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February 27, 2006


Art Pedroza


Maybe the HJTA has figured out what so many of us already know - Silva's record is utterly horrendous and we simply cannot allow him to get promoted to Sacramento. We need to end his career this year and be done with this pro union sell-out.



HJTA is first and foremost about protecting Prop 13. To the etxent they endorse candidates who support weakening Prop. 13, they lose credibility.


Maybe Jim Lacy swung the HJTA vote without fully informing the other board members.

Question for Art

Art - you cannot maintain your credibility if you continue to support McGill in light of today's news about his votes to allow local governments to end run Prop. 13 and raise taxes without a 2/3 vote of the people.

I strongly suspect HJTA will be reconsidering their endorsement once they hear about this.


Maybe your news on SCA 2 and ACA 7 is bogus? Ever think of that?


If that's true, then Silva was played like a Stadavarius. McGill goaded Silva into releaseing potentially bombshell information early only to see it blow up in their faces when Jarvis endorses. Nicely, nicely played. That silly story about McGill being bad on taxes is d-e-a-d. I guess that's what 20 years serving your country as a Marine will teach you. Team Silva was totally outclassed.

The Truth

This just proves that HJTA is nothing more then a slate card that will sell to the higest bidder.

The Real Truth

Truth, come on, your blind love for the liberal Silva is making you say the most ridiculous things. Obviously if Jarvis is happy with the McGill stance (although I haven't seen anything to confirm either side of this argument) then anyone concerned about taxes knows McGill is the only choice.


Check the council minutes. Not only did Mike McGill vote to have the Council support both ACA 7 and SCA 2, he seconded the motion. The vote passed 3-1 (McCoy voted NO). The vote was on April 14, 2003 and is listed in the council minutes.

Art Pedroza

Jubal, et al,

And you guys don't lose credibility when you back Silva - or Carona for that matter? Please. I can sleep at night, believe me. McGill will be a great Assemblyman. Silva on the other hand needs to be retired...and I think the voters are going to do just that.

Why don't you post the minutes? I have seen the official McGill press release that he received the HJTA endorsement. Have you?

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