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February 28, 2006


Jeff Flint

I should have said for full disclosure that one political action committee I advise has already donated to Silva.


Gold standard my ass. The CRA consists of a small handful of increasingly irrelevant losers and the HJTA sold out years ago to the CTA and other liberal groups. Silva will do just fine with the support of Curt Pringle, Ed Royce, Dana Rohrabacher and Chris Norby.


The Minutes of the 1/22/03 meeting of the Orange County Sanitation District disclose that Blake Anderson, the General Manager, "reported on his efforts in Sacramento to get Proposition 218 language changed to allow the District to impose fees for treating urban runoff." Prop. 218 is the "right to vote on taxes" initiative written by Jon Coupal of HJTA and passed by the voters with HJTA's leadership. Silva is a member of the OCSD Board and attended the meeting at which Anderson reported on his efforts to undermine the intent of the law. What is Silva's position on weakening Prop. 218, and why didn't he do something to stop Anderson from spending agency resources to lobby against 218, when he had the chance?



Not only have you benefitted from Silva financially, I also know that you are none other than former Silva mouthpiece Matt Cunningham.

So stop pretending like you are acting objectively. You are personally biased and looking out for your own interests, rather than presenting analysis suited to help conservative voters make the right decisions. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I met have met both candidates, and am familiar with both of their records. I can honestly say that I have no doubt Mike will represent the conservative cause fiscally and socially in every way.

Eldad Taylor

No conservative would vote, as McGill did, to allow local tax increases with a 50% vote instead of 2/3rds, as required by Prop. 13.

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