonder that they try to get back whatever the can to keep from cutting services at the local level and earning the ire of voters.

The party's over

Voting to dismantle Prop. 13 is much worse than any fee Silva has voted for. Goodnight, Mike, the party's over.


I pay $8K a year in property tax. When does it stop? Enough is enough. Resurrect Jarvis from the grave, please!!!!

Payment to Gilliard?

Does Gilliard get paid for each post on Blogs?

Even if its true, Silva's action is leading us to another bankruptcy. I will take McGill over Silva any day.


If McGill is not more conservative on Prop. 13 and not more conservative on eminent domain, what, extactly, is he more conservative on? And don't say abortion and guns, because so is Silva.


In reading some of the comments from Jubal, Eldad and Taxpayer makes me glad very few individuals who will be voting in the 67th ever read this blog.

All 3 candidates have their challenges, but a quick thumbnail of the field is in order"

Silva may have a lead in $$$, but I was always taught "Money, like signs, CAN'T VOTE!!!" And now Mr. Silva started spending so far in front of his opponents, he will need a good ground team for when HE RUNS OUT OF CASH in mid-May...

Mrs. Harman on the other hand has a husband who just sent an 87,000 household mailer out at Taxpayer's expense. I am sure Shirley Grindle is doing back flips that she gets to be relevant disclosing and challenging illegal campaign practices on someone NEW this season...shame on you, Mr. Harman. Your silliness is going to tarnish your wife's struggling campaign!!! When Diane Harkey EMBARRASSES her hubby with a 35 point trouncing, how many donors will be willing to send a check to someone who reminds them of their recent defeat???

Now, on to Mr. McGill - as a City Councilman in a city where everyone's property value has effectively DOUBLED in the last 5 years (OC's newest nouveau riche township), I admit the vote cited could be considered a "Dumb Move"...BUT then again, look at the date --- 2003?!? AS far as I know, Mike was NEVER even considering higher office at the time and whatever his vote may have been, he probably cast it because his research and feedback from those he represents influenced his position. I see this vote along with the Cottonwood Incident as examples of a man who lives up to what he promises and has the guts to make the tough choices (i.e. - why we elected him), then stand behind them. What? you want we should send another selfish Jerk to Sacramento to belly up to the trough alongside all those tax and spend (while lining your own pockets)style Willie Brown-type Dems & RINOS???

6 years ago, Jim Silva would have been a #1 choice for representing our District, but times have changed and another changing of the "Deck chairs on the Titanic" move betwixt County Sups and termed out Assembly folks IS A BIG TURNOFF TO ME AS A VOTER!!!

I say live and let live...if McGill has the reported 200 or even 50 committed walkers to help him WHILE Mr. Silva simply has PAC $$$ piled up, I think we might see another Chuck Devore ($486K vs. $2.2 million by Cristich for a 20 point win for the apparent Under Dog)style victory for McGill or a Pacheco-MacAloney win for Huff.

One thing I am sure of --- unless Silva hires an Army of Walkers & Phone Bankers (live, not memorex Auto-Dials), this race is between McGill winning it or Harman getting in by default...

Just a thought...

No way Kibbuttzer

Mike McGill votes to do an end run around Prop. 13 less than three years ago, and you say it is because he had the "guts" to make tough choices.

Sorry, but Prop. 13 is one of the only measures we can count on in this state to protect us from the big government forces. McGill's vote is a disgrace and a disqualification from running for office as a Republican.

The Headstone

Mike McGill for Assembly Campaign

Born 2005
Died Feb 27th 2006

Cause of Death: Suicide by Tax Increase

Art Pedroza

Let me try to understand this - you are talking about getting 2/3 voter approval? Do you all know how difficult that is? These measures never would have gotten anywhere.

Why didn't I see all of this anger when Pringle was running around pimping for the OC PLA - which banned non-union contractors from bidding on OC public works projects? That really did happen - and it drove construction costs up while denying 85% of contractors the right to bid on this work. Where was all of your outrage then - and why are all of you still giving Pringle a free pass even now?

I just don't get it...

As for Silva, his votes have been awful, and they have had real repurcussions, including the OC PLA that I just mentioned. His pension vote may yet BK our county - again. And you people are still enamored of him. Is he blackmailing all of you?


Art - McGill's vote was to support amending Prop. 13 so local governments would no longer have to get the current 2/3 voter approval needed to raise taxes. This change has been part of the Sacramento Democrat agenda for many years. If McGill has his way, local governments could raise taxes with a simple majority vote.


I can't speak for McGill personally, but I can address the comment:

"McGill's vote is a disgrace and a disqualification from running for office as a Republican."

If being a Republican means bowing to the foolishness if the "Legend-in-their-Own Mind Wing Nut Losers" Club who brought forth "real winners" like Alexandria Coronado, Matt Harper and now Rose Avila to try and take out Loretta and Out Refister the Dems, Mike SHOULD disavow the OCGOP hardcores who have more time than either money or influence in North-West Orange County politics to bring us another Scott Baugh (The Early Years) or a Jim Morrissey calibre candidate...

ANd political history shows that and Political Armchair Quaterback who has a "Litmus Test" of a Single-Issue Nix on ANYONE with the guts and (lack of) Brains ro run for Public Office these days...

Look at the Pro-Lifers... It has been 50+ years since Roe vs. Wade and FINALLY South Dakota had the guts to champion their Battle...Do you have that kind of time to wait for your "Prop 13" based dogma??? I didn't think so...

Say something positive RE: Silva or Harman, don't make the mistake of conceding the fight from "Jump" by slamming your "Black Hat"...


OK - Silva is pro-life and pro-gun and he never voted to take away our 2/3 vote protection. He also resisted calls for higher taxes when the County declared bankruptcy (which happened before he was elected). He is endorsed by Chris Norby and other conservatives.

Harman is a yoga instructor.


I think Tom Harman is the only other Republican in the Assembly who wants to do away with the 2/3 vote for tax increases. So that means McGill=Harman. Great, just great.



Are you saying you would NEVER vote for ANYONE who has voted to use eminent domain? Doesn't that mean there are a lot of candidates you would never vote for even they were good on everything else across the board?


Eminent domain is OK is certain, very limited cases, but not when it is used for the single purpose of increasing tax revenue. McGill admitted at the time that his vote was all about city finances.



Why would you make a cut on Harper?

Harper can always be counted on for conservatives and he doesn't pretend to be anything more than he is - a grassroots activist.

Harper ran for school board years ago because he was inspired by people like Jim Righeimer. He's won twice despite union attacks. However, you don't see him running for congress or legislature. Instead, Harper was elected chairman of the state YRFCs.


These constitutional amendments were NOT DOA. This was in a Democrat-controlled legislature with a Democrat Governor. There was a very real risk of passage.

In case anyone hasn't noticed, SCA 2 tax money could only have been used for "transportation projects and services and smart growth planning". "Smart growth" is government control of development of private property. It is how you transfer power from individuals to bureaucrats to "master plan" people's living, shopping, working, and leisure activities. The Larry Agrans and Karl Warkomskis of the world must be laughing to know that conservatives are jumping on the bandwagon of someone willing to weaken taxpayer protections to promote socialist utopian schemes.


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